What Are The Advantages of Electoral Work by 9/11 Truth Actiivists?

A few thoughts for all interested persons to consider:

A way to positively influence the thinking in the progressive movement (as well as the conservative, "libertarian," "anarchist," and whatever movements) its to become an active part of them. For instance: joining your local Democratic (or Green, or whatever) party, attend all meetings, etc. Hopefully a lot of 9/11 people are already doing this.

(OR do it yourself, without a party:)

What Are The Advantages of Electoral Work by 9/11 Truth Actiivists?

For those who have not looked into it, here are a few of the advantages a 9/11 Truth activist has when running for public office. My experience was in city/county of San Francisco in the mid-1990s, but you should find it quite similar in your locality.

All candidates were invited to speak and answer questions at 8 or 10 public meetings, such as community centers, across the city, colleges, and high schools. Usually all are well attended and publicized, and at high schools the entire student body attendance was required. Some meetings were taped and played on community TV, radio, etc.

Pictures and brief bios and issues of each candidate are printed in both major newspapers, and other papers. (Maybe you can get some interviews on your own too.)

All candidates bio&issues are printed in the Voters Handbook. (Which is mailed to every registered voter!)

You can legally post your campaign signs on most of the city's utility poles (high enough to discourage defacing or tearing down). If you can afford it, you can contract this done. (We put up hundreds: two people and a ladder; the only cost being scotch tape and materials to make our signs.)

If you can afford it, you can do direct mailings. You could also run a phone bank inexpensively.

If other 9/11 Truth advocates are running with you (for community college board, school board, city auditor, mayor, councilperson, etc., you can run as a "slate." Or not.

BUT WHAT IF I WIN?! No problem. you've already got up to speed on the position you're running for. Now do a crash course. And there are aides who do much of the work of the office too.

Google your city hall election department soon!