Loose Change Final Cut: Northeast Premiere Press Conference


is it just me or was the new

is it just me or was the new final cut totally lame compared to 2E??? sure they added some stuff on WTC7, corrected flight 93 that was wrong in 2e, but they left out....

insider trading (put options)
marvin bush
WTC evacuations
flight warnings to officials
how obviously fake the UBL videos are.

important stuff here. WTF???

I'll be passing out 2E instead of FC.......

I think they tried to go with the bulletproof evidence only

The one thing missing from LCFC that really bothered me was Sibel Edmonds. There's no excuse for leaving out Sibel Edmonds. But they must have felt her story required too much time to explain.

Well put--9/11 truth needs to go maintsream!

"The loudest voices in support of the paradigm that the Bush administration was complicit in 9/11 argue for "no planes" (the plane crashes were faked, or substitute planes were used). The debunkers in the media accurately point out that these no-plane claims are nonsense but then claim that because this claim is false, therefore there was no official conspiracy to permit the attacks to happen. Few on either side mention the well-documented evidence that there was complete foreknowledge at the highest levels of the administration."

Article: Beyond Binary Thinking, http://www.eugeneweekly.com/2007/11/01/views3.html

What really saddens me here is

that this group of obviously well-informed and articulate young men are considered the "fringe" by a larger group of ignorant thugs.

The LC crew has handled itself well, and when it has maybe said things it shouldn't have said, I chalk it up to "youthful indiscretion."

Hey, if Dubya can become president after being an alcoholic coke fiend with a DUI and insider trading on his record, then the rare mistakes of the LC guys surely must be acceptable forms of youthful indiscretion, right?

None of us...

Are professional politicians. We are everyday citizens trying to make a difference.

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Yes but . .

don't get sad . . . get mad.

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ignorant thugs?

>> ignorant thugs.

Who are you describing?

Sad that the crowd on here votes up the description of anyone in the movement as "ignorant thugs."

"Thugs" appearing in a "truth movement" are, as a rule, never ignorant.

It's a description I don't see many, if any, as fitting into.

In fact, isn't name-calling like that mainly a way to try to demonize those whose views differ? Tsk, tsk.

You have completely misread what I wrote

I am complimenting the Truthers in this video, and disparaging as ignorant thugs the majority of the population who continue to support neocon crimes.

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Friday November 30, 2007
Dylan Avery on British Radio Program Sports Talk

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Friday November 9, 2007
Jason Bermas and Dylan Avery Promoting Loose Change Final Cut on the Alex Jones Show

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Monday October 22, 2007
Jason Bermas and Dylan Avery Talk With Alex Jones About Loose Change Final Cut

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I really disagree with

I really disagree with anyone who votes this blog down.

I agree that LCFC was very poor compared to 2E.

I watched it last night and was very disappointed with it.

I can't believe they took out the red outline of the plane trying to fit into
that little hole at the Pentagon! And barely showed the hole at all!
And didn't show the before and after pics of those big cable spools in front
of the hole. That is what sealed the deal for me when I watched 2E.

No squibs going off in the WTC's!!
And not one mention of Operation Northwoods.

I am glad they left out the cell phone stuff and Flt 93 landing in OH.

The soundtrack music was terrible! The overall "feel" of it was "awkward".

I was expecting a Grand Slam but maybe got a double....sorry to say.

Okay, but the cell phone stuff should be covered at a later date

because I do not believe cell phones worked at 35,000 feet & 500 mph over rural Pennsylvania or any other area then or now.

More importantly, I also do not believe that the Arab flunkies box-cut pilots to death & turned the airliners around & flew them accurately for hundreds of miles to find & hit their targets! So any & all phones calls reporting this b.s. were clearly fraudulent in some way!

There is nothing "poor" about it..

LCFC is a very solid and well-researched documentary and is devastating to the official story. Fantastic treatment of Building 7, Norman Mineta, etc. Best of all, it didn't speculate. Credit the guys and DRG for that. Yes, it left a lot of things out that were covered in 2E, but no one film can be the end all and be all of 9/11 truth! There is simply too much to cover. I feel that Final Cut is a great complement to the 2nd edition-- take them both to people.

We are at a critical juncture. We have massive amounts of evidence. We now need to "Get Active." It is time for Marches and Rallies that promote "Loose Change" and call to Reopen 9/11. Civil disobedience and arrests may happen. This is a revolution.

"Boston Tea Party" "March for Truth in Los Angeles" "SF Bay Tea Party" "Chicago Truth March" "DC Protests and Marches"

These are the things we need now.

Gravel and "A New Pearl Harbor" by D.R.G.

Both Justin and Jason state that Mike Gravel has read this book.
I tried to google it--but no luck. Anybody know when Gravel said that he read it?
Must see video: Protect Ron Paul from Voter Fraud

I know he's read it...

...because I am one of his drivers when he is in New Hampshire and I gave him the copy of the book. He read it, and is very aware of the issue.

Justin A. Martell

In a soldier's stance, I aimed my hand at the mongrel dogs who teach! Fearing not that I'd become my enemy in the instant that I preach! My pathway led by confusion boats...mutiny from stern to bow!


That's very cool! Thanks for the reply.
Coercion only forces people to change their actions; it does not persuade people to change their underlying values and convictions. And since those already convinced of the moral rules would abide by them without coercion, the only real impact of compulsory morality is to engender hypocrites, those whose actions no longer reflect their inner convictions. - Murray Rothbard

Thanks guys for the update

You guys covered lots of ground in just 30 or so minutes -- particularly about a few things I've been wondering about for the last few months. Keep up the good work!

She's one of the many things

Sibel Edmonds one of the many things I wanted to include in LCFC but simply ran out of time. I'm hoping to interview her in the near future.

If anything important was left out, it was left out for a reason.

Dude, I think you should

Dude, I think you should have gone to town on the WTC 7 squibs - with a similar type of "zoomed up highlighting" that you used in the 2E for the Towers. You could have then had Dr Jones or Richard Gage explaining why those were squibs, i.e. speed of them, timing, can't be air pressure as the building had hardly moved at that point etc.


WTC 7 "squibs"

if you watch videos of WTC7 collapsing, it is clear that the dark shapes are not debris ejected by an explosive "squib" because they follow the building as it falls to the ground. Dust floating in the air doesn't rigidly attach itself to the surface it was ejected from. Watch this video http://youtube.com/watch?v=tacYjsS-g6k beginning at 1:20.

The big picture

In my opinion, one shouldn't deal with such minutiae. That just gives the "debunkers" ammo.

I mean, we have an entire skyscraper falling neatly into its foundations at near free-fall speed, and we want to pay attention to some unclear dark objects at one corner?

I just watched the Final Cut

I just watched the Final Cut and think its the best of the three by far, great stuff. It has matured well, I will definitely be spreading it around.

Someone above said they

Someone above said they thought that Final Cut equated to about a "double" instead of a "grand slam". As far as what IS included in the documentary, I'd say they scored about a "triple", if not a solo-homer.
When it comes to what was NOT included, I don't think it's that big a deal. What I WOULD suggest though, this is gonna make some of you laugh (or cringe), would be a sequel. Yes, Final Cut: Part 2. That would cover many of the areas left out of the original Final Cut. It's not like it would be another remake, like 2nd edition was for the first, or Final Cut is for 2nd edition. It would be a continuation of Final Cut. And it would include topics such as Sibel Edmunds, Willie Rodriquez, Max Cleland, Put options, disinformation, and a more thorough analysis of the 9/11 truth movement.

Dylan and crew: make a sequel!!!!!

p.s. (I disagree with the above, I thought the soundtrack was very intense and well-done)

Congrats', guys and thanks

9/11 Truth

Google Video - Top 100

Google Video's Top 100 sure ain't censoring 9/11 Truth now boys. Feel free to take a look. Let's keep spreading the news until this story goes mainstream and can't be ignored. http://video.google.com/videoranking?hl=en

And THANKS Loose Change Crew. Student Scholars and Everyone willing to put their neck out for each other etc. Let's roll.