Jean Chretien Gets an Investigate 9/11 T-Shirt

Mark of Ottawa 9/11 Truth asked me to post this here for him.

Now Mr. Chretien has something comfy to wear while he watches LCFC!

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Way to go eh.

Nice work Ottawa. You do us proud.

Attn: Torontonians

Jean's next appearance is at:

Toronto: Indigo Spirit First Canadian Place
Monday, December 10th at 12:00 noon
1 First Canadian Place, Unit SM18, Toronto, ON
Libertarian Party of Canada:

Thanks Canada. So correct , keep it coming. Bit early for France

Herblay FRANCE

Bonsoir ,

Excellent work Guys. So polite and correct. They cannot refuse you like that. Continue like that.

Show us in the world how we can react. Last night at the first French cinema projection of "Press for Truth" house full and many outside. I will report a post on last night later on. We have to grow more in numbers before we here in France can do like you but you are giving us ideas.

Well done ... John

Vas-y les français!

Il ne faut que deux personnes. Un qui tient le camera, l'autre qui parle au bonhomme.


Good stuff guys! I hope the Toronto chapter is out there today getting his attention once again. Keep up the great work!!!

Canada Wants The Truth


Good job you guys!
Don't be afraid to mention the 24 Canadians who died on 9/11.
Where is justice ?

Nice work. Hopefully Toronto

Nice work. Hopefully Toronto will follow up....
What else can they give him? a copy of David Ray Griffin's "Debunking 9/11 Debunking" maybe?

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Here's another video from the signing:

I'll post these on my site as soon as time allows. Great work guys!

Canada Wants The Truth



Richard D. Brinkman

Richard D. Brinkman
Vancouver to Ottawa to Toronto Next! We are proud of you! Outstanding work!

a call for more proffesionalism

You people need to indicate to him that there are highly esteemed Senior Military, Intelligence, Law Enforcement, Architects and Engineers as well as Government Officials who support a new 9/11 investigation.
Give him a list of names along with their comments/testimonies which can be found at

If he doesn't know that there are credible people backing up 9/11 truth he might not want to venture off seemingly alone in saying that he questions the official story. He needs support not from 9/11 truthers, but from distinguished individuals.

Anything else will only frighten him. Don't give him black t-shirts (as if he wears that kind of shit) that have bold statements on them. Or videos of end game, which is intended for more advance conspiracy theorists. If that's what the 9/11 truth movement looks like (some sort of cult alex jones fan club) then Chretien will most likely be disenchanted by the whole thing. We need to take baby steps to convince Jean Chretien.

Why would anyone give him end game!!! Even I think the movie is over the top, and I like Michael Tsarion's work. Focus on one topic at a time, Loose Change will be plenty to keep him busy.
Didn't it occur to you guys that Jean Chretien attended the bilderberg conference. End Game could come as an affront to him.

Don't give him a black shirt (very opinionated shirt) and say I hope you wear it as you watch loose change (a hip hop style documentary). Couldn't you come up with something better to say?


I haven't heard anything from the T.O. group. Did anyone here, read or see anything around yet?

EDIT: NEVERMIND. I found a video on Toronto 9/11 Truths website:

It's here.

Canada Wants The Truth


Nice coordinated effort and appropo link

In response to the above criticism, there are more professional inquiries that coud be sought? I'm uncertain, though, a book signing is the venue for a more tense and political confrontation?

I applaud this coordinated effort from Vancouver to Ottawa to Toronto. These politicos need reminding. Chretien maybe more so since he's pretty crusty. I believe, there are subtle messages exchanged in these encounters? The link to the Prison Planet article is a nice recap of this entire episode.

I thought this was nicely done! It lets the powers that be know that a tide is rising and they may want to seek cover?

...don't believe them!