12/11/2007 - Loose Change and truthaction.org

December 11th, 2007 started like any other day. The local San Francisco 9/11 Truth chapter headed downtown to hand out fliers and spread the word, as usual.

I was present in the middle of a California tour for Loose Change Final Cut.

It wasn't until I noticed someone following us and taking pictures that the day got really interesting...

We have a run-in with a stalker, stalk him back, encounter the Mayor of San Francisco, and run into Warren Buffet.


Where was Warren Buffet on the morning of 9/11?

NetJets Plane Was Tracking Flight 93


it's bullshit that we even have to do this kinda stuff.....but damn....is there really anything more exhilarating than exposing these criminals?

much love guys....way to go!


Dylan not only made a first class documentary ,he got balls!,,that was priceless,stalking the stalker!

yeah, just watching it now...

This is pretty funny!
new King Solomon & Roy Shivers song: Ron Paul 2008

Totally agreed, this guy was

Totally agreed, this guy was creepy.
I can't believe someone on here suggested he was 'shy and could have been a fan'. Come on man you can't be serious!!!!

I don't think he was US law enforcement of any description(CIA etc).

But he could have been an intelligence agent no doubt, you can work the rest out for yourselves!
Possibly even one of the "By way of deception, thou shalt do war" crew, but too sloppy so that counts against it.

Although I hasten to add was reading a "skeptic" /gatekeeper website recently and some posters on there was very proudly boasting how they had infiltrated 9/11 street actions. I can't locate the post now but I definately saw it there.

(http://forums.randi.org/showthread.php?t=61402) - Don't waste your time on this site however, it's *FULL* of paid bloggers, morons, arrogant bastards and disinformation agents. Full of references to Popular Mechanics, SLC and Hotair, it will only raise your blood pressure.

The stalker takes a picture

The stalker takes a picture at the beginning of the confrontation.He also seems to yawn a lot(a sure sign of nervousness).It´s true the guy with Dylan Avery went over the top.He could have tempered himself a wee bit more.
I think they were dead right to confront this guy.The stalker seemed a tad effeminate to me.

"a tad effeminate "?

What are you on about? Don't see that or how it could have anything to do with what happened.


Great work guys!

For anyone to become so rich in our deeply corrupt system, as Warren Buffet, he must have been/still be involved in many corrupt things himself.

That guy stalking you was creepy. Could just be a nut-job, but more likely some sort of undercover. He may be trying to provoke you guys into assaulting him, but I know you're too smart to fall for such tricks.


Better not to link to Killtown if at all possible -- that's a webfairy (hologram planes) site.

A better link on Buffett is here --


"At the time the attacks in New York occur, a small group of business leaders are having breakfast at Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha, Nebraska, where the US Strategic Command (Stratcom) is headquartered. With them is Admiral Richard Mies, the commander in chief of Stratcom. They are in town for an annual charity fundraiser event due to take place later in the day, hosted by the multi-billionaire Warren Buffett. Along with other visitors who have come for the fundraiser, they are scheduled to tour the Stratcom underground command center, located 60 feet below Offutt, and receive an unclassified mission briefing . . ."

Exactly I agree 1000%! It

Exactly I agree 1000%! It was a great video Dylan, but linking to and citing “Killtown" as a source takes people to a website that has any reasonable person going: "hmm, this is interesting I think I'll check a bit more *click*.... WTF "No Planes hit the WTC"? What? I knew all this stuff was batshit." - or something to that effect. The guy and his site are pure disinfo.

Hm, I was unaware that

Hm, I was unaware that Cooperative Research went into Warren ... I'll change the text link but if I change the video and re-upload it I might screw it up...

Thanks for the change!

Thanks for the change!

Tip of the hat to dudes in San Fran.

Tip of the hat to dudes in San Fran.
We Are CHANGE - Florida
911 Truth Activist Groups

That was awesome!!! He was

That was awesome!!! He was licking his lips and turning red when you guys were following him. Multiple times. All signs of anxious nervousness. Way to go to expose the ops...it's so obvious.

I think I know who was in the polar bear sweater.

I think I know who was in the polar bear sweater.

See this picture


While I appreciate the

While I appreciate the effort, one cannot give in to frustration and begin shouting. It discredits you, regardless of the validity of the statements.

That polar bear guy may have just been a fan, too nervous to say anything. Then again, he may have been exactly what you exclaimed.

The one guy with you needs to chill. You guys need to be like 3 Fonzis...

and we all know what Fonzi is, right?


You only get one chance to make a first impression

First, in the interests of full disclosure, let me say that I was part of this street action and this was only a very small segment of the hours we were out working the public. I would also like to note that most of what you see in this video took place away from the main group when they followed the creepy polar bear guy (and he WAS creepy) as he waddled away at speed. Thus, they were not anywhere near the identifiable group of activists with our signs and we were unaware of their actions until after they came back. [Had we known ahead of time about Warren Buffet's (and Sen. Clinton's) visit to SF we might have prepared something specifically for them. What they did was purely on the fly and their gig.]

With all that said, it is very important how we present ourselves in public. The general public is our main, and most important, audience, we can't be distracted by creeps, "spooks", hecklers or cops. We have to be the calm, rational, informed patriots who want to restore the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and get a real investigation of 9/11. If the public's first impression of the 9/11 truth movement is someone yelling "9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB" in some random person's face, then when they are offered a Steve Jones lecture on dvd , a David Ray Griffin book or invited to a screening of Loose Change Final Cut they are going to be much less inclined to consider it. Just as the civil rights movement did, we need to have regular training sessions to improve our public discourse and increase our effectiveness with the general public. To achieve our goals we need intelligence, discipline and focus to go with our dedication, and a true commitment to civility. Let others come across as rude, ignorant and angry. Disarm with charm.

The video shows an isolated incident that we can learn from, if we are wise and choose to. Just as we can study and learn from the Amy Goodman confrontation in Florida and the ongoing actions against Bill Maher, we can learn from and modify our actions to fit the situation and optimize our efforts.

Also, always remember that we are all human beings and thus, by definition, imperfect.

On a side note, I found it very interesting that our most vocal support this past December 11th came from Europeans. They would stop, talk and thank us for being out on the street spreading the truth.

Keep up the hard work, brothers and sisters, the truth is winning every day.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

LOL²A gives us a good reason never to appeal to fear.

You guys went a little hard on that Polar bear guy hiding behind the pole. I don’t think you won any of his sympathy to our cause, on the contrary. He could have been a slightly lonely rich kid on medication, not knowing much who to trust in this complex world. The fact that he came down to film your action should be welcomed as a first step of curiosity towards our cause… “Who is paying you”, you asked, - “Nobody you need to know about” he answered. Yes, that is a creepy answer, but he could just as well been playing games with what he thinks you would expect of him. Next time, expect more of him, put your sights high on where he knows his soul would reach when he atlast opens himself up to more truth and love in life. If he was informing to some-one involved in criminal collaboration with the 911 official meme, let him report back that we are likable people with a good point. We will not be doing our own movement any good by appealing to his fear.
Remember, to perfect this universe, place your action deeply rooted in the LOL²A principle, with the strongest accent on the Love you hold in your heart as you pose your ACT!
What is the LOL²A principle? See below a copy of a reply to a comment I made at http://media.www.rutgersobserver.com/media/storage/paper822/news/2007/09/11/Observations/A.View.On.091101-2967793.shtml

“Disinfo : contains 5 D's : distract, disrupt, divide, discredit and derail. These are tactics of "Appeal to Fear". They have no place if your objective is to perfect the Universe.

By the way, the Swiss economist René Egli made an interesting theorem that "The Effect of Perfecting the Universe" = [LO] x [L]² x [A] !

In this economist's formula [LO] stands for [LOsslassen, or your capacity of letting go of all fear],

[L]² stands for [Liebe, or the LOVE that you hold in your heart, which increases the effect of what you do in a logarithmic way] to the squared power, and

[A] stands for [Aktion!] as any wishful thinking will not have lasting effects until we dig in with our human incarnated might and take ACTION!

When I observe David Ray Griffin giving his talks and writing his books and essays on today's burning issues, I consider him a wonderful example of the "LOL²A" principle, and I have no doubt many more will soon notice this, perhaps soon earning him world-wide recognition through the Nobel Peace Prize!

He is an inspiring voice to help weed out much fear and misunderstanding out of today's world!

I thus suggest that those serious in giving a helping hand to this currently slightly troubled world meditate on their actions to make sure they contain less D's and more "LOL²A"!


Dr Beeth in Brussels”

I did like watching your Dec 11th action, and am inspired to continue raising people’s consciousness about these issues, especially on every 11th of the month. I would qualify your intervention in presence of Warren Buffet as disruptive, but not as all as disruptive as the fact that these people have still not today been subject to any criminal investigation. It would have been appropriate to cordon off the whole Hotel with Police Crime scene Tape, and a sign “Warning: the hotel guest M. Warren Buffet has close associations with uninvestigated “insider” criminals involved in the political mass murders of Sept 11th 2001”. Best of all is to take legal action, and to lobby your representatives to investigate the insiders behind 9/11, as the Tampa 911Truth.org people did: http://www.911blogger.com/node/12918 .

Keep up the heat, especially in the heart!

Love is a powerful logarithmic force! Truth is unstoppable.


"unflinching, unswerving, fierce intellectual determination, as citizens, to define the real truth of our lives and our societies is a crucial obligation which devolves upon us all. It is in fact mandatory."

There's one more.

“Disinfo : contains 5 D's : distract, disrupt, divide, discredit and derail. These are tactics of "Appeal to Fear". They have no place if your objective is to perfect the Universe. "

There's another "D". Don sheep's clothing. Say all the perfect things to trick the enemy into believing you are one of them. Lull them into a false sense of security. Then at a precise or approximate time, unleash what's hidden within the trojan horse. The counter intelligence operatives are becoming exceeding good at this particular method, although not yet perfected (apparently).

When it comes to disinformation, what we need to be most careful of are those who are pretending to be us. This may include people who say things we very much like to hear. Things like "of course planes hit the towers...there were eyewitnesses". Ya know, stuff that is obviously true. We need to knuckle down and use our discerning intuition. There are different levels of counterintelligence. From over-the-top "killtown" style non-sense to the extremely subtle...like a leopard waiting to pounce.

I've about reached my

I've about reached my saturation point when it comes to hiphop in general, but this video is priceless. Great work, friends! I also definitley would have called the undercover slob an "accessory to murder and high treason".

yeah, polar bear dude is an agent - gimmie a break!!!

this is more fodder for the sheep who think LCFC had any excuse not to include anything about zionism, the mossad's history of false-flag attacks, feith's osp, zakheim's remote-controlled planes, frank lowy, eisenberg and the port authority, ANYTHING Israel!!!! this is 2007, not 2002. who is still buying this tripe!? oh, it's only $20? throw in snake oil alex jones' mockumentaries and we have a deal.


...snapping photos at you the entire time.

I don't think such confrontations do any good. They're foolish, actually. If you see somebody following you, collect information about him/her in a way that does not reveal your purposes or expose theirs. From that video alone and the way that you responded, a very solid character-assessment could be made of you, and against you. It is essential that you act more intelligently, considering the stakes.

The only one I saw acting

The only one I saw acting like an adult was
Dylan...cant imagine anyone seeing that scene
and taking this movement seriously. Way to make
us all look like nutjobs.

Not nutjobs, just young

Not nutjobs, just young 20-somethings doing what they do. It's definitely true though that that one dude yelling painted a picture of our movement as well...young 20-somethings doing what they do. Dylan was indeed the only one who acted like a mature "30-something"? haha Very mature for his age although I'm sure he'd admit that this movement helped him along with that process, along with many of us. Overall I'm impressed with the video. Don't overplay the other guy who was just acting his age. It was a little embarassing but nothing much to worry about. There are many soccer moms (Carol Broulleit) and elder professors (David Griffin) who represent our movement extraordinarily well. Don't fret so much.

And the undercover guy himself. What a sad soul. What a sad, lonely...(probably single and staying that way) bitter little trainee looking to find a niche in "high society".

I agree.

Shouldn't you just have tried to call in the cops and get this "one-to-one undercover agent-provocateur" arrested, or at least get his "identity" this way?
By the way, about his big sweater: I wonder what kind of audio recording equipment may have been underneath.

I'm now ashamed of truthaction.org...

The video of harassing this guy (with the polar bear shirt) was wrong. He came out ahead. He was well composed and walked away. The behavior shown in this video from Truthaction.org on the other hand was not very professional. These guys have jeopardized the respectability of truthaction.org with their sophomoric antics. We should all be about bring the community together not shaming them into silence. Granted, the "polar bear" guy was creepy, but he is not worth it! He is not worth destroying any credibility of our movement. So what if he was taking pictures! So were you! Get over it.... ALL CITIZENS HAVE CAMERAS TODAY! Focus your energy on enrolling people in our ideas (that 911 was an inside job). Don't focus your energy on video harassing and intimidating people, thats what ignorant people do. Stay focused and don't sweat the small stuff. Next time, if he points his camera in your direction, smile or get out of the way!

I totally disagree.

If these undercover spooks are going to literally be FOLLOWING activists around on the streets taking pictures of them (to hand over to the very perps who are covering up 9/11) I think it's QUITE appropriate to deal with them face to face. And in this instance, nothing over the top was said. It must take guts to follow good people around in order to screw them over. We have to have just as much courage to confront them while they are red-handed.
So when it comes to how 'the crew' dealt with the nerdy spook, I think it was great. My problem with that guy's adolescent behavior came *after* the spook encounter, not during.

FIrst of all you *ASS*U*ME* this guy is a spook.

Secondly, given the current atmosphere, It's the reality today, everything is recorded. CCTV (Closed-circuit television), internet browsing, email, phone calls, etc... Ya, gotta keep a cool head. Focus on what matters, telling the truth to people on the street, at work, all your friends and family. It's all about sending the "other" message to people. We need to be as media savvy as the pro-government's conspiracy theory. It's about the numbers. The more people who believe the better. Focus on bringing the community together to discuss the facts and truth. "You are not going to catch flies with vinegar". Stay peaceful and vigilante but not threating. As soon as you become threating to people, "They Win"! What they want most of all is chaos and any hint of threats or violence, then you are roped into their game (which you will never win). It's not about trying to play their game by there rules, it's about having them play by our rules (the game that we can win). Read up on Gandhi and Marting Luther King. Stay peaceful and people are more willing to listen. It's all about selling your idea within the noise and static of bullshit.

I'm ashamed of everyone who isn't taking action

Personally I don't think yelling in someone's face is a very good look and it's not at all representative of what our group does when we're out on the street. But I'm not going to get down on these guys for doing what they did - I don't think any harm was done. Meanwhile the rest of us were at Union Square, talking to people and handing out dvds.

What did you do on the Eleventh?

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

I couldn't be more proud of truthaction.org

In less than one year the eleventh of every month visibility actions have gone from a few scattered local actions to dozens of actions every month across three continents. Every month hundreds of activists get out and inform and engage thousands of people about the events of 9/11/01.

The genius of its simplicity has been and continues to be incredibly successful. Everyone truly interested in getting real investigations into the events of 9/11/01 should do something during these monthly actions, if not more often. I would encourage everyone to join a group or start a group and get involved in these monthly actions. There is no substitute for getting out on the street and interacting with the public one on one.

Yes, sometimes one or two people can react poorly during a street action and the others working with them should try to address the situation to make sure it doesn't happen again. This was the case here, a single individual who was bored/frustrated/agitated and made a poor decision regarding how to deal with an obnoxious, creepy guy. There is no need to overreact or cast aspersions on truthaction or on the very effective monthly actions.

Calm, reasoned civility is very important, both in public and within the movement.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


but I have to admit that I daydream about yanking one of these criminals like Buffet off the street and waterboarding them until they tell the truth about 9/11. Damn. Bush has been president for far to long.

LCFC Belongs On Google Video

Unless a major widespread release of LCFC is pending, the best place for LCFC is on Google video.

No criticism implied, but currently LCFC seems to be existing in almost virtual annonymity.

All of the attention received by the 2nd version is owed to the millions of views on Google video. (Cable news shows, major magazines, etc.)

Small venue viewership cannot compare to the potential tens of thousands of daily views that can be obtained at Google video.

Google video will get LCFC into major release. (If this isn't already pending, of course.)

9/11 is becoming old news to many people and the shock of a potential Inside Job is wearing off. The iron is still hot, but is cooling, so strike it now, while it still is hot, as they say.

Columbine? OKC Fed Building? The Challenger disaster?

Old news. 9/11 is not far behind I'm afraid to say.

It is...

Is This An Authorized Version?

Is This An Authorized Version?

Honestly, I do not know.

Honestly, I do not know.

Who cares? It's up! Watch

Who cares? It's up! Watch it! :)

Seriously though, an authorized, tweaked and slightly upgraded version will be online in the very near future. We just had investors to pay off, that's all guys.

Translation: It's Authorized!

And I certainly don't want to seem cheap or in search of a freebie. I paid for the download and the disk.

I just hate to see the info in the vid still being somewhat under wraps.

Dylan: Just My Opinion ...

Film making is hard work. To take hundreds or even thousands of elements and tie them together into a flowing and entertaining viewing experience is beyond the reach of most.

LCFC is a very strong production. It's written very well. The editing, animations and music all blend very well. And I know you had some major plans for the narration of the film that didn't materialize. If I'm not mistaken, you were forced to perform the voice-over for the film at the last moment. You do a voice-over better than most people could. Very few people can perform a voice-over for a 1st rate documentary.

In my opinion, LCFC is no ordinary documentary. And it may be the final say on 9/11 (one of the most important events of all time), since anything else that may follow it will be just a re-run of LCFC. Because LCFC is that good (and important) in my view, I feel it requires the best available narration possible, which unfortunately is beyond the ability of 95% of the population. Orson Wells is reportedly not available, but there are plenty of aspiring types waiting to be discovered who would narrate LCFC for free or at a discount rate, I'm quite sure.

If such an edit is financially or technically possible, it might be worth investigating. If you have all of your aces, play them. (But I've been wrong about plenty of things.)

When considering whether a filmaker is worthy of future long-term support, potential investors will weigh many factors that don't seem immediately tied to film making. LCFC is now at the top of your resume and will be weighed in whole, by those who have the power to open doors for you in the future.

I want LCFC to succeed and I'd like to see you succeed as a film maker, in the way you might envision.

may be the final say on

may be the final say on 9/11? What does that even mean. LCFC doesn't even SAY anything. It leaves open ended remarks and speculation.

I'm sorry but while the effort is appreciated and the motives may be sincere, LCFC will definitely not be the final say on 9/11.


Future Efforts Will Be Replays Of LCFC & Press For Truth

"LCFC doesn't even SAY anything. It leaves open ended remarks and speculation."

Precisely - it's a documentary. We don't know what happened on 9/11 and the people who do are not talking.

LCFC does a nice job of pointing out blanks that have not been filled in.

And this version pretty much puts the Screw Loose Change folks out of work because there is really no way to attack this film.

It just tells it like it is, pretty much.

Until new information is obtained, little else can be said of 9/11.



It's a giggle, but...

I'm holding off judgment on the "agent.

Hope someone trailed him properly after this. His repsonses could be someone caught flatfooted--or he could be someone with Asbergers

(apologies for the horrid color/design of that site. The info is solid).

Recording the event was a good thing to do. A better thing would be finding out more about this person/who they work with, even as someone suggested calling the police(you could make a case for stalking)

Mind--he could have Asbergers AND be an agent--AND he may not know the significance of what he's doing. "Takes pics of these people today" might be all he's told. This is why calling someone an agent is rarely effective without evidence: they could be, they could be and not know, they could be but through a front company they would have no reason to suspect, hell, he could be working for a local rag and has severe shyness issues....see how complicated it can get?

Otherwise good action!


^^ better site

He was stalking and taking pictures while trying to appear inconspicuous. Someone with Aspergers would not care to appear inconspicuous at all, social rules/empathy escape them. That guy is prolly local-police(Intelligence Unit) or Federal.
Truth Revolution: The Eleventh of Every Month

If indeed he was an

If indeed he was an "agent", he broke the cardinal rule
of surveillance...he was made.

Too Sloppy To Be An "Agent"

He got made, stuck around and answered small talk, too "creepy" with his whole body language, no smiles or convo to "make a new friend". Just pure creepiness. Maybe a stalker, a fan, or a newbie Debonker that choked. But the Polar Bear shirt is interesting. Polar Bear= Global Warming= "Liberal"/ Progressive/Green=I'm with you guys?? I dunno

The part where the yelling started at Buffet was odd and threw me off. I thought it was a provocateur that was off camera at first. Maintain composure, if you get escorted or asked to leave, speak out random "unknown" facts that have backing in rapid fire. If that fails , and you start getting man handled, defend yourself at all times, have someone on the side film attacks on civil liberties, and talk to a lawyer ASAP.


Remember this?
The look on polar bear guy"s face reminded me of the Quebec police when they were outed as agents provocateurs in Montebello this past August.
They have the same dumb look of a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

We actually reported him to a cop right on the scene

We pointed him out to a friendly bike cop who came by. He just chuckled and said, "Well there's nothing I can do about that". Then he gestured to our signs and said, "I'm with you guys" and rode off.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Good to hear.


San Francisco Premiere of Loose Change- Final Cut

Internet Blockbuster-Loose Change Final Cut-
San Francisco Premieres

The third and final version of “Loose Change” will premiere December 15th in San Francisco with film makers- Dylan Avery and Jason Bermas. Musician Remo Conscious will open the evening from 7 to 7:15 pm before the screening. Footage of last year's Boston Tea Party and the San Francisco Tea Party for Truth will be shown while Remo performs and the audience will be encouraged to join Dylan, Jason and the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance at the San Francisco Tea Party for 9/11 Truth on 234th Anniversary of the Boston Tea Party on Sunday, December 16, 2007, in solidarity with Boston 9/11 Truth. Tea parties will be held in Boston, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, Los Angeles and San Francisco where replicas of the 9/11 Report, the Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act, PD 51, HR 1955... will be tossed into the water, rejected, and people will demand a real investigation, accountability, and impeachment. http://www.communitycurrency.org/sfteaparty.html

Don't miss the-
San Francisco Premier of Loose Change- Final Cut
with Dylan Avery, Jason Bermas, music by Remo Conscious
Saturday, December 15, 2007, 7:00 pm
Victoria Theatre http://www.victoriatheatre.org/
2961 16th Street, San Francisco, CA
415 863-7576
Tickets- $10. A benefit for the Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance and the Feal Good Foundation.

This review recently appeared in the San Francisco Bay Guardian under Rep's picks (http://www.sfbg.com/entry.php?entry_id=5160&catid=85&l=1)-

"Loose Change Final Cut - All but the most completely gullible can agree there was more to Sept. 11 than meets the officially-sanctioned-version-of-events eye. The third and purportedly final version of Dylan Avery, Jason Bermas, and Korey Rowe's doc ­ a carefully edited array of news footage and government hearings, plus some original interviews ­ scrolls through the tragedy event by event, raising questions about what may or may not have happened. Some are obvious and valid: why didn't any fighter jets intercept the hijacked planes before they crashed? Some are a little harder to get behind ­ despite plenty of eyewitness testimony, Loose Change suggests the Pentagon explosion wasn't caused by a plane crash. But even if you don't agree that everything presented here is hard evidence, the film provides plenty of food for thought ­ and not merely crazy-eyed conspiracy-theory thought either. Proceeds from screenings benefit the Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance and the FealGood Foundation. (2:00) Grand Lake, Victoria. (Eddy)"

Carol Brouillet


Are you guys mailing the autographed copies of LCFC before the holidays?

I believe they're already

I believe they're already being mailed.


We're dealing with mass-murderers. How much more shameless can one be?

Making money is not wrong.

I assume you're referring to making money off the Loose Change videos.
If I'm not mistaken, the original idea was to make a fictional video for commercial purposes. That's called free market capitalism and it's how our western democracies thrive. The fact that Dylan and crew have awakened millions to the reality of deep politics and spawned a world wide Truth Movement is BONUS. There's no shame in making money while doing good. It sure is a hell of a lot better than either alternative. (Losing money while doing good or making money doing evil.)
Correct me if I assume wrong.
BTW I already received my copy and made 50 copies to give away for Christmas.
Thanks Enigs


I'm not sure how the truth is accomplished by verbally assaulting someone calling him scum at a very high decibal. This only appeals to the punks in the movement.