Breaking Down the Barriers to 9/11 Truth.

Breaking Down the Barriers to 9/11 Truth.

An Essay
By JWTruther
December 2007

“Our brains work hard to make us think we are doing the right thing, even in the face of sometimes overwhelming evidence to the contrary.”
Elliot Aronson -Social Psychologist

There is a methodology to persuading others of the validity of our message, a technique to understanding and helping them overcome certain obstacles, barriers they may not even know exist.

I’m sure many of us in our movement at one time or another, have been frustrated by attempting to convince others of the validity of our views. Sometimes it can be compared to banging one’s own head against a brick wall, or trying to have a discourse with someone who has their fingers in their ears and is yelling “La La La La La “like a child.

My views when expressed to some have been initially met with ridicule and anger, but it is curious to note that when given the opportunity to put my case and steer them in the direction of the truth, after a period of what I like to call “brain digestion” most do come around.

Often once a seed of truth, usually in the form of an undeniable fact or two is planted, a process of germination begins to take place in the brain of the subject. This begins to question existing information and after a suitable period of “gestation” the subject then becomes far more open to constructive discourse regarding the issue at hand.

I always find this interesting because the same thing happened to me. When an acquaintance of mine initially presented me with this shocking hypothesis I was not prepared to listen, in fact I became angry that these kinds of seemingly ridiculous theories were being presented at all about as highly important and sensitive an issue as this. I interpreted the suggestions as an attempt to ridicule or trivialize a very significant and tragic event, about which I had established a very firm and emotive view.

I had in effect erected a number of psychological barriers to protect myself from the presented information according to what I believed to be the truth. This phenomenon of the human brain psychologically refusing to process unpalatable information is termed “Cognitive Dissonance” and is well known in the field of psychology. It is rather like a computer hard drive crashing when attempting to open a corrupted file, it has always interested me so I decided to look at it further.

To understand the barriers and how and why they have been constructed it is first necessary to learn a little about probably the most significant barrier, not one we create ourselves however, but one that is created for us.

Barrier 1-The Information Bubble.

"There is no such thing as an independent press. The business of the journalist is to destroy the truth, and to sell the country for his daily bread. We are the tools of the rich men. We are intellectual prostitutes."
John Swinton
Former Editor, New York Times.

“The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media.”
~William Colby, Former Director, CIA.

Many people, even those seemingly intelligent and well informed, are completely unaware that they are living in an “information bubble”. The information bubble is a product of the increasingly globalized world media and “protects” them from information that “certain forces” don’t want them to receive. It also ensures that they receive information these same forces need them to in order to further their own interests and agenda’s. It consists of a of very sophisticated and powerful information control, management and distribution infrastructure. It functions specifically by using the media by the control of ownership and is supported by the intelligence services who maintain a network of well placed “moles” including well known media figures who “edit” material we receive and “gatekeep” certain highly sensitive specific information, or put more plainly, secrets, some of them, ‘real nasty’ ones.

I had no idea this was the case, I read newspapers and watched the news on TV and assumed I was quite well informed. Learning the truth then, the message of our movement allowed me to see the information bubble for what it is and effectively gave me the pin to prick it. It is easy to burst if one can only see it. To acknowledge the information bubble then, is to burst it.

If you need evidence of the information bubble, ask yourself after 4 years of war and documented figures for Iraqi civilian dead ranging from 78,000 to 85,000, and the actual number likely to be far higher, how many times you have seen a picture of a dead or injured Iraqi child in a newspaper or on TV. The distribution of information such as this has a shocking effect on most reasonable people and leads to a questioning national psyche that is not compatible with the intended agenda and therefore not desirable to the certain forces. This is information control and management and is not confined to times of war or these issues alone. Information found outside the information bubble will lead one to question more thoroughly other politically charged issues in today’s world, for example:-

Global Poverty, A.I.D.S. Global Warming, Peak Oil, Substance Control, The Israeli Palestinian conflict, the Russian and Chinese military threat, the threat of a nuclear armed Iran or Syria. The health and medicine industry, Globalization, to name but a few.

Barrier 2- Psychological Pre-Programming – (The Fixed Truths.)
When incarcerated in the information bubble, ones mind becomes programmed or brainwashed with certain “myths” or “fixed truths”.
For example:-
1-Our government isn’t perfect, but generally they are working in our best interests. (This is my favorite)
2-Yes our leaders do lie sometimes, but they could never lie about something this important.
3- There are people out there of a hostile nature and culture who are trying to kill us, so we must kill them first.
4-As the government, they will do this for us if we just trust them, give them lots of money, and make sure we keep voting for them.
5- Don’t listen to anyone who says otherwise because they are probably working with the enemy.
6- This is a time of war, as true patriots we must unite and fight, anyone who won’t and merely questions this policy is a traitor or a fool.
7-The idea that our own government, our own public servants would do something like this is inconceivable and anyone suggesting it is a fool or working with the enemy, or is a dangerous crazy conspiracy theorist.
8-Our leaders would never try this, for fear of being found out.

Barrier 3 – Psychological Conflict –(Error, Can’t Compute.)
Having been programmed with the “Fixed Truths”, when faced with a conflicting concept that challenges them so completely, so fundamentally, the human brain goes into an override mode which essentially throws the information back and refuses to accept it, “Cognitive Dissonance”. We store information in our brains in compartments that interact with one another and that have been constructed according to the rules of the fixed truths. If however we are faced with conflicting information that we have no compartment for and that will not interact with existing information in other compartments, the brain effectively throws out an “error” message and the material is rejected.

Contrary to the perception of many living within today’s media induced culture of fear, most people are good, decent and honest citizens and assume quite naturally that their public servants are the same way, the suggestion that their own governmental representatives could be involved in these kinds of activities is understandably abhorrent and can lead to the following emotional reactions.

Barrier 4- (Emotion) Anger and Ridicule. (Hey I’m as smart as you are!)
Everyone likes to feel that they are well informed, being presented with a suggestion that ones views could be wrong and ill-informed about an issue as important as this is very often interpreted as a form of intellectual challenge or threat that must be ridiculed or resisted and fought to avoid embarrassment.

Barrier 5-(Emotion) Shock and Confusion.
The fall and sudden jolt of hitting the ground as the bubble one is suspended in bursts, is symbolic of the shock to the system many people feel when initially attempting to process information of a completely radical nature such as this. I remember when I first learned the truth, I went through a very confusing period in my life as my brain was trying to make sense of all this. I can say now that having gone through this process it has changed completely the way I view the world, and changed me forever as a person.

Barrier 6- Time for “Brain Digestion”.
I have lost count of the times I have presented my views to others and had them rejected, only to run into the same individuals after a period of time and have them say, “You know I looked into all that stuff you were saying and I think you might have something.” This is representative of the bursting bubble, because when it bursts the individual starts receiving information that allows the brain to process that which he initially rejected. It’s a little similar to the failure of a computer file to open without the use of an encoder or a different program to change the configuration of existing information. It’s very important therefore to give the subject the necessary time for brain digestion.

Barrier 7. Saturation Programming, Apathy and/or Lack of Intellect.
Some people have barriers of extraordinary strength, almost impenetrable. The brains of these individuals have been programmed to saturation levels with the managed material in the information bubble. Others may lack the required open mindedness, vision or intellect to grasp a revolutionary concept such as this and process information of this type. Others still may feel that this kind of information is simply not important at all, these individuals sometimes for now at least, must be disregarded. As more people around them however begin to see the truth and the importance of it and steer them toward it, it may be that a longer brain digestion period will help them overcome this obvious disadvantage.

Barrier 8-Willful Ignorance (OK, so what’s this got to do with me?)
OR (OK maybe they did it…but we had better keep quiet or things could get worse)

“Some people are afraid of what they might find if they try to analyze themselves too much, but you have to crawl into your wounds to discover where your fears are. Once the bleeding starts, the cleansing can begin.”
Tori Amos

Some people exhibit behavior that suggests they have a mixture of barriers and to varying degrees. This last barrier though maybe in all of us to a certain extent, the reluctance to admit a truth that may hurt or disadvantage us.

Many people may already suspect that their leaders have committed unjust and terrible acts, but justify this to themselves with the idea that they are for the greater good, and that if they hadn’t done them to others they could have been done to us. They believe therefore that this is a policy of necessary preemption and trust our leaders sufficiently to dismiss any argument to the contrary. On the other hand, others still may feel that things could get worse if the truth comes out now so we had better all keep quiet. We in our movement know the importance of spreading our message of truth however, because it is this and only this that has the power to prevent similar events and their consequences from ever happening in the future.

“Some of the most wonderful people are the ones who don't fit into boxes.”
Tori Amos

It would be a very dull world if we were all exactly the same. Some people when faced with a concept such as this will behave a little differently than others as they process the material in their brains in their own individual way. Because we have discovered the truth before others it doesn’t mean we are necessarily smarter, or that we have any moral superiority over the rest. Certain people’s interests or professions are more conducive to an understanding of this type of phenomena than others.

We are fighting a war of information, a battle for hearts and minds, we don’t have the big guns of media control on our side but we do carry the sword of truth. We are a force for change and a force for good, and a force which is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore.

Having a little knowledge therefore, of the real difficulties people have in accepting our message will help us distribute it. Generally, we have to work to create the conditions whereby people are more receptive to the truth, by helping dismantle their barriers.


I don't have much to add. This is excellent. As always, we need to have a good collection of tools that will allow us to break down the barriers to understanding.

I really enjoyed this post.

I really enjoyed this post. Another of the things that can happen psychologically is that this sort of information completely challenges the receivers belief systems. Not only do they begin to question 9/11, but the resulting descent into the deep whirlpool of truth will expose the person to other misplaced assumptions.

Like Neo in the Matrix, when it is all explained to him, even after seeing the horror for the very first time, the overload can be crippling. Like Cypher says when watching Neo's meltdown - I think he's going to pop.