Dan Rea's NightSide on WBZ News Radio 1030, to provide 9/11 Truth a fair hearing

Dan Rea's NightSide to provide 9-11 Truth a fair hearing -
Friday December 14th, 8:00pm on WBZ News Radio 1030, Boston MA

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In the tradition of his courageous journalism career, WBZ AM 1030 talk host Dan Rea (http://wbz1030.com/pages/1019394.php?contentType=4&contentId=979299) will be interviewing three prominent speakers from this weekend's Boston Tea Party and Conference for 9-11 Truth. The interview will be broadcast live this Friday at 8:00 p.m..

Joining Mr. Rea will be Richard Gage, AIA, founder of Architects & Engineers for 9-11 Truth; Dr, Robert Bowman, former Director of Advanced Space Programs for the U.S. Air Force; and Donna Marsh O'Connor, mother of 9-11 victim Vanessa Lang Langer. Mr. Rea's audience will hear three different 9-11 perspectives from this diverse lineup of guests: the engineering/architectural perspective, the military perspective, and the victims' family member perspective. The interview promises to be a fascinating listen, as Mr. Rea has made clear from the outset that he does not subscribe to his guests' assertion that the official account of 9-11 is a fraud.

Despite multiple polls showing millions of Americans rejecting the official account of how the WTC towers disintegrated on 9-11, most mainstream news media still refuse to interview those who would question the government's "progressive collapse" theory. This media blackout has driven some 9-11 activists to stage sign standouts behind beat reporters' live shots.

This tactic won't be necessary this Friday, as Dan Rea graciously offers three outspoken activists an opportunity to share their alternative view of 9-11 over WBZ's 50,000 watts of power.

MP3 Audio Clip - Richard Gage on Drive Time Radio

Wednesday October 24, 2007
Architect For 9/11 Truth Richard Gage on Drive Time Radio

* source = http://www.wtic.com/

Thursday June 23, 2005
Colonel Bob Bowman, Reagan Star Wars Director, Speaks At LA 9/11 Truth Convergence (2005)

* source = http://www.kpfa.org

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9/11 Truth: Donna Marsh O'Connor Speaks Out

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