911TruthDVD.com December Specials ! Thanks guys!

We have added quite a few special packages this month, 2 for 1 prices, check it out!
http://www.911truthdvd.com/nov.htm *I know it says Nov.htm :) *

Also we are offering ARTWORK now for all of our DVD's, artwork for each DVD is $1.00 per DVD, so if you want to place and order with artwork for each DVD you order please contact me.

Thank you all!

Actually some DVDs being sold

Actually some DVDs being sold from this site were never bought from the people who created them. Even if there are some "donations" involved, why not donate to those who actually made the films you are selling?

The website says -

>>These DVD's are all authorized copies of the original DVD's.

I know of at least one DVD on there whose authorization was never asked and whose creators have never gotten a cent.

It's not ethical to sell other people's work without compensating them.