Raymond Geisler's 'Unbought and Unbossed' #46 Dec 5, 2007 - official re-cap and mp3 archive

Raymond Geisler's 'Unbought and Unbossed' #46 Dec 5, 2007 - official re-cap and mp3 archive'

Unbought and Unbossed is an independent voice dedicated to discussing the political and social issues most relevant to Canadian citizens. It is a 9/11 Truth friendly show and demands answers, accountability and action from our political and economic leaders, as well as to Plant seeds of truth, hope and love.

Listen to Unbought and Unbossed live on Wednesday evenings from 8-10:00 PM (PST) on CHLY 101.7 FM on central Vancouver Island, or listen on-line at http://www.chly.ca/

This episode includes: (111 minutes)

-A Definition and introduction to Conspiratorial History from ThreeWorldWars.com. This is a popular revisionist view of history that asks the question- are the historical events involving humanity always the direct result of some sudden and surprising event, or to what extent have they have been directly influenced by man? How much of our history is constructed in secret, which by definition is a conspiracy.

-A powerful patriotic address by Salt Lake City Mayor Ross C. (Rocky) Anderson from Oct 27, 2007, on the State of the American Union.

-A Telephone interview with Wayne Prante of the Greater Vancouver/Fraser Valley 9/11 Truth (begins at 43 minutes). Wayne Prante is a former Peace Officer with an Associates Degree in Criminology and a Certificate in Law Enforcement, as well as BC Justice Institute trained. He has worked many years in public and private security and investigations, and has dealt with violent offenders, and has been in many violent situations. Although he is no longer working in any of the above capacities, he still concerns himself with law and justice issues, civil liberties, as well as politics and history, including, being involved as a researcher, activist and organizer in the ongoing citizens Inquiry into the events of September 11th, 2001. Wayne was a founding member of the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Society, and was the central organizer of the pivotal Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference in June 2007. Through his work in this area, Wayne has established a network of contacts and has been instrumental in establishing the 9/11 Truth movement in Canada, which now includes groups in 14 cities across the nation.

In a recent paper entitled 9/11 Truth Sales and Marketing Strategies - A Positive Approach to Increasing Public Awareness about 9/11 Issues. Wayne points out a wealth of adaptable information from the business world and shows that we need not reinvent the wheel to meet our objectives.

Songs include-
All Along the Watchtower by Bob Dylan
No Planes by by SuperPower
Loose Change Final Cut by reMo Conscious
Boom! by System of a Down

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9/11 Truth Sales and Marketing - A Positive Approach to Increasing Public Awareness about 9/11 Issues

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-- Fraser Valley 9/11 Truth FV911Truth.org