Visibility 9-11 Welcomes Pastor Lindsey Williams

This week Visibility 9-11 welcomes author of The Energy Non Crisis, Pastor Lindsey Williams.  Pastor Williams is a whistle blower who worked for three years as Chaplin on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline construction project where he learned that there is no shortage of oil in the world and that elites have formulated a plan to use oil as a mechanism to control the world.  Pastor Williams' warnings and predictions have since came to pass in the nearly 30 years since his experience in Alaska.  Pastor Williams makes predictions for the price of crude oil in this episode and discusses the crumbling myth of "peak oil".  This is a must hear interview for everyone who wishes to understand the recent surge in gasoline prices to over $3.00 a gallon.

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Some people are far too

Some people are far too dogmatic about their belief in "Peak Oil", to the point where it becomes a point of contention amongst those of us who shouldn’t let ourselves be divided so pointlessly. I personally think "Peak Oil" is a clear fraud, but I also see that some guys are very attached to the idea of it and so debating it can become quite unnecessarily divisive.

A pastor (god will provide...)

A pastor (god will provide...) straight from the board-rooms af big oil?

This man sounds exactly like the sweet talking hoaxer that he is. How you guys can buy this obvious BS is beyond me.

Free-Energy Battery Inventor Killed at Airport?

"Official statement cites "natural causes" but others familiar with the disruptive potential of the inventor's technology to the existing power structure consider it a probable assassination."

"On Nov. 11, inventor of a revolutionary, affordable, clean energy technology, Arie M. DeGeus was found slumped in his car, totally unresponsive, in the long-term parking lot of the Charlotte Douglass International Airport in North Carolina. He was taken to the hospital and died a short time later. The autopsy suggested heart failure, so officials were saying the death was a result of a medical problem or natural causes, and not likely to be a homicide. (Ref.; ref.)

Those who were involved with his research are doubtful, citing, among other things, that he had been in good health at around age forty five. The timing is also suspicious. He was apparently on his way to Europe where he was to secure major funding for the development and commercialization of his technology, which could make oil obsolete."

"DeGeus was the inventor of a thin wafer-like material/device that somehow specially aligned the atoms or electron currents ongoing in that material, so that the wafer produced a constant amperage at a small voltage – continuous real power, or in other words a strange kind of “self-powering battery”.

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