Effective Email (Thanks to Myopicvoid and AboveAverageAmerican)

After reading a couple blog posts by Myopicvoid and AboveAverageAmerican (thank you for the insight by the way and I hope you aren't upset I "borrowed" your ideas). I put together this email that I then forwarded to everyone I know friends, family, etc. The response has been phenomenal! People who vehemently argued with me before are now, at least, admitting the official collapse explanation is not adequate. I could not believe the responses I received. One person said, and I quote," It was like someone suddenly turning on a light bulb." I am very encouraged by this and I owe it all to the sharing of ideas and strategies we have utilized on this site. Thanks to everyone, but in particular thank you to Myopicvoid and AboveAverageAmerican. Here is the email and you have my express permission to copy paste cut (as long as it stays within the general theme) or email to anyone you feel inclined to.

"Whenever you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Here it is:

This email is slightly more complicated than my usual emails, however, I believe it is pretty striking when viewed in whole.

Consider this in regard to the destruction of the WTC Towers.

1. How did 20-30% of the mass (the collapsing portion above the impact zone) crush to dust 70-80% of the mass (the intact structure beneath the impact zone), when half of the 70-80% mass is 60% stronger than the 20-30% mass (meaning the massive steel columns that held up the towers were increasingly thicker and sturdier towards the foundation)? And keep in mind this all happened in less than 15 seconds (that's at virtual free-fall speed: Free-fall meaning if you were to drop an object from the very top of the tower it would take roughly 9-10 seconds to reach the ground only encountering air resistance)

THINK- Fulcrum point, Laws of momentum, Path of least resistance (which is the path falling bodies normally take, according to the laws of physics, but not on 9/11. The path was straight down into the path of most resistance. Curious?)

2. Now for a moment consider the south tower which was hit by flight 175. Unlike the north tower, this plane hit at an angle towards one side of the south tower (observable in many video clips). As a result of this, the top collapsing section fell over. However, even though it fell over, the downward "collapse" of the tower commenced in high gear, actually speeding up rather than slowing down (need I remind anyone that buildings are precisely designed to stay erect); not to mention that the entire top section that fell away seemed to disintegrate in midair as there was no trace of a large, semi-intact structure on the street below.
Click on link for a visual of the south tower section I am referring to: http://www.911blogger.com/sites/default/files/wtc23.jpg

Once Again, THINK - Fulcrum point, Laws of momentum, Path of least resistance

Now for some slight conjecture and a fascinating anomaly found in the structural debris on 9/11 (what little there was left after most of the debris was shipped rather quickly off to China (http://www.china.org.cn/english/2002/Jan/25776.htm). Not your standard procedure for dealing with a crime scene but oh well...)

Fascinating Anomaly: Very, Very unusual steel member found at 9/11 site: http://thewebfairy.com/911/h-effect/horseshoe.htm

Conjecture: http://www.technologyreview.com/Nanotech/14105/ (Tech Review is an MIT publication) in this article they talk about "superthermites" using nano-technology. Consider this information along with the Steel Anomaly.

Researchers can greatly increase the power of weapons by adding materials known as superthermites that combine nanometals such as nanoaluminum with metal oxides such as iron oxide, according to Steven Son, a project leader in the Explosives Science and Technology group at Los Alamos.
"The advantage (of using nanometals) is in how fast you can get their energy out," Son says.
Son says that the chemical reactions of superthermites are faster and therefore release greater amounts of energy more rapidly.
"Superthermites can increase the (chemical) reaction time by a thousand times," Son says, resulting in a very rapid reactive wave.
Son, who has been working on nanoenergetics for more than three years, says that scientists can engineer nanoaluminum powders with different particle sizes to vary the energy release rates. This enables the material to be used in many applications, including underwater explosive devices, primers for igniting firearms, and as fuel propellants for rockets.
However, researchers aren't permitted to discuss what practical military applications may come from this research....

I would like to find

the original source of this video... http://thewebfairy.com/911/h-effect/horseshoe.htm ...for validation. Nanotechnology using superthermites seems to me like a very plausible way of heating up a 6inch thick steel I-beam very very hot and very very quickly.

Video Source

There's no doubt that the steel member came from the WTC wreckage. The clip was taken from a History Channel Documentary entitled "Relics from the Rubble" Here is the link to google video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8373623103335330859&q=relics+fr...

Hope that helps

Just found this also

Steel Beams May Be Used In Memorial
Saturday, November 24, 2001

By Thomas J. Cole
Of the Journal

Click to enlarge
NEWARK, N.J. — Some of the steel box beams and I-beams in the World Trade Center were bent and twisted in unimaginable ways as the buildings collapsed. One 20-foot beam of 5-inch steel is now shaped like a horseshoe. Some beams simply snapped.
"There are no machines or forces on Earth that can torque metal this way," New York architect Bart Voorsanger said during a tour of a salvage yard run by Metal Management, where some of the steel is stored.

"In a kind of macabre way, they are really very beautiful," Voorsanger said.
Some of the most remarkable pieces of damaged steel from the World Trade Center are being saved by Metal Management at the Port of Newark and by a second salvage yard for possible use in a memorial.
Also being saved are portions of the steel curtain walls of the World Trade Center. They are the structure that gave the wreckage its cathedral-like appearance.
The steel from the World Trade Center arrives by barge at Metal Management. It is a short trip across the Hudson River from Manhattan.
The beams not saved by Voorsanger and those working with him are cut into pieces of 3 or 4 feet.
Metal Management has handled about 50,000 tons. Forty employees using cutting torches work 12 hours a day, six or seven days a week.
The scrap is then loaded onto ships and sent to India, Korea, Taiwan and elsewhere for recycling.
The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which owns the World Trade Center land, appointed Voorsanger and two others to designate objects to be salvaged for possible use in a memorial.
The city has received inquiries from other cities, museums and churches concerning possible acquisition of some of the steel for use in memorials.
But, Voorsanger said, "Nobody has any sense of the weight or massiveness of this." Some of the steel weighs as much as 1,700 pounds a linear foot.
For now, the objects identified by Voorsanger and his group are scattered in different locations.

I wonder if AE911truth has contacted Mr. Voorsanger...?
and a pic of cut beams I have not seen before, can be used for comparison of other cut beam pics