Friday Night Series: Films On 9/11 'Conspiracies'

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Like many cataclysmic events in our nation's history, Sept. 11 has an official story, and many other theories about what actually happened that day. The Alchemy Juice Bar Café this week is starting a Friday night film series focusing on alternative theories about the World Trade Center.

The films will be at 7:30 p.m. All are unrated, and admission is free.

Here's the lineup:

Friday, Dec. 7: "9/11 Press For Truth," examines the government's and media's reactions to the 9/11 Family Steering Committee.

Dec. 14: "Loose Change — The Final Cut," interviews witnesses, first responders, survivors and experts.

Dec. 28: "Utah Seminar Video," a PowerPoint presentation by Steven Jones, a former teacher of physics and astronomy at Brigham Young University, rebutting the official story.

Jan. 4: "9/11 Mysteries," a study of demolition evidence and analysis, asking how a 110-story building could collapse so quickly.

Alchemy is at 203 New Britain Ave. in Hartford. For details, visit

That would be Connecticut

Spread the news to any potential truthers in the Hartford, Connecticut area.