Mark Weitzman Answered My E-mail

Hi all.

Much to my surprise, Mark Weitzman answered my e-mail from a few days ago. I posted that e-mail in the comments section of the previous SWC thread (Not the ae911truth one, but the one several days before). Today, I received a response. I don't know it's a form response he's writing to all his 9/11 related letters, so I'll be interested to hear if Weitzman has written any of you all. I'll post my e-mail to him first, followed by his response:



I am writing to protest the SWC's conflation of 9/11 truth and
research sites to digital terrorism, hate, and anti-Semitism. Calling us "9/11
deniers" is extremely insulting to the millions of concerned American
(and world) citizens with legitimate questions about what really happened
on 9/11.

To question the true identity of the perpetrators is NOT analogous to
holocaust denial. While a small minority of 9/11 activists openly mix
holocaust revisionism with 9/11 skepticism, this only represents a
tiny fraction of the 9/11 movement at large, and as a violinist who studied
with Auschwitz survivor Henry Meyer, I am incensed by the conflation
of the two. Suggesting that there might have been a clandestine element of Israeli
intelligence involvement or knowlege in 9/11 is NOT anti-Semitic or portraying hate towards Jews.
Likewise, suggesting that Dick Cheney might have been the real mastermind does not make me "un-American." I love
my country, and through the democratic process, I intend to fix what's wrong
with it.

You see, nobody is suggesting that 9/11 didn't happen, or that 3,000
didn't really die. Rather, we are questioning the true identity of
the perpetrators. 9/11 was a staged event to launch a series of wars in
the middle east under the guise of a "war on terror" and to scale back
civil liberties in the USA, just like Hitler's Reichstag fire.

I urge the SWC to live up to its mission of truly being committed to
not letting history repeat. A good start would be to retract its
assertions and apologize to the 9/11 research community, including the family

Sincerely, Kameelyun


Mark Weitzman's response:

Over the past few days I have received a number of emails regarding my
testimony to the House Committee on Homeland Security. Much of those
appear to have been based on misapprehensions of my testimony. My
was about about the Internet as a tool for violent radicalization, and
about 9/11. My reference to 9/11 consisted of 1 sentence out of 6 pages
testimony, and in those sentences (with 2 out of 38 accompanying
slides) I referenced how 9/11 is viewed in some eyes, including those
applauded it as well as some conspiracy sites. I then continue by
illustrating the type of conspiracy theory often found online, such as
based upon of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the infamous
text, or that generally blame the US government in a pernicious manner
for intentionally spreading the AIDS virus), or that have the entire
Western World engaged in a conspiracy against Islam. Nowhere in there
there any mention of 9/11! In this regard our only concern with 9/11 is
the inquiries slide into incubators for hate (i.e. This fake Hamas
wearing a "Star of David" is as much a Zionist as the 9-11 terrorists
covers for. Chertoff is the son of a terrorist himself. Don't let him
off the

Finally, in my recommendations, I never urge any type of censorship. In
I specifically state that (#5) that any steps taken in regard to the
must be done legally, and over the course of a decade in dealing with
issue I have consistently stressed that the First Amendment must be
in the virtual as well as the real world. I have even argued that in
conferences in Europe when attempts were being made to impose
controls on the Internet, saying, as I did last year in Berlin that we
avoid getting bogged down in a useless debate on the First Amendment
because we (in the US) are not going to erase it, nor should we.

Please feel free to share this with any interested parties.

Mark Weitzman
Director, Task Force against Hate
Chief Representative to the United Nations
Simon Wiesenthal Center
50 East 42nd Street, Suite 1600
New York, New York, 10017
tel. 212.370.0320
fax 212.883.0895


I just re-read the ae911truth blog with regard to this matter; clearly what I received is the same form letter sent to Richard Gage and any number of e-mailers over the past month. It took them about four days even just to respond in form!

Now I understand why the Germans did not stop Hitler massively

Herblay FRANCE ,

When I was young forty years ago I, I was so shocked by the atrocices of the Nazis and could not understand why the German people in general allowed Hitler and the SS to exerminate our fellow human beings ( communists , gays , jews , ...) without a revolt.

Today my colleagues , friends and family still think I am daft , crazy , ill , ... with conspiracy ideas ( They have read too much of George Monbiot in the Guardian !) They are in complete 911 truth denial. They seemed to be unconcerned about the massacre of Afghanistans, Iraqis and American soldiers all based on a lie : Bin Laden was the mastermind for the 911 attacks.

Now I understand why the Germans did not stop Hitler more massively.

This Christmas in the family will be agitated again but with the new infos on 911blogger perhaps I will have a better chance to explain why the official story can not be true.



John, we are living in the same shoes ...

When dealing with friends and family who refuse to lift their head from the sand, I have found it best to start with issues that people can see around them like, if terrorists are, indeed, a threat then why are our borders still open and we have 20 million people living here illegally?

Why is our government not protecting American jobs, why is the national debt nearly 10 trillion dollars, and why are we in the middle east killing millions of people who are no threat to us? Usually the first response is because of 9/11, of course. Then you approach the physics of CD of 3 steel frame buildings, the small hole in the pentagon, and no significant plane in debris Shanksville. Good place to start with the physics is:

Most people want to believe the Popular Mechanics model using generalities : planes hit buildings, fires, collapse, case closed, nothing else here to see people move on. You need to use a dialectic of reason, physics, science, motive, and all the political results that have ensued.

Knowingly, I'm not relating anything you don't already know, it's just I empathize with your position. We just all need to keep hammering to wake up who are close to us, and those who are busy working and raising families.

Nice, but ...

That's pretty much the canned response he's given everyone who he's responded to.