Continued documentation exposing White House (12/7/07) dictatorship

Sen. Whitehouse Reveals Secret DoJ Legal Memos: Bush Determines What Is Constitutional


No big surprise there. But "dictatorship" should be in quotes. Ideally.

I am — doughnut – no more. —– Ave atque Vale!

MP3 Audio Clip - Paul Craig Roberts Regarding Dictatorship

Wednesday July 18, 2007
Reagan Treasury Official Paul Craig Roberts Talks to Thom Hartmann About Bush Possibly Seizing Power

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Olbermann on IRAN Lies Dec 6

Marry Me Keith!

I suppose the only reason why Keith is still alive and kicking is by luck and/or because he is a lone voice in the darkness. He will go down in history as the last (and pretty much only), true patriotic journalist who actually did his job in the early 21st Century.

He's achieved that no matter how much longer he has on this Earth. Even if "they" Wellstone his ass. (at this late date, why bother?) He's gotten in enough good punches to win by a TKO, regardless.

Thank you, Keith. Words don't even come close to being able to express it. And that's true even if your agenda isn't as pure as I would like to believe. There will always be those of us who will never forget you.

Whenever the time comes, and may it be far into the future, I hope they inscribe on your tombstone, "Good night. And good luck." And maybe you'll even get a statue some day. I'll look into that for you, when the time comes, if I'm still around then.

I suppose you aren't eligible for a Pulitzer, but you should get one anyway. You should also be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Maybe, fingers crossed, if the 2008 elections aren't fabricated, the next President will award you the Presidential Medal of Freedom. (and revoke those that tarnished the award that Bush awarded to the undeserving idiots he did)

– America prevails.

I am — doughnut – no more. —– Ave atque Vale!

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