9-11 Truth in Ottawa


Former Prime Minister Jean Chrètien is asked about 9-11, the North American Union and Bilderberg at a book signing in Ottawa.

Ron Paul Eats Bilderbergers

Ron Paul Eats Bilderbergers

The Bilderbergers are a tight knit business network with no allegiance to any one nation. They're extremist, fascists and communists muscling for rule of the world. America's only hope to regain our national sensibilities as the bearer of light, liberty and justice for all, well, in the land of the brave, it's time to elect Ron Paul in 2008.

Here's an ever more recent Chretien vid:

The agenda of the New World Order is a global gov't based on the model of collectivism.
Educate yourself on this by reading part 1 of an essay by G. Edward Griffin: http://www.freedom-force.org/pdf/futurecalling1.pdf

The world please come to our rescue !

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Excellent job, guys... I like the way you are all coordinating your efforts to follow up with him -- that makes it seem like people are speaking with one voice ... which must be intimidating to anyone with something to hide.

You're unproffesional efforts have lost sway of Chretien

You people need to indicate to him that there are highly esteemed Senior Military, Intelligence, Law Enforcement, Government Officials as well as Architects and Engineers who support a new 9/11 investigation.
Give him a list of names along with their comments/testimonies which can be found at patriotsquestion911.com

If he doesn't know that there are credible people backing up 9/11 truth he might not want to venture off seemingly alone in saying that he questions the official story. He needs support not from 9/11 truthers, but from distinguished individuals.

Anything else will only frighten him. Don't give him black t-shirts (as if he wears that kind of shit) that have bold statements on them. Or videos of end game, which is intended for more advance conspiracy theorists. If that's what the 9/11 truth movement looks like (some sort of cult alex jones fan club) then Chretien will most likely be disenchanted by the whole thing. We need to take baby steps to convince Jean Chretien.

Why would anyone give him end game!!! Even I think the movie is over the top, and I like Michael Tsarion's work. Focus on one topic at a time, Loose Change will be plenty to keep him busy. Terrorstorm would have been a better choice than End Game since it discusses false flag operations. Chretien might not be aware of operation northwood or the U.S.S. liberty.

Didn't it occur to you guys that Jean Chretien attended the bilderberg conference. End Game could come as an affront to him.

Don't give him a black shirt (very opinionated shirt) and say I hope you wear it as you watch loose change (a hip hop style documentary). Couldn't you come up with something better to say?

Its easy to frighten cowards . . .

leadership looks like this . . .


End Game also focuses on Bilderberg activity, which was the point of giving it to him. These guys did a great job and I don't think it's warrented to be this nit-picky over it.

Canada Wants The Truth

MP3 Audio Clip - Caller Talks 9/11 With Air America's Lionel

Tuesday December 11, 2007
Caller Asks Air America's Lionel Not To Call "Truthers" Crazy And Lionel Delivers 9/11 Truth Sub-Text

* source = http://airamerica.com/lionel/

Tuesday December 11, 2007
BBC Reports That 9/11 Commissioners Kean/Hamilton Say That The CIA Obstructed The 9/11 Investigation

* source = http://www.bbc.co.uk/

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Great Audio Alexjonesfan!

Everyone needs to hear them. These little boosts make my day.




Watching C-SPAN . . . code pink ladies are applauding Senator Durbin who is pissed off about Georgtownamo Bay.

Very good analysis imo Truthbeknown...

I really like that kind of logical approach to activism

New rap song by Roy Shivers & King Solomon: Ron Paul 2008

I thought the same thing. I

I thought the same thing.
I mean how long did they wait for him to watch it?
Constantly asking him as though he watched it the week you gave it to him is a bit silly. There's videos people have given to me that took me a while to watch. It's hard enough to get people I'm friends with watch any 9/11 documentary after I've given it to them several months or more prior.
Of course he's going to come off kind of like 'wtf?' when people ask him those questions about NWO and NAU and all that in connection with questions if he watched the Loose change vid.
The part of him wearing the shirt while he watched it...wow..that was a little weird. I know the guys doing this mean well and have expended effort and money to catch up with him and do this, but they need to think it through a little more..realize who the guy is and what he cares about being on his to-do list (regardless if he's a Bilderberger, he's a high profile person who I'm sure has a lot of things on his mind he deems more important to do).

I'm more than a little tired of this 'conspiracy theorist' vibe in the grassroots action that's constantly trotting around and anybody who points it out like you just did is all of a sudden some 'divisive' or negative person for doing so. That's one of the prices I guess you have to pay if you're on the persuasion of very largely ridiculed belief (even if there's respectable individuals who also believe it) is that there's always others in the movement that think any action is ok so long as it's an action. sometimes those actions are fruitless or otherwise backfire, sorry to say. That is probably the primary reason high profile people are few in the truth movement (yes, they are few. credentialed individuals who are not high profile, are simply not high profile, they're credentialed)...they see this cultish, 'activisty' vibe emitting clear as day and there's too many in the movement who don't give a shit about the fact that professionalism is more important to the 'sheep' than being edgy and pushy.

"The most perfidious way of harming a cause consists of defending it deliberately with faulty arguments."
Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science, section 191
German philosophe

I commend my fellow Canadian

I commend my fellow Canadian 9/11 Truth activists for their efforts, levelheadedness, for not being jerks and causing a scene, and not giving the movement another black eye, such as the Bill Maher thing. I'm sure Alex Jones would have loved something like that. But it is really counter-productive.

We need a Canadian investigation into 9/11 and Chretien and Co will need to answer some questions, but we don't need to be juvenile. Just keep talking to average people, giving out DVDs and info, avoid the MSM and confrontations, and we will continue to grow. Don't alienate the people we need to reach with rude behaviour. We don't need W.A.C. antics here. We are doing just fine without them, thanks very much.

I also agree with a previous comment that Loose Change was probably not the best choice of video to give him (or anyone of his age) but thanks nonetheless guys for your efforts and for being civil.

That will serve us far better in the long run.

Its going to get alot uglier . .

The protestors at the Bill Maher show exposed 9/11 truth to millions of people. There was no other way to do this. Bill Maher is the one who came out looking like a jerk. I'm of the opinion that the end of his stardom began that night. In the Lionel Clip above, Lionel refers to Bill Maher as a "gate keeper" and basically paints him with the bully brush.

We're talking about the event that now has caused over a million people to lose their lives (violently). The mainstream media will not allow an adult conversation. This is the result..


Sure the Bill Maher confrontation gave the 9/11 truth movement significant exposure. But it also divided people even further into their own sheltered groups. People who will disagree with you will tend to disagree with you even more forcefully if you infiltrate their comfort zone and chant 9/11 was an inside job and wear your typical conspiracy theorists paraphernalia as you wave signs that read "The NeoCons did it". Understand that exposure isn't necessarily going to help convince people what so ever. In fact, the more people who believe the official story get confronted by people who hold drastically alternative views the more likely they will stay back and want to avoid the whole thing.
Honestly if I didn't investigate the thing myself I'd think you guys were crazy. Act professional damnit!

What do you think the two party system and Hegelian dialect is all about. Governments play on this scheme because they know people can be easily divided into groups. We need as much objectivity as possible if you want to attract people who believe the official story. And those are the only people we're after.

And what applies to the masses sure as hell doesn't apply to the likes of Jean Chretien. NO WAY should you ever use the same tactics (that of handing out DVD's and T-shirts and talking frantically about the imminent New World Order) to convince Jean Chretien...
You guys come across as well... conspiracy theorists.

The best tactic is to have people come to you. Hold conference's... hand out educational pamphlets... Don't go and scream outside a build that government officials will end up working for Ron Paul.

Compose yourselves. Let the pros do the talking, and let those who are interested come to you.
To gain exposure hand out pamphlets (DON'T BULLHORN)
dress up in professional attire, suit and tie etc. - look the part
Place DVDs on car windshields. Don't give end game however. Give thing's like How the Towers fell by Richard Gage. Dvd's with content designed for entry level viewers.

You get my drift. Don't argue with people either. Just present you information. Let them do the thinking for themselves.

going to get uglier ??

Grow up! Screw the MSM and Bill Maher. Just get out and wake people out, in a friendly, professional manner.

That Maher thing just made their point for them that we are a bunch of whack jobs, in front of a million witnesses. And afterwards, they don't say "look at those crazy idiots from We Are Change", they say "look at those crazy 9/11 Truth assholes". The MSM just loves that shit. And it gave them their ammo for HR1955. Thanks! Keep up the great work!

As far as the audience goes, nobody likes anything being shoved down their throats - ever. Do you? Alex Jones is wrong on this issue. Go confront whoever you want about any other issue if it makes you feel better. Just not 9/11. It is too holy for people to be approached at the level, and they don't like their Gods being interrupted either.

We don't need it to get uglier. We need to make it mainstream, and you do that by acting mainstream and appealing to mainstream people and to hell with Maher, Beck, O'Reilly and the rest of the scum.

They will get their's in due time !