US presidential hopefuls 'wrong' to play 9/11 card

US presidential hopefuls 'wrong' to play 9/11 card

"More than six years after the terrorist attacks on the United States, September 11 is playing a major role in the 2008 race for the White House. New York's mayor on that day, current Republican front-runner Rudy Giuliani, is touting his response to the attacks as an example of his ability to lead during a time of crisis. But a small group of firefighters and their families say they are appalled that the presidential contender is playing the 9/11 card."

"But Mr Giuliani is not the only presidential candidate who refers to September 11. New York Senator Hillary Clinton has woven it into her campaign ads too. She stood by Ground Zero workers who sacrificed their health after so many sacrificed their lives and kept," one campaign ad said."

"But a 10-member strong group of firefighters and their families are accusing Mr Giuliani of using those deaths to advance his presidential ambitions.
Jim Riches is the New York Fire Department's deputy chief, and his firefighter son Jimmy was killed on September 11. Mr Riches says lives were lost because Mr Giuliani did not provide firefighters with adequate radios. "He's politicised 9/11 from day one," he said. "He's made millions, tens of millions of dollars speaking about 9/11, when the only thing he did that day was get on TV, calm the nation and tell everybody everything would be all right and we'd pull through this. That's all he did." His group is now raising money to run TV ads against the former mayor in Iowa and New Hampshire - the two states which kick off the presidential nomination race. "We are trying to let everybody know exactly what happened that day, to set the record straight on 9/11 that this man was no hero," he added."

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Have you noticed that the Media is shoving Hillary and Rudy down our throats as the top candidates. Don't be fooled. The Neocons can live with either one. What scares the Neocons are Ron Paul, Barrack Obama and Dennis kucinich. I emplore you, Don't vote for Hillary or Rudy! Don't forget The media is controlled! They will try to sway the election in the Neocons favor.

Note: I saw a speech with Bill Clinton and he was asked about all the evidence from 9/11 and he ridiculed the the person asking the question....My opinion, He's in on it. He's part of the 9/11 deception.

Pakistani Kids Tell ABC That Osama Is A CIA Puppet On ABC

Monday December 3, 2007
ABC Good Morning America Finds Out That Pakistani Kids Believe Osama Works For The CIA

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hi AJF- i couldn't find this clip or an article on their site, do you have a link to it? You should make this one it's own post, it'll get missed by a lot of people if it's only posted as a comment.

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Great clip! They agree with an ever increasing percentage OF THE ENTIRE WORLD!

it was right in front of my face!

like the "collapsing" towers were, for almost 4 years. Big difference being able to see their face, highly encouraging, the younger generations and their kids are the future of the human race, and the paradigm has permanently shifted, thanks to the mile-wide trail of evidence the 9/11 perps left, and to this new medium of the internet. Without 9/11 i would likely not be very politically active, and still be voting "lesser of 2 evils". After seeing the coverup alone, i'll never vote for a Republocrat again, and i will never trust any corporate media to tell the whole truth

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