Canada fighting in Afghanistan for Power, Money, Resource Control, Integration into the Global Economic System

PEJ News - Guy Selzler
December 02, 2007

"the real reasons we are fighting in Afghanistan are: Power, Money, Resource Control, Integration into the Global Economic System."

To The Independent Panel on Canada’s Future Role in Afghanistan,

I am submitting you my personal assessment of the real reasons we are in Afghanistan in support of option 4, to withdraw all Canadian military personnel except a minimal force to protect aid workers and diplomats.

The Myth

We have been told ad naseum by the mainstream media over and over again that we are fighting a war in Afghanistan as part of the war on terrorism, for democracy and for women's rights.

Each one of these assertions is false.

The war on terror is predicated on the false flag terrorist events of 9/11. That is to say that all of the evidence regarding 9/11 points towards a terrorist act conducted by, or at the very least assisted by criminal elements within the United States government itself. This is true for all those that have the eyes to see and ears to hear the truth about those events – the evidence is simply overwhelming. History is filled with declassified examples of government-sponsored terror including, but not limited to, the Gulf of Tonkin incident that led the United States into Vietnam and in the attacks on the USS Liberty many years ago. The war on terror is in reality a war of terror conducted against us - the public. It is designed to make us terrified and compliant and justify the stripping of our hard won rights and freedoms.

The statement that we are there in order to bring democracy to a country that was a totalitarian regime that sponsored terrorism is ridiculous. Were this true, we would not be there supporting the current regime which is dominated by warlords and drug lords. In reality, we have simply replaced one totalitarian regime with another. And furthermore, as history has shown our government has never had any aversion towards supporting totalitarian regimes in the past, such as those in China or Central and South America, provided they were compliant with Canadian and US foreign policy and multinational corporate objectives. A case in point is that of Afghan member of Parliament Malalai Joya who was barred from the Afghan parliament for speaking out against the drug lords and warlords and their corruption. Did our government object to this treatment, of course they didn't.

As for women's rights, progress has been slow and limited at best. Malalai Joya has spoken at length about this so I won't go into it in any additional detail.

Clearly, the reasons we have given to the public for our involvement in Afghanistan are lies and are as such propaganda.


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