Guillaume Dasquie charged in connection w/ April Le Monde article

(Here is the report that got him in trouble; September 11, 2001: The French Knew Much About It. -rep.)

Reporters Without Borders: Journalist freed after being charged with revealing defence secrets

Guillaume Dasquié, the editor of the Gé website, was released last night after being charged with “possessing information or files that are national defence secrets and revealing them to the public.” It carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison and a fine of 75,000 euros.

Dasquié in now “under judicial control.” An anti-terrorism judge, Philippe Coirre, has been put in charge of the case.

Reporters Without Borders continues to regard the judicial procedures being taken against Dasquié as improper. He was just doing his job as a journalist and should not held responsible for leaks from within the government."

The Guardian UK
French Author Accused of Outing Secrets,,-7136652,00.html

PARIS (AP) - A French anti-terrorist judge has filed preliminary charges against an investigative journalist and author accused of publishing defense secrets, judicial officials said Friday.

Authorities are investigating articles by Guillaume Dasquie, including one that reported French intelligence had suspected al-Qaida of planning a plane hijacking nine months before the Sept. 11 attacks.

Al Arabiya
Qaeda article says the French "knew a lot about" 9/11- French police raid journalist's home over article

PARIS (Reuters) French authorities have raided the home of a journalist and placed him under official investigation for publishing a document on al-Qaeda that was classified a defense secret, a judicial source said on Friday.

Guillaume Dasquie was placed under official investigation overnight after spending two nights in detention, the source said.

The investigation relates to an article published in Le Monde in April entitled "Sept. 11, 2001 - The French knew a lot about it", in which Dasquie cited reports by the DGSE foreign intelligence service dating back to 2000 and 2001.

A problem with this story is that it reinforces the myth that

al-Qaeda planned & carried out the attacks, while most truthers believe al-Queda were merely patsies.

I agree

Misinformation is what I read here. La Monde has already printed 911 hit pieces and is connected here. This story enforces that alQaeda planned and executed 9/11 to deflect blame away from the true planners of the event. . .the NWO.

The veils peel back one at a time

The prima-facia lie that "no one in the administration could concieve of a plane being used as a missle" is defrauded here and that is a good thing. It compels the uninitated to look deeper. The French government knowing and warning and then persecuting the revealer of the information is one veil. When lifted we can peer in deeper and eventually see the creation and manipulation of al-Qaida and the professional demolitions.

there's no consensus among "truthers'

there's no consensus among "truthers', other than that the official story is not the truth, which is all that matters; we don't need to prove what really happened, the Republocrats and corporate media are promoting an illegitimate story, and the public needs and deserves full disclosure and justice. I should've cut and pasted these quotes in the body above:

"One of two publications under investigation is an April article by Dasquie published in Le Monde called ``Sept. 11: The French Had Long Known,'' which included excerpts of confidential documents from the DGSE intelligence agency. One note, dated Jan. 5, 2001, said al-Qaida was plotting a hijacking and listed potential airline targets, including the two carriers, United and American, that were targeted in the Sept. 11 attacks later that year."

Al Arabiya:
"Dasquie's article in April referred to classified documents by the DGSE that showed foreign agents had infiltrated Osama bin Laden's network and were carefully tracking its moves.

One document prepared in January 2001 was entitled "Plan to hijack an aircraft by Islamic radicals", and said the operation had been discussed in Kabul at the start of 2000 by al-Qaeda.

The article said the French report of January 2001 had been handed over to a CIA operative in Paris, but that no mention of it had ever been made in the official U.S. September 11 Commission, which produced its findings in July 2004."
Nafeez Ahmed - "Ties With Terror: The Continuity of Western-Al-Qaeda Relations in the Post-Cold War Period"

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LIHOP smoke and mirrors

LIHOP or MIHOP, it's mass murder, treason and other crimes

LIHOP is MIHOP, not sure what you mean by the comment, a- thanks for the thumbs up on my thought crime flyers, btw

it's pretty obvious to me jet fuel and plane damage couldn't have turned towers into rapidly inflating dust clouds, and 8 hours later drop 7 like a stone, but how to prove who did it?

I don't know if a missile or a plane hit the Pentagon, but i'm sure it wasn't Hanjour flying, and a real Commission would've asked real questions why jet fighters the ack guns at the White House and Pentagon didn't take it out, when there was plenty of warning. And Myers and Eberhard would've been court-martialed, not promoted, if it wasn't an inside job.

CIA, FBI, Secret Service, NORAD, all violating standard procedures, decades of warnings and war games, Commissioner Kerry said Bush knew the hijackers were in the country, question is why he didn't stop them... 14 VISA apps should've been denied on their face, CIA had 7 no-brainer opportunities to stop the hijackers, Sen. Bob Graham says evidence of Saudi Arabia is in the 28 redacted pages of the JICI's Report on pre-9/11 intel

Different things trigger different people's interest in demanding answers and accountability, i'm about raising the public's awareness until we get a full and very public criminal investigation, or a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, i don't need to have a theory about what happened.

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