Eight AMAZING ACTIVISM VIDEOS on one DVD for download

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(Click image for higher resolution.)

Total running time: 63 minutes
Video Standard: NTSC

Download the DVD here. You will need a Bit Torrent client for this, for example Azureuz.
This download also includes the source files used to make the DVD.

Watch the low resolution YouTube/Google versions here before you download the DVD:

1. We Will Not Be Silenced 1 (5 min)

2. We Will Not Be Silenced 2 (7 min)

3. The Shock Doctrine (7 min)

4. Imagine - WTC destruction (6 min)

5. How To Make An Angry American (6 min)

6. We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For (7 min)

7. Talking About a Revolution (4 min)

8. The Third Stage (21 min)

Nice job!

Number #8 is especially good ;)


In antiquity...slaves were, in all honesty, called slaves. In the Middle Ages, they took the name of serfs; nowadays, they are called wage earners. -- Bakunin


I wanted a DVD of these videos and if not for your post, I would have eventually made one myself.

Downloading now....2 weeks to go.

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