Directed Energy Weapons Weren't Necessary to Pulverize the Twin Towers into Dust

The main argument of folks pushing the theory that the Twin Towers were brought down with directed energy weapons is that conventional explosives (like thermite) could not have pulverized the concrete into dust as observed in videos of the event.

Are they right?

Well, compare this video of the collapse of the South Tower collapse:

With this video:

See also these videos:

The above videos show conventional explosives (they are examples of a method called "cast blasting", which is very low-tech. Cast blasting just means that holes are pre-drilled and explosives placed in the holes).

Bottom line: directed energy weapons aren't needed to explain the pulverization of concrete in the Twin Towers. Conventional explosives could have done easily crushed the concrete as observed, and conventional methods such as thermite ignition could have destroyed the core columns.

Hat tip to rebel patriot and zombie bill hicks for the lead and the videos!

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Have given it the time of day. My two cents. Geez, I am SUCH a pooper aren't I?

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Useful video but ...

Herblay FRANCE

Useful video but I am not completely convinced. Sure, on the outside that is what we saw. But in the interior, the back bone supporting columns, the elevators, filing cabinets, computers etc were reduced to dust. Can you imagine the energy to do that ! The amount of energy can be calculated by the science. A small atomic bomb could have done the job with less preparation and giving the sufficient energy ?

Hoverer the small parts of bones found on surrounding roof buildings would be explained by explosions that you have shown.

Yours John

"columns... reduced to dust" -- I challenge that statement

John states: "But in the interior, the back bone supporting columns, the elevators, filing cabinets, computers etc were reduced to dust. "

I challenge that statement, and ask for references to back it up. Really -- the statement requires evidentiary support, not unsubstantiated repetition.

Au contraire, mon ami, I have photos of an intact brief case, calculator, wallet, the antenna which was on the North Tower, and steel columns (in pieces, yes -- explosive do that).

Please put your photos of intact brief case etc on 911blogger.

Your photos of intact brief case etc interests me. Please can you give links to these photos ? I hade a look through thousands of Fema photos
and your photos interest me as well. Can you put them on 911blogger with your source.

The antenna of the north tower is shown in ""Loose Change Final Cut" for a second or two. Unfortunately the do not show the seconds which follow where we see the antenna disappear as we can see in certain footage. Your antenna photo interests me as well. If you cannot put it on 911blogger you can send it to me at my email address. Thanks.

Are you prof Steven E. Jones? If you are, I can say I admire enormously your work. I have spend hundreds of hours reading you texts, listening to your videos etc. Even on "La fusion à froid". If you are prof Steven E. Jones I would like you to email me at
We would like to see you in Paris.

You know the FBI found Atta's passport in the debris of the WTC as shown on "Loose Change Final Cut". What do you think of that ?

This Friday we are showing the "Press for Truth" in Paris

Hoping to hear from you soon

Yours John

Show "maybe the passport was in the briefcase" by Constitutionalist

Not Atta's Passport

Satam al-Suqami's passport.

How nice of you to join us!

Didn't expect you'd have the time, considering.


Excellent, but....

Don't you feel any need to address the claim in the opening paragraph of this post that thermite is a "conventional explosive"? Don't you feel that it's misleading for the poster to show us explosives which are quite evidently not thermite to convince us that thermite could have caused the pulverization of the concrete?

Thermite and explosions

True, technically, thermite and thermate are not explosive. Thermite is not particularly "exotic" and can be purchased on Ebay. But superthermite on the other hand is explosive and may have been used.

Thermite would also not explain the testimony of explosions from elevators and the lower levels of the WTC, or the broken glass in the lobby of the building as caught on the Naudet Brothers footage. Thus it is probable and certain that the controlled demolition hypothesis would involve explosives in combination--which is not uncommon in controlled demolitions. Different types of explosives are used for concrete and steel for example.

The ejection of debris from the WTC towers (i.e. "squibs"), certainly suggests explosive events as well.

High Velocity Bursts of Debris From Point-Like Sources in the WTC Towers
Kevin Ryan

Free fall speed on its own is a very strong characteristic of demolition. The NIST report has never explained this aspect of the collapse in their 10000 page report, which on its own is suspect.

Free fall speed is also another problem for the DEW hypothesis because it would mean that the building was destroyed exactly in the manner and SPEED of a controlled demolition, which would require even more energy.
Arabesque: 911 Truth

There are any number of explosives...

...that can create the concussive force needed without resorting to any "exotic weaponry", including Nth Generation Nuclear devices.

You could call thermate or nano-thermate explosives "exotic", but I suggest they are not in the same category.

I am — doughnut – no more. —– Ave atque Vale!

DEW-Demolition Contrary Evidence

Solving The Great Steel Caper: DEW-Demolition Contrary Evidence
Dr. Gregory S. Jenkins

"The photographic record of debris removal from ground zero (GZ) reveals that the majority of the debris generated from the collapse of the WTC towers fell upon their footprints and filled sublevels. Other corroborating evidence from multiple independent sources quantitatively and explicitly indicates that sufficient amounts of debris and steel were removed from GZ. In short, no significant amount of steel from the towers was turned to dust or aerosols at anytime during and after the collapse. All of the steel may be accounted for if the sublevel collapses are included in the analysis which is corroborated by the photographic record and other quantitative evidence."

Supplemental: DEW-Demolition Contrary Evidence
Dr. Gregory S. Jenkins

Read these articles for discussion about what happened to the building contents (i.e. the "dust" and other materials)

As Dr. Jones says, "I challenge that statement [that steel was turned to dust], and ask for references to back it up. Really -- the statement requires evidentiary support, not unsubstantiated repetition."

Building 7 was a conventional controlled demolition. All of its building contents were similarly pulverized into a small and neat pile without the use of exotic weaponry or exotic explanations. The cutting of core columns and resulting potential energy of the building is a significant factor in the pulverization of building contents. Cutter charges are used to cut supporting columns. The WTC obviously required careful planning to take out the massive core columns, but Building 7 was a carefully controlled and executed controlled demolition. Controlled demolitions are designed to use as little explosives as necessary to get the job done. Certainly, more than necessary was used in the case of the WTC to account for the dust clouds, but the amount and placement of these cutter charges is more open to debate than other issues.

The thermite evidence is enough on its own. This is compelling and very significant evidence of a crime. It is not necessary to prove exactly how it is done when evidence is being withheld from the public.
Arabesque: 911 Truth

Iron spheres in the dust shows us that iron was made into dust?

Herblay FRANCE

Thank you for the link to "Supplemental: DEW-Demolition Contrary Evidence" Once I have studied up I will get back to you.

Do you have any figures on the quantity of steel it took to build the three towers and the quatity of steel which was sold for recycling ?

Does the iron sheres in the dust not show us that the steel was turn to dust ?

Yours John

I would go even farther

and say that directed energy weapons are INCONSISTENT with the pulverization of WTC concrete.

Can anyone provide a reference to show how such weapons could *pulverize* concrete? (Comic books not allowed here.)

Well according to Wood, you

Well according to Wood, you put a fork in a microwave and poof - it all becomes dustified!
haha sorry couldn't help it...
Truth Revolution: The Eleventh of Every Month

Show "you couldn't help but lying?" by Constitutionalist


Someone told me you're the "Big Man" where you come from.

Just don't get too cozy around here. "mate"....


I had found references with a Russian invented weapon

I had found some about two years ago. I should have the something in my archives when I put this on my web

The trail I followed up was about a Russian invention of a micro-wave beam that heated up the molecules of ceramic like a micro water oven heats up molecules of water and disintegrates the object. Normally the invention was demonstrated in Berlin just before the wall was brought down. In a link I found the Russians were supposed to have used it on a dam on the Chinese side of the boundary.

For the moment this is not my priority but if you do not find the links yourself I could look on my old disks.

Show "put 30-year-old concrete in a microwave oven. report back." by Constitutionalist

Ouch! It's hot.

Ouch! It's hot.
Arabesque: 911 Truth

Cuz concrete goes stale

Cuz concrete goes stale after about 6 months! hehe
Truth Revolution: The Eleventh of Every Month

Somebody gave you a 1.0

I voted 10.

Vote this up people.

DEW architects like Fetzer etc are trolls. Fetzer did the same hit jobs on the Kennedy investigations.
Distract, Divert and Distort. We have to take down such lies and betrayal.

I am getting tired of this distortions in order to waste our time and discredit the movement.

What we need know is fresh new scientists and professionals coming in to support the demolition via explosive theories.

AE911Truth is recruiting up to 1000 professionals by next year.

Serious pressure has be to put on Congress to FORCE the issue.

Richard Gage has already DEMOLISHED the DEW distractions.
The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

GW - check out -

GW - check out - its a japanese open source flv-to-avi converter. Its twitchy sometimes but does work. I had a standalone version of it but can't find it on my machine at the moment.
Point is, once you have it as an AVI you cando whatever you want with it in another program like virtual dub, to rotate it. you just supply the url to the video and it downloads the stream to itself - converts - then allows you to download the AVI. Not bad.

edit: just checked and they now have a precompiled win32 binary (installer)... has cheezy banner ads - though

Truth Revolution: The Eleventh of Every Month


I tried, but Vixy couldn't convert the video:

I think someone might have to do a manual video capture??

Here, I made a rotated copy.

Here, I made a rotated copy. 3.78 megabyte DivX.
I did no cropping of any kind, and resized it to 640x480 with black borders on the sides. It is very reminiscent of the towers. If you have any other specific request converting or cropping the video please feel free to ask. Best wishes all!


Xenomorph (and everyone else who helped!)

No problem! ;)

No problem! ;)

That's the spirit!

And one of the reasons I love the truth movement so much.

We're all a bunch of cheerfully collaborating conspiracy theorists!

(I just love how some folks can't conceive that Thermite/Thermate could be used in combination with other explosives, like, umm, duh...)

Keep up the great work, GW, Xenomorph911 et al!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

good post.

Thanks, Xenomorph! And thank you GW for continuing to press this issue. Ive always maintained that the demolition of the Twin Towers resembled mining explosions. Of course I think its obvious that DEW were not necessary for demolish the building, but thats just me...

Show "while "exotic" weaponry is" by u2r2h