Richard Gage 9/11: Blueprint for Truth, The Architecture of Destruction - Austin, TX

November 17, 2007
Architect Richard Gage speaking on the details of the World Trade Center buildings' construction and destruction.
Hosted by: The Project for the New American Citizen



















a suggestion

a suggestion for the movement....please stop using youtube and google video... and many other sites are very worthy of our viewership and they host the full video. youtube/google is part of the problem and since 90% of our movement's videos are located on these sites, what happens the day they pull the plug? at least upload to (or another) as well as youtube/google....

just some thoughts


.....on a side note, I've compiled all of these Austin clips into one file you can post on other blogs/websites .....I find it more productive when the viewer can click through to a truth site rather than a Britney farted/backyard wrestling site.

much love..

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I was at this presentation

and Richard Gage did an excellent job! There weren't too many supporters of the OTC and unfortunately many of those in attendance at the beginning were absent by the end. That being said, it may be beneficial for Richard Gage to in the future have regular intervals where the audience is asked how many OTC people (don't call them that though) are still present so as to make clear that everyone's final opinions mean quite a lot to the 9/11 truth movement, even if they have not changed. Apart from that, I hope you guys like the WTC model included in the presentation. It belongs to and was created by a good friend of mine who is a proud member of, Ron Avery of McQueeney, TX.

EDIT: BTW, in the 16/18 clip at about the 4:22 mark, it was I who mentioned the "unedited" (I meant "commercial-free" [sorry, I was nervous]) version of Richard Gage's debate with Ron Craig on the Richard Syrett show. Also, regarding the request by Mark Roberts (I had forgotten his name when speaking) to debate Richard Gage on Hardfire, I asked about this because many of the people over at the JREF Forums ( said they wanted Mark Roberts to debate Richard Gage. The discussion over there started for me, Mekt_Ranzz at the #110 post ( For those of you that read the entirety of it, I hope I did a good job defending my position on 9/11 truth.

I agree and....

...wish you would blog this good idea.

I've used for a bit and like it so far. We need to keep organizing.
Many hands make light work!
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MP3 Audio Clips - Richard Gage Radio Interviews

Monday November 26, 2007
Richard Gage on the Jeff Farias Show, NovaM Radio Network

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Wednesday October 24, 2007
Architect For 9/11 Truth Richard Gage on Drive Time Radio

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