SWC Targeting/Labeling 9/11 Truth and Justice as Digital Terrorism and Hate

(Contrary to PhoenixRising's comment below, I don't think it's asking too much to have people NOT send anti-semitic emails to the SWC. Please don't. Leave that up to the COINTELPRO types who no doubt will. -rep.)

I don't know whether this is more offensive, silly, stupid, and/or just sad. (sometimes mixing and matching is called for)

Now, before I get into the meat of the matter, if you will, I would like to encourage people to respond to this information maturely, intellectually, and with decency. That is, try to keep the negative, derogatory, hurtful, attacking, anti-semitic, etc., e-mails to the SWC and Mark Weitzman down to a minimum. Zero would be nice, but I know that's probably asking too much. Be that as it may, it never hurts to ask.

I should also point out that I am a "supporter" of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, though not a card-carrying member, if you will, and I have visited their Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles several years ago and enjoyed it. I encourage everyone to go. I am not Jewish (heritage / ethnicity / nationality), nor Judaic (religion), not that that should matter one way or another.

I decided to do a little research after the brouhaha over the presentation Mark Weitzman, Director of the Task Force Against Hate and Terrorism for the Simon Wiesenthal Center, made before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Homeland Security on the topic of "Using the Web as a Weapon: the Internet as a Tool for Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism". (November 6, 2007)

Cleansed Transcript: http://www.wiesenthal.com/site/pp.asp?c=fwLYKnN8LzH&b=3577145
Clip: http://www.911blogger.com/node/12699

I tended to give Mr. Weitzman and the SWC some slack, and the benefit of the doubt, in their apparent labeling of some 9/11 Truth and Justice Movement websites (AE911Truth.org, 911Truth.org, and others) and their members and supporters as "terrorists", "hate-oriented", "radical", etc. (which I think requires a certain amount of interpretation and interpolation), or even "conspiracy mongers" and "disinformation spreaders", since they appeared in Mr. Weitzman's (quickly run through) slide show presentation under a section labeled "Internet: Incubator of 9/11 Conspiracies and Disinformation". I thought they were merely misguided and/or mistaken and/or, at the least, there was an absence of malice. (regarding the former — the latter would be a matter of opinion and is not surprising – many people thing "we" are "conspiracy nuts" and, I suppose, are "spreading disinfo")

I was concerned, however, and decided to do some research to make sure I was either correct, or mistaken. (one instance does not, necessarily, a situation make) Whereupon I have come across some information which makes me less inclined, actually not inclined, to cut them slack on this issue anymore, or give them the benefit of the doubt. As you will see, there is little room for doubt about their agenda.

I visited the MOT online store and purchased their CD, titled "Digital Terrorism & Hate 2007", which on the cover has a pre-title of "Hate On Demand:" and a kind of sub-title of "Simon Wiesenthal Center Snider Social Action Institute". The price was $20 plus tax plus shipping and handling, so less than $30. Here is the information about the product from their online store: (emphases mine)

Product Code: AL28
Description: Item Number: AL28
Product Detail: Digital Terrorism and Hate 2007 is the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s newly released ninth annual, interactive report exposing terrorism and hate on the Internet. Compiled by Center researchers, the 2007 edition is culled from close to 7,000 problematic websites, blogs, newsgroups, youtubeTM and other on-demand video sites. Key sections of Digital Terrorism are available in English, French and Spanish.

Highlights include powerful terrorist videos that recruit young people into the horrific culture of death and Hate on Demand -- two flash movies tracing the evolution of how hate and terror groups have manipulated and leveraged the web to promote their agendas.

The Wiesenthal Center is distributing this unique, timely and impactful interactive report to government leaders, elected officials, law enforcement anti-terrorist agencies, community and web activists and the media.

After reviewing the CD, I found that the website 911Truth.org was listed among other websites on this CD under the category of:

GEOGRAPHIC > U.S. / Canada > Conspiracy > 911Truth.org —— (Slide #8 of 15)

Now, they did put the website under the "Conspiracy" label, again, but surrounded it with some pretty awful, nasty, distasteful, and atrocious websites, some of which are without a doubt anti-semitic, and easily fall under the label of "hate", although "digital terrorism" is more than a stretch for most of them.

However, to include 911Truth.org among them, or even on this CD, with its theme of "terrorism" and "hate", that is what is truly awful, nasty, distasteful, and atrocious, and is an insult and an offensive action on the SWC's part. (if I had a website and it was on there, I would be HIGHLY pissed off)

What were they thinking? Or were they thinking at all?

It is almost as if 911Truth.org was added as some sort of an afterthought. And not only that, but the website snapshot they show on the slide is not from 911Truth.org, but the old (I think) Scholars for 9/11 Truth website, so they didn't even get that right. (someone mentioned that that was probably done on purpose, as some form of method to their madness, but I try to not be too paranoid about these things — plus, the content presentation of some of this info isn't the greatest, and leaves something to be desired, so that is information that can lead one to a more benign reasoning, so to speak — the design of the interface is pretty and nice, however, so that is an enigma)

My suspicion is that the SWC people are "acting out" in response to all of the anti-Zionism, anti-semitic, and the "Israel/Jews/Mossad were part of 9/11" aspects of the 9/11 Truth and Justice Movement. Which is typical of them, and understandable to a degree, but, also as they tend to do, they are seriously overreacting. (and/or are clueless — never underestimate the cluelessness (or stupidity) of people) Of course, there is also the political aspects of their stance and viewpoint, as well. I don't think grouping "anti-semitic" and "anti-Zionist" and "anti-Israeli Government actions (the bad ones)" is a truth-based scenario, but it can be used as a political tool, and has been, and is, and will probably always continue to be used as such. Whether it is fallacious, or not. And by "all sides".

Here is the transcribed text for the 911truth.org slide. In their typical manner, they are referring to us as "9/11 Denial" websites, and I suppose we are "9/11 Deniers". Notice their usage of quoting "academics", "journalists", and "activists", as well as their comment of "veiled behind so-called scholarship". "Historicity" is a good word, meaning "historical authenticity."

As years pass since the September 11, 2001 terror attacks in the US, 9/11 conspiracy sites have become far more sophisticated and relentless. 911Truth.org is the most prolific 9/11 denial website on the Internet. The group is highly organized, taking direction from a steering committee of 'academics' 'journalists' and 'activists'. [sic] Many of the conspiracy theories published on 911Truth.org are veiled behind so-called scholarship. Also available on this website are videos challenging the historicity of the 9/11 terror attacks as well as conferences, petitions, and links to other like-minded organizations.

Personally, I think the SWC has embarrassed itself in doing what they have done, and made themselves lesser than what they should be and claim to be. As a supporter of them and their otherwise and usually fine work, I don't like that.

The question is, are they going to correct their error, or are they going to make it worse? The 2008 edition might be in production right now and erroneously contain not only 911Truth.org, but perhaps AE911Truth.org, Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice, 911Blogger.com, and a host of other websites that don't deserve to be there.

We can always hope they see the errors of their ways, but I'm not holding my breath.

For the record, 911Truth.org is seemingly, and also erroneously, listed on the Anti-Defamation League website under the section "Anti-Israel Protest Groups". I don't know where or how they are getting that, because as far as I know, 911Truth.org has never even made reference to anti-Zionist issues. Although, it is doubly erroneous in the sense that they are listed as "911 Truth" without the .org, so maybe the ADL website is referring to some other group, which does not even go by that name, since it's a generic term for "9/11 Truth", so maybe the ADL is clueless, as well.


Can't these people get anything right??? What is their problem?? And if they are making such egregious errors in this regard, can any of their other information be trusted, and/or to what degree? It really makes them look bad to anyone with a lick of common sense and interest in truth and accuracy and reality.

I help out a few 9/11 Truth-based websites, and some others, and we take GREAT pains to be accurate, and truthful, and reality-based, and factual, and ethical, etc., and I can guarantee you that no website (or project) I have anything to do with would be allowed to make errors like the two I have pointed out above. Not on my watch. And if someone pointed out any found errors, they would be corrected quickly. (and possibly apologies and/or retractions made; public if needs be and warranted)

I have extracted the section of the SWC CD slide show in question, and made a slide show of it, as well as links to the individual images.

Full size slide #8

Slide 1
Slide 2
Slide 3
Slide 4
Slide 5
Slide 6
Slide 7
Slide 8
Slide 9
Slide 10
Slide 11
Slide 12
Slide 13
Slide 14
Slide 15

Note: The imagery used in this blog post is used legally under the doctrine and concept of "Fair Use" for the purposes of product review, public benefit and edification, and education. All copyrights are retained by their original assignees.


FYI: I used to post as "doughnut", and will be posting under this nick from now on.

Contact SWC

The International Headquarters are based in Los Angeles, California.
1399 South Roxbury Drive
Los Angeles, California 90035
310 553.9036
800 900.9036 (toll-free from within the U.S.)
310 553.4521 (fax)


Relevant links on 911blogger


I asked them to join forces with those who try to prevent history from repeating itself.

Perhaps you missed ths part

As years pass since the September 11, 2001 terror attacks in the US, 9/11 conspiracy sites have become far more sophisticated and relentless. 911Truth.org is the most prolific 9/11 denial website on the Internet. The group is highly organized, taking direction from a steering committee of 'academics' 'journalists' and 'activists'. [sic] Many of the conspiracy theories published on 911Truth.org are veiled behind so-called scholarship. Also available on this website are videos challenging the historicity of the 9/11 terror attacks as well as conferences, petitions, and links to other like-minded organizations.

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

My only question is the extent to which the members of Congress are being duped, verses the extent to which they are wittingly complicit.

Ron Paul and HR 1955

"Mr. Speaker, I regret that I was unavoidably out of town on October 23, 2007, when a vote was taken on HR 1955, the Violent Radicalization & Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act. Had I been able to vote, I would have voted against this misguided and dangerous piece of legislation."

"It is difficult for me to believe that none of my colleagues in Congress view HR 1955, with its troubling civil liberties implications, as 'non-controversial.'"

Farrakhan responds to charge of anti-Semitism

By the Simon Wiesenthal Center

I give my props to Farrakhan

He tells it how it is. he loves the truth prove him wrong.

Here is my e-mail to the SWC


I am writing to protest the SWC's conflation of 9/11 truth and research sites to digital terrorism, hate, and anti-Semitism. Calling us "9/11 deniers" is extremely insulting to the millions of concerned American (and world) citizens with legitimate questions about what really happened on 9/11.

To question the true identity of the perpetrators is NOT analogous to holocaust denial. While a small minority of 9/11 activists openly mix holocaust revisionism with 9/11 skepticism, this only represents a tiny fraction of the 9/11 movement at large, and as a violinist who studied with Auschwitz survivor Henry Meyer, I am incensed by the conflation of the two.

Suggesting that there might have been a clandestine element of Israeli intelligence involvement or knowlege in 9/11 is NOT anti-Semitic or portraying hate towards Jews. Likewise, suggesting that Dick Cheney might have been the real mastermind does not make me "un-American." I love my country, and through the democratic process, I intend to fix what's wrong with it.

You see, nobody is suggesting that 9/11 didn't happen, or that 3,000 didn't really die. Rather, we are questioning the true identity of the perpetrators. 9/11 was a staged event to launch a series of wars in the middle east under the guise of a "war on terror" and to scale back civil liberties in the USA, just like Hitler's Reichstag fire.

I urge the SWC to live up to its mission of truly being committed to not letting history repeat. A good start would be to retract its assertions and apologize to the 9/11 research community, including the family members.

well written piece...

well written piece... former doughnut.
Arabesque: 911 Truth

My Letter to the Simon Wiesenthal Center Below - Never Answered

[When I called the Simon Wiesenthal Center Office in NY to talk to Mr. Weitzman during our conversation . . . Mr. Weitzman hung up on me. So, I sent the following email to all the Center Offices in the world, calling the directors of several to leave the below message. None ever returned my call or email. I emailed:
csweurope@compuserve.com and
cswlatin@einstein.com.ar ]

Dear Simon Wiesenthal Center,

My name is William Douglas, Jr.

Please let me tell you a bit about myself before I tell you why I've written.

My father, William E. Douglas, Sr., was a WWII combat veteran in the 45th Infantry US Army division under Patton. His 45th was the first to enter the Dachau concentration camp to liberate it.

My father came back damaged by about 3 years of frontline combat, and what he saw at Dachau. Our entire family has struggled to heal from what my father suffered and brought home with him.

Because of our experience our family has been very sensitive to intolerance, anti-semitism, and racism in any form. In fact, when I lived in Southern California I made a point to take my children to the Simon Wiesenthal Center to show them where hatred leads to. I wanted them to understand what happens when people are demonized by others.

I was very disturbed to see a national C-SPAN broadcast, where Mark Weitzman represented the Simon Wiesenthal Center, and during his presentation when he was speaking about extremist websites and organizations that lead to intolerance . . . he showed an image of the website for "Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth" (ae911truth.org).

I have been a supporter of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth since their inception, and there is nothing extremist or intolerant about them. If there was I would not have supported their efforts. They are professional architects and engineers who've analyzed the collapse of the 3 WTC buildings on 9/11, and found the official story defies the laws of physics, and they demand a new 9/11 investigation.

I called Mark Weitzman at the Center in New York about this, and he said "I didn't mean Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth" when I was speaking about extremist sites. However, I pointed out that he showed their website when speaking about extremists.

I told Mark the only way to repair the damage done to them, was with a press release from the center, explaining that he in no way meant to imply that ae911truth.org was one of those sites he was talking about. Mark hung up on me.

After what my family has suffered due to my father's struggle to heal from the damage he endured fighting fascism, that was a slap in my face, and in my father's face.

Why is this such a big deal, and so beneath the dignity of the Simon Wiesenthal Center?

Because this is a page out of the pre-war Germany handbook, when anyone who questioned the official government line . . . was slapped with the label "terrorist" or "terrorist sympathizer." This is a dangerous road to go down.

When Mark did what he did, and showed what he showed on national TV and to the US Congress, he painted myself and the thousands of other supporters of the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth with the broad brush of "terrorist supporters."

All he would need to do would be to issue a clarifying press release, noting there is nothing extremist or hateful about Architects or Engineers for 9/11 Truth, and that he wasn't referring to them. Just as he told me personally over the phone.

However, when I insisted that the only way he could repair the damage to them, was thru a public media press release . . . he hung up on me.

Stephen, I hope you can see how this is so beneath the dignity of the center that it must be clarified and rectified in a very public way.

I feel my father turning over in his grave, as the very tactics he fought against have been employed against his own son, for what? Because I think independently and dare to utilize my rights to free speech and free thinking.

Is any architect or engineer who insists that 2+2=4, rather than accepting the fatally flawed official story of 9/11 a "terrorist sympathizer"?

What is happening to our world?

I look forward to your reply. Since Mark chose to hang up on me, I hope that you will not simply delete my email, and ignore my request for rectification of this slap at the good name of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

Warmest regards,

William Douglas, Jr.
p.s. I'd just like to add here in this post. One story my father told about his experience at Dachau was when the angry US Army soldiers forced the local Dachau suburbanites to help them bury the bodies in the camps. These people had worked hard to "not see" what was being done to human beings in their name.

My father said that these German suburbanites glared at the US soldiers with such hatred for making them look at the reality they had avoided.

As America learns that we've been lied to about 9/11, those of us who are the truth tellers, revealing that 2 illegal wars that have killed hundreds of thousands of innocents "in our name," were based on lies . . . many fellow Americans GLARE at us.

I am just so saddened by the fact that The Simon Wiesenthal Center is participating in the glaring. It is beneath the dignity of this fine institution.

I used to take my young children to the Center in LA, because I wanted to show them what hate leads to. I proudly explained to my children what their grandfather had done in World War II.

Today my children are grown, and they are now seeing their father being referred to as a "terrorist" by the very institution that should see where such labeling leads.

The build up in pre-war Germany was made possible by a citizenry all too willing to point to others who had different opinions and call them "terrorists," or "terrorist sympathizers."

Hitler had the German Congress burned (the Reichstag) so that he could then use that violent act as a rallying cry to get Germans to turn on one another and invade other lands.

For those who don't learn from history, we all become doomed to repeat it.

excellent letter

This is an excellent letter, as is the post alerting us to SWC's error. If they cannot act with decency after reading your reasoned and soulful letter, then what option do we have but to wonder at their motive?

Excellent Letter

The vigorous response from the 911 Truth community to the SWC must have them realizing we will not lay down in this battle. I'll bet it truely concerns them. Keep up the pressure good people.

Truth Will Prevail

Glare Back!

Personally, I've moved beyond attempting to persuade groups such as SWC, who are in the business of control and manipulation. These are propaganda efforts much like the shills we endure everyday on MSM. They want clearly to manage and curb dissent. Yes, there is anti-semitism but this goes beyond self-defense. There is an identifiable Anglo-American-Israeli-empire attempting to make power grabs all around the world.

It seems to be similar pages taken from playbooks of decades past. I hope the internet has made these mind control efforts less effective since almost everyone has access to more input and info.

The letter could not have been better. It's a wonderful very respectful letter. I believe, all that can be done is to continue to behave with decency and respect. It's when this facist elite finally makes openly aggressive moves such as arresting all anti-war protestors and placing the bankrupt into debtors prisons, hopefully, the tide will turn!

It's time to glare them down! They are a morally bankrupt lot that can only make a world economy work with the aid of several illegal enterprises. It's time to just glare back and make them face themselves! They won't like it much as the Germans did not but it's required for a sane world.

...don't believe them!

Slide 8 has a screen capture

Slide 8 has a screen capture of the old scholar's site as it appeared before the schism in the group about a year ago -- note the logo of the Journal of 9/11 Studies in the upper corner of slide 8. Why do they use a screen capture from a year ago? Has someone at SWC been working on this stuff for that long?

This demands immediate

This demands immediate challenge by stj911 and the Journal.

“On the altar of God, I swear eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson

In 2005 on the anniversary,

In 2005 on the anniversary, Bush explicitly said that conspiracies nurture terrorism. It's likely that was a message to start or increase monitoring the relevance of conspiracy groups and their websites as nurturing terrorism. But I'm sure this has been going on for awhile, and a popular anti-semitic article might have a link to the old ST911 that might not exist anymore but which could be easily regenerated on archive.org.

Thanks for the research and the post!

This is the 2007 version CD

So it was probably in production in late 2006.

The 2008 version is probably in production right now, so they will probably get a fresh screen capture of your new website.

I'm saying that with tongue-in-cheek, but it could be true. We shall see.

I am — doughnut – no more. —– Ave atque Vale!

Wonderful letter and story. Thank you.

You represented your father and 9/11 Truth Movement well in your interactions. Thank you.

Show "Zero Degrees of Separation...." by Brainster

The Mission of Cointel . . .

is not to discredit 9/11 Truth, it is to get us fighting among ourselves. In the movie "gangs of new york", the mayor character says, "the trick is to pay 1/2 of the poor to kill the other half".

Please provide a link or 2 demonstrating that Kevin Barrett is a holocaust denier. There is no basis for denying the existence of genocides, they happen constantly. Our armed forces have killed over a million Iraqis so far. Isn't that also a holocaust.

I'm urging everyone to provide links to support their arguments. Otherwise its just conjecture at best, babbling at worst.

Science please!

Show "Here You Go" by Brainster

Barrett is not denying the Holocaust

He is challenging the state sponsored narrative. You have to admit that we are inundated with the Jewish Holocaust narrative but rarely are taught about the Armenian Holocaust or the Native American Holocaust or the many African Holocausts.

Google "Jesse Trentadue" in the news section. See where that leads you. You will find that the big Neo Nazi groups are organized by people within our own various security providers. There's even a trail to the southern poverty law center and AIPAC. (http://www.lewrockwell.com/roberts/roberts103.html)

*IRA secretly directed by British Intelligence Services
*Osama works with the CIA
*Agent Provocateur

This is the pattern that is repeated because it works. They create the boogey men and then we pay them for protection. I believe that's called a protection racket. Correct?

Its not about Judiasm, its about money and power, its about humans trying to become godlike so that they may symbolically kill death. There were people born into the Jewish faith who profitted from the execution of millions of Jews. It wasn't their religion that led them to do this. It was their greed. It was their lack of humanity. It was their sociopathy.

Really though, don't be lazy, do your own research . . . here I'll get you started:


Also - mp3 of National Public Radio Interview of Jesse Trentadue and PDF of Chicago Tribune Article

Neo-Nazi Immigration Demo: More Fed Provocateuring?

Show "Stop While You're Behind" by Brainster

And you removed the context I gave the quote you used

"Its not about Judiasm, its about money and power, its about humans trying to become godlike so that they may symbolically kill death. There were people born into the Jewish faith who profitted from the execution of millions of Jews. It wasn't their religion that led them to do this. It was their greed. It was their lack of humanity. It was their sociopathy."

By the way, I do believe that the Nazi government killed millions of jews, homosexuals and mentally retarded people. They used
Ford and GM Trucks to transport the victims to concentration camps where they were killed using poison gas produced by IG Farben.

So far, I'm ahead with this audience.


Guilt by Association is the Road to Tyranny!!

Posting a fact someone writes, is not an endorsement of everything they've done from cradle to present. If a fact is correct, its correct.

For example, I have always been a supporter of the Simon Weisenthal Center and their tolerance work. Does that mean I agree with every political position that everyone associated or quoted or referred to by the Center has ever made? . . . of course not. I doubt anyone agrees with everything anyone has said or written.

911Truth.org has NOTHING on its site that is racist or anti-semetic!! NOTHING!! When I was on 911Truth and since then the board has been meticulous in being certain that none of the . . . in my opinion cointel pro government anti-semetic information meant to discredit good people and organizations questioning 9/11 . . . ever touches the pages of their wonderful website.

This is a slippery road, that smacks of Macarthyism, the Cultural Revolution, and all the tyrannical attempts to destroy people's characters by smearing them in any way they could, with any obscure thing they could dig up.

911Truth's house is clean. They are not an investigative agency. Their job is editor of their site. I defy ANYONE to find ANYTHING on 911Truth.org or ae911Truth.org that could be in any rational person's mind . . . racist or anti-semetic.

You won't find it. Both of these fine organizations deserve a VERY public apology from Simon Weisenthal Centers worldwide, and from the person above that tried to smear them in a guilt by association.

What is happening begins to emerge as a pattern of smear attacks and clever propaganda attacks. I saw a documentary "The Protocals of Zion" which was a good documentary about racism . . . UNTIL it began to merge people carrying "Stop the 9/11 Cover Up" signs with an ominous voice over about hate and neo nazi movements. This is preposterous and dangerous, and must stop.

Legal actions should be taken for defemantion of character. Enough is enough. I believe that when 9/11 was perpetrated, cointel pro was set up to have lunatic fringe anti-semetic posting, etc. to get Americans to turn away from ANYONE questioning 9/11.

This was a way to get tolerant New Yorkers, and New York Media, to turn off their logical thought regarding 9/11. This isn't new. The FBI did it to the peace movement in the 1960s. The CIA pulls stuff like this all over the world. The attack dogs have come home to roost.

MANY OF THE FOUNDERS OF THE 9/11 TRUTH MOVEMENT WERE/ARE JEWISH. One leader of 911truth's grandmother died in the death camps in Germany. Stop this nonsense.

Argue the facts of 9/11. It is the only honorable thing to do.

Show "Your Choice" by Brainster

Here are some "hate" sites

Here are some "hate" sites SWC forgot:

“On the altar of God, I swear eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson

Show "If That's the Theory You Want to Pursue" by Brainster

EVERY negative Jewish-related story gets antisemitism charges

Not every negative story about every single Jewish person is wrong. Not every single negative story about Jewish subject matter is because of Antisemitism. You know... "Boy who cried wolf." All that stuff.

If I say "Bee Movie" stunk, it's not because I'm antisemitic. It's because it was a crappy movie.

Stop Feeding the Troll please.


Hey Brainster Clean up Israeli Gaza/West Bank house

"Clean you own house" huh?

Well... he who is without sin can cast the first stones. Right now, I would think you should be worried about Israeli behavior on the West Bank and Gaza Strip. That seems to have the appearance of an Israeli policy of "Ghetto-ization" and/or "Apartheid" toward the Palestinians.

Brainster... you know what happens when you worry everyone else's house while your house is a mess. You get you clock cleaned at the opening bell.

You're Mistaking Me for a Zionist...

I'm Irish Catholic and have no dog in that hunt. Just don't like anti-semites.

Do what?!?

Don't make me laugh me arse off!!!

"Clean your own house, or we'll clean your clocks."

Some of us have been cleaning house--with little help or praise--for going on several months now. Yet you refuse to cover most of it at your "blog". So we know you and your lot won't notice even when we do.

Makes your tough talk a bit less impressive than you intended, don't it, guv?

When we go toe to toe with Barrett, Tarpley and May, we're not doing it for you slags. Now maybe you should get off your bum and read this:


That was November 18th, sunshine. It was even posted in a Kevin Barrett thread here at 911Blogger. Think it's time you put aside pretensions to your "debunker" mantel and focus on newly wed life. Don't want to disappoint your husband, and all.

Meaningful and profound content ....

Truly moving commentary of Bill, Phoenix, and comments.

A deep heartfelt ... Thank You ... to all.

LA, 12/11 - Protest Jane Harman 'Thought Crimes Bill'

LOS ANGELES, Eleventh of Every Month TruthAction for December at:

Congresswoman Jane Harman's office, Tuesday, December 11th, 11 AM to 2 PM
2321 E Rosecrans Ave, El Segundo, CA 90245, W of 405 Fwy

There is a big sign with her name on the lawn. Free parking at nearby shopping centers. Lots of traffic passing by, shoppers and defense contractors.

Join with www.WeAreChangeLA.org and www.911TruthLA.us and other concerned citizens for a sidewalk demonstration to protest HR 1955, S 1959 Violent Radicalization & Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act ("Thought Crimes Bill") introduced by Rep. Jane Harman. Bring 9/11 Truth signs!

We are extremely concerned about the recent portrayal of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth www.ae911truth.org alongside Jihadist websites at the recent "Homeland Security Hearing" hosted by Congresswoman Jane Harman. Architects and Engineers are not terrorists!

This flawed and dangerous bill could be the final triumph of fear over reason, as the Federal government makes thought a crime under the guise of preemptive National Security, if we allow the Senate to pass it. If you believe that America is a democracy and should not be turned into a police state, then join with us to STOP The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007.

And later in the evening, join us for a bit of Holiday cheer as we hand out Christmas-wrapped DVDs and Deception Dollars at:

Hollywood & Highland / Walk of Fame, 5 PM until ?

Burn as many 9/11 Truth DVDs as you can and wrap in Xmas paper or stick on a bow. You can identify the title with a sticker, or write on the paper (*Note, Zeitgeist Part I not recommended for this). Bring fliers and info cards. Feel free to wear a Santa or Elf hat or decorate your 9/11 Truth sign with garland and other decoration. Parking is reasonable in the mall structure. We will be out on the sidewalk.

All I want for Christmas is 9/11 Truth!

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

MP3 Audio Clips - HR1955

Friday November 30, 2007
Former CIA Officer Philip Giraldi Talks to Randi Rhodes on Air America About HR1955

* source = http://www.therandirhodesshow.com/live/

Tuesday December 4, 2007
Richard Greene, Host of Air America's Clout, Discusses HR1955, Home Grown Terrorism Bill and Jane Harman

* source = http://www.airamerica.com/clout

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“The Museum’s good fortune is as much a testament to the lobbying power of the Wiesenthal Center’s dean, Rabbi Marvin Hier, as to the much larger social agenda of privatizing public services. For more than a decade and a half, Hier has had powerful backers among both Democratic and Republican lawmakers, from former Governor Pete Wilson and former Democratic leader Willie Brown, to President Bush and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, who invited Hier to briefings on the war in Iraq.”


“I think the United States should go in. Maybe not tomorrow, but very soon… Three years from now, Iraq will have nuclear weapons.”

- Marvin Hier.

The SWC is “a gang of heartless and immoral crooks, whose hallmark is that they will do anything for a dollar.”
- Norman Finkelstein

The SWC is itself an anti-semitic organization, essentially a hate group, which has vigorously supported the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, the apartheid wall in Israel and the current genocide in the middle east. I say sue the bastards.


In antiquity...slaves were, in all honesty, called slaves. In the Middle Ages, they took the name of serfs; nowadays, they are called wage earners. -- Bakunin

Fuck those scumbags.

This is psychological warfare. It's not a difference of opinion. It's not that they can't see this, or see too much into that.

Ask them about this, in every email, in every letter to the editor, in every article on this subject:

The FBI "Be On Look Out" or BOLO alert sent out to local police stations at 3:31pm on September 11th:

"Vehicle possibly related to New York terrorist attack. White, 2000 Chevrolet van with New Jersey registration (JYJ 13Y) with 'Urban Moving Systems' sign on back seen at Liberty State Park, Jersey City, NJ, at the time of first impact of jetliner into World Trade Center. Three individuals with van were seen celebrating after initial impact and subsequent explosion. FBI Newark Field Office requests that, if the van is located, hold for prints and detain individuals."

Lighten up – You're pareidolia is showing

And it's not pretty.


I'm just saying, is all.

Here's the point which seems to escape far too many.

Absolute certitude will lead you astray more often than not.

Which is (partly) why Critical Thinking is at such an all-time low these daze.

The keywords are: Non-Bias, Objectivity, Open-Mindedness, and True Skepticism

And that doesn't mean just giving them lip service.

I am — doughnut – no more. —– Ave atque Vale!

Conflation=Cointelpro for afar?

Examples of conflation:

Many hands make light work!
RRREMA=research, realize, react, educate, motivate, activate
"It's been said, and I think it's accurate, that my husband was obsessed by terrorism in general and al-Qaida in particular." Hillary

What we've got here is failure to communicate

"VAE VICTIS" - Brennus.

Guns N Roses - Civil War Lyrics

"What we've got here is failure to
Some men you just can't reach...
So, you get what we had here last week,
which is the way he wants it!
Well, he gets it!
N' I don't like it any more than you men.
" *

Look at your young men fighting
Look at your women crying
Look at your young men dying
The way they've always done before

Look at the hate we're breeding
Look at the fear we're feeding
Look at the lives we're leading
The way we've always done before

My hands are tied
The billions shift from side to side
And the wars go on with brainwashed pride
For the love of God and our human rights
And all these things are swept aside
By bloody hands time can't deny
And are washed away by your genocide
And history hides the lies of our civil wars

D'you wear a black armband
When they shot the man
Who said "Peace could last forever"
And in my first memories
They shot Kennedy
I went numb when I learned to see
So I never fell for Vietnam
We got the wall of D.C. to remind us all
That you can't trust freedom
When it's not in your hands
When everybody's fightin'
For their promised land

I don't need your civil war
It feeds the rich while it buries the poor
Your power hungry sellin' soldiers
In a human grocery store
Ain't that fresh
I don't need your civil war

Look at the shoes your filling
Look at the blood we're spilling
Look at the world we're killing
The way we've always done before
Look in the doubt we've wallowed
Look at the leaders we've followed
Look at the lies we've swallowed
And I don't want to hear no more

My hands are tied
For all I've seen has changed my mind
But still the wars go on as the years go by
With no love of God or human rights
'Cause all these dreams are swept aside
By bloody hands of the hypnotized
Who carry the cross of homicide
And history bears the scars of our civil wars


I don't need your civil war
It feeds the rich while it buries the poor
Your power hungry sellin' soldiers
In a human grocery store
Ain't that fresh
And I don't need your civil war
I don't need your civil war
I don't need your civil war
Your power hungry sellin' soldiers
In a human grocery store
Ain't that fresh
I don't need your civil war
I don't need one more war

I don't need one more war
Whaz so civil 'bout war anyway

So who needs me?
I need me, the civil war is raging.
Peoples houses are blazing.

"And the pipline is still gushing!!"

Strother Martin – from the film Cool Hand Luke
** Peruvian Guerilla General

Those scummy bastards!

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Here's one that has the above and more:


The person who sees absolutes and exhibits certitude, where a thoughtful person sees nuanced shades of meaning
and exhibits open-minded objectivity, should be questioned as to agenda and state of mind.