9-11 reality check: between nonfictional nightmares and official fictional fantasies

9-11 reality check: when nonfictional nightmares
make more sense than official fictional fantasies

loose change final cut, 3rd edition, now officially released to the world

these past few weeks, deep into my research on us foreign policy and 9-11, i was monitoring the media tour in the UK of a young 9-11 truth movement documentary filmmaker, dylan avery, who was eighteen years old in the year 2001.

he produced, with some help from friends, two powerful documentaries on 9-11, called loose change and loose change 2nd edition, in 2005 and 2006 which took the online world by storm, and helped jump start the grassroots 9-11 truth movement inside and outside the United States.

But as the 9-11 truth movement's research continued forward, and he learned more about the subject, Avery found himself in the middle of an intense debate about what was most important about the events of 9-11, and what were the most important issues which a documentary filmmaker should address to make the most persuasive case that the us government's official story is not true, and the truth of 9-11 is that there was a broader conspiracy involving elements of the us government, powerful private actors, and foreign intelligence agencies, which facilitated (let it happen) or perhaps even organized (made it happen) the terrorist attacks that morning.

Challenging the official story of the operation being the sole product of the work of nineteen arab hijackers and the intellectual power of bin laden and his closest advisers in al qaeda, became much easier following the publication of the government's official report on the events of 9-11, investigated by a "bipartisan" commission of republicans and democrats during 2003 and the first half of 2004, and published in the summer of 2004, just months before the 2004 presidential elections in which President Bush was officially re-elected.

During that election, there was no discussion about the many issues not addressed by the 9-11 commission. both president bush and senator john kerry embraced the assumptions and conclusions of the report. from what the press was telling us, as well as the presidential candidates, there was no controversy concerning the official story of how and why 9-11 happened: the cause was bureaucratic bungling, and a series of unfortunate coincidences, about which there was nothing the government could have been prepared for. mistakes were undoubtedly made, but no one was ultimately responsible for these errors. they were errors of huge institutional bureaucracies, which failed to effectively communicate what they knew and when they knew it, were were told, in order to prevent these "unimaginable attacks."

But as the war on iraq became increasingly unpopular, and the mass media and former members of the bush administration began to speak out about the manipulation of the truth about saddam hussein and iraq's role in the 9-11 attacks, as well as the discovery by the us military on the ground in iraq that there were no weapons of mass destruction (which the un inspectors had said prior to the invasion in march 2003), many people inside and outside of the united states began to realize that everything the bush administration was doing at home and abroad was being sold in the name of fighting the war on terrorism and in response to the terrorist attacks of 9-11, and it was starting to smell fishy.

Millions of people around the world began to wonder, is it possible we were not told the truth of 9-11? Some people thought there was reason to believe that, since they had lied about most everything else of political importance, why should we believe them about 9-11?

As a skeptic of the bush administration and a skeptic of us foreign policy more generally, i was not immune to the feeling that 9-11 and the long term relationship between the cia and osama bin laden and al qaeda, as well as the strange relationship between saudi arabia, pakistan, and british and american intelligence, for starters, was reason enough to keep my researching eyes and ears open for any clues that would help me understand the events of 9-11 better.

I watched the 9-11 Commission hearings closely on CSPAN, and read as much as i could in the ny times and online. but i was still learning about where the "good stuff" was located, since the mainstream media and the left progressive media seemed to avoid the whole subject of 9-11 truth. they accepted the general outlines of the official story, and were generally satisfied with the explanation of the 9-11 commission.

When one examined the official report about 9-11, one realized the only explanation given for he success of the terrorist attacks was that the us government was "unprepared" and "incompetent" in the months and weeks leading up to the event. and there were problems with the "unprepared" and "incompetence" theory: no one was being held responsible for the worst attack on america in most people's living memory.

It was, we would later learn, the "new pearl harbor" many in the bush administration and the broader warmongering neoconservative movement inside washington policy circles had been waiting for. They talked about it openly in policy documents issued by their own think tanks in the late 1990s and in September 2000, in the foreign policy manifesto for the Bush 43 Presidency: Project for a New American Century.

Documents later revealed President Bush had signed off on the invasion of Afghanistan two days before the events of 9-11, and his own Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill would tell the press and write in his memoir of his time in the Bush White House, that the issue of invading Iraq was on the table from the first Cabinet meeting President Bush held in early 2001. Pentagon maps were already prepared identifying the key locations of Iraq's oil reserves, the second largest known oil reserves on the planet.

9-11, was an "opportunity to transform the world," defense secretary donald rumsfeld told his advisers. President Bush told one of his aides, shortly after 9-11, "i hit the trifecta" with 9-11. He meant, now he could do whatever he wanted at home and abroad without any serious political opposition. The american people and the democratic party and the mass media were too busy saluting and putting their faith in their "commander in chief" to raise any questions about just what the hell the bush administration was doing in the nine months it held power prior to 9-11.

Within minutes of the attacks of 9-11, however, there were others, outside the Bush Administration, making the same talking points: Henry Kissinger said this was a declaration of war, and Osama Bin Laden's al qaeda was responsible for these terrorist attacks. One journalist, Jack Kelley of USA TODAY, told an interviewer the morning of 9-11 in an online video report that he had met with "al qaeda" in dubai a few months before, and this was the kind of operation they wanted to carry out.

Later we would learn that a cia officer was visiting Osama Bin Laden at a American hospital in dubai in july 2001. Another report had Osama bin Laden under the protection of the Pakistani military in a hospital there the day before 9/11. The head of the Pakistani Iintelligence (ISI) was in Washington meeting with top Congressional and Bush Admistration officials during the week prior to and after 9/11, having breakfast with the heads of Congressional committees of intelligence, Democrat Bob Graham and Republican Porter Goss as the attacks were unfolding. Pakistan ran the US and Saudi funded war against the Soviet backed regime in Afghanistan in the 1980s, created the Taliban after the Soviets fled, and Al Qaeda was the Arab Brigade 055 (OSS?) which the USA was using in other parts of the world to destablize former Soviet states after the end of the Cold War, with British and Israeli and Saudi and Pakistani involvement. The head of the ISI meeting with top US officials on 9/11 had wired alleged hijacker Muhammed Atta $100,000 on the day before 9/11.

A wave of terrorism experts with US government contract dependency began to appear on television assuring the American people that Osama Bin Laden was the obvious intellectual author of this terrible crime, even though overseas high government officials from Germany, Russia, and Egypt, among others, were already expressing serous doubts this was technically possible.

The official story, in hindsight, was too quickly packaged, the criminals too quickly identified, the motive, "they attacked us because they hate our freedoms," too quickly bipartisan. But these were the official "talking points," and we were promised the State Department, under General Powell's leadership, would soon issue a White Paper proving Osama Bin Laden's guilt in this terrible crime. It never did issue such a report, and the FBI never made a criminal case for the indictment of Osama Bin Laden for 9-11.

Indeed, the official government reports (one joint congressional inquiry published in 2002 and one by an official bipartisan commission published in the summer of 2004) make it clear there was no full explanation of how the attacks happened, only a partial explanation for why they happened, and upon closure scrutiny, their empirical evidence was either weak, nonexistent, or logically contradictory. There could be no explanation how they happened in no small part because neither the Pentagon nor the White House would release critical documents and tapes which would reveal exactly what happened inside the chain of command for the air defense of the United States on 9-11. Later we would learn NORAD and the Pentagon were telling different stories about what they did and did not do, what they knew and did not know, on the morning of 9-11, clear into 2005, such that even 9-11 Commission Chairs Keane and Hamilton would admit they were "lied to" by these Pentagon officials a year after they signed off on their official report.

When the Bush Administration seemed to lose interest after 2003 in finding and capturing or killing Osama Bin Laden, and when the President said he did not lose any sleep over the fact that his government had yet to find Osama Bin Laden, and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Myers said it was not the mission of the US in Afghanistan to capture Osama Bin Laden, some people began to wonder what the war on terrorism was really all about.

Many people never saw the press conference videotape of the president when he was asked about 9-11 and it was pointed out that then presidential candidate Howard Dean wondered about what the President really knew beforehand. Bush started to squirm, looked extremely uncomfortable in his skin, and finaly muttered "that's an absurd insinuation" and moved on to the next question.

I wondered again, what was the president doing that morning in the classroom in sarasota, florida when the terrorists were allegedly running wild inside the united states? why was the secret service not wisking him away, immediately, into a secure location? why was he putting all those schoolchildren at risk by staying there for over 30 minutes? did they know he was safe? how did they know he was safe if they did not even know, we have been told, how many aircraft had been hijacked and where they were? and why did general meyers later tell the 9-11 Commission they were "chasing phantoms" on 9-11, when the "phantoms" could only have been the fake airliners they put on their own radar screens as part of the numerous drills, exercises and war games of the morning of 9-11?

i was one of those people, like Dylan Avery, who had some unanswered questions during the years after 9-11, but i did not have the time or the emotional energy to investigate deeply into the question. i was a skeptic of the government story, but i did not have any overwhelming evidence that the official story was false.

Then i read the 9-11 commission report, and realized there were huge holes in the official explanation, and more unanswered questions. After all, the president and his then national security adviser and now secretary of state dr. condi rice said they "could never have imagined terrorists flying planes into buildings," much less osama bin laden organizing just such an attack inside the usa. In fact, the US Government's FEMA issued a report in 1997 with a drawing of a bulls-eye target of the World Trade Center towers some 50-80 floors up in the crosshairs on the report's own cover. Coincidence?

After the summer of 2005, i began spending thousands of hours on the internet to find out what was out there, and there was some impressive work being done, including an amazing archive of official source journalism, coupled with government documents and some academic scholarship, supplemented by serious independent investigative journalism, called cooperativeresearch.org, organized by an american by the name of paul thompson. it had a twenty year timeline of summarized and verifiable documentation on the subject of al qaeda, us intelligence, osama bin laden, islamic terrorism and islamic fundamentalism, and related events before, during, and after the 9-11 terrorist attacks. it was a gold mine for any serious researcher of 9-11, and it was also going to blow one's mind in the process.

The first intellectual casualty of reading extensive portions of the timeline? the idea that the united states government was not aware of al qaeda inside the united states. the second casualty of cooperative research's documentation? that the cia and the fbi and the pentagon were not deeply involved with al qaeda and islamic terrorism, including through the period leading up to 9-11.

Meanwhile, the 9-11 truth movement grew exponentially in 2006, as more people began searching the internet, and sharing links with their own email-based and website based networks, encouraging their friends on and offline to investigate further.

It is not surprising that many people were shocked to finally learn about the august 6, 2001 CIA' Presidential Daily Brief (PDB) entitled, as condi rice was forced to read aloud to the 9-11 commission on national television, "bin laden determined to strike inside the united states," and her attempt to explain to the commission that there was "nothing new" in this document and nothing "specific" about when they were going to have airplanes flying into buildings seemed strange, given that they had been saying they had no idea such a thing could happen inside the united states.

People were also shocked to learn that the Attorney General of the United States, John Ashcroft, was no longer flying commercial airlines beginning in the summer of 2001 for reasons of security, much less than that certain Pentagon Generals, never identified, were given advanced warning not to fly on 9-11, or that the Mayor of San Francisco, Willie Brown, had been told by his security advisors to avoid flying on that same day. Pacifica Radio reported the call came from the Bush Administration's Condi Rice.

Then we learned that the Pentagon was carrying out fifteen diifferent military exercises on 9-11 that included the simulated crashing of airplanes into buildings as part of a "hijacking drill," and there were many other war games and exercises and drills over the course of several years envisioning just such an attack. indeed, as one digs deeper, it appears that almost everyone at the highest levels of the us national security state was preparing, or expecting, just such a terrorist attack.

The 9-11 truth movement also spread the explosive fact that an idea developed by the pentagon's top officials, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in March 1962 during the Kennedy Presidency, Operation Northwoods, proposed that the President approve an operation in which the Pentagon would fake an attack against the United States, by blowing up a commercial airliner filled with passengers, and blame the Cuban government of Fidel Castro, and use the "false flag" terrorist operation, combined with some other domestic terrorist attacks against civilians by US government operatives pretending to be Communist Cubans, in order to sell the American people on the idea the USA needed to invade, occupy and overthrow the Castro Revolution in Cuba.

This document had been declassified in 1999. A few researchers, through their successful filng of the Freedom of Information Act, had written about this plan, and began to compare the Northwoods Operation with other "false flag" or faked attacks, such as the Gulf of Tonkin incident which led President Johnson to commite hundreds of thousands of troops in Vietnam, as well as going back into the 19th century, with the sinking of the battleship Maine, which led to the US occupation of Cuba in the Spanish-American War.

President Kennedy rejected the Northwoods idea. Unfortunately, he was killed a little more than one year later in Dallas, in an ambush attack that blew his head off. But back then, there were only a few civilians taking pictures, and only one civilian taking a film of the moment of Kennedy being hit from the front in the head, and that film, the Zapruder film, was quickly purchased by Time Life Magazine and effectively hidden from the american people for decades.

But in 2001, the whole world had already changed when it came to citizen monitoring of real world political events. And on 9-11, many people documented not only what they witnessed from lower manhattan, but they made copies of the broadcasts on television before the government made those telecasts effectively disappear in the aftermath by refusing to re-air the most revealing facts of what people at "ground zero" actually said was happening: bombs going off throughout the buildings, secondary explosions, and police telling them they heard "if there was a third explosion" the building might come down.

The morning, cbs and abc news anchors dan rather and peter jennings spoke spontaneously about the collapse of the twin towers looking just like what happens with "controlled demolitions."

And then there was the mysterious collapse of Building 7, at 530pm that afternoon, with offices of the CIA, Pentagon, and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) located there, as well as the City of New York's Emergency Command Center, which Mayor Giuliani was told to vacate early in the day, though it was bullet, bomb, and dust proof.

Indeed, the BBC announced its collapse twenty minutes before it happened, and CNN announced its collapse fully one hour and ten minutes before it fell. Mayor Rudy Guiliani, now Republican Presidential candidate, told the nation in an interview on television that day, that he had been informed, some time before it happened, that one of the towers was "going to come down."

Why did he not immediately have all of the buildings evacuated, rather than just relocating his "emergency command bunker"?

How did he know ahead of time? And why were the more than 300 firemen and thousands of civilians trapped in the buildings not told ahead of time? And who told office workers to stay in the building? Building 7 was far from the twin towers, several hundred feet, not hit by an airplane, and only had a few small fires in the building, allegedly from falling debris, but was known to be ""pulled," the words for "controlled demolition," in the words of the owner of that building and the two twin towers, real estate tycoon Larry Silverstein, as he admitted in a 2002 PBS interview. Silverstein had only recently come into possession of the leases for twin towers 1 and 2, and six weeks before 9-11, had taken out 1.5 billion worth of terrorism insurance.

In a successful suit in civil court against his insurer, Silverstein claimed there were two terrorist attacks that day, and so he was entitled to two times the value of his terrorism insurance policy for the twin towers he purchased just six weeks before the attacks. He cashed in with the final court settlement to the tune of $4.5 billion dollars, and it is estimated, after he paid off his investors in the loans he lined up for the 99 year leases of towers 1 and 2, cleared $1 billion in profits from the events of 9-11 on a $15 million investment. He has since rebuilt Building 7.

The twin towers were themselves under the "security" of a firm, Securacom, with the President's brother Marvin, on the Board of Directors during the 1990s, and his cousin, as the firm's CEO up to 9/11.

Many others seemed to have foreknowledge of the attacks, as evidenced by huge put options taken out on the stocks of the airliners and some other insurance companies and brokerage houses negatively effected by the events. Indeed, this exposure became one of the few stories the mainstream media briefly ran after 9-11 which fed some of the earliest suspicions among attentive readers of the press. Put options bet on a stock's price falling in a ertain period of time, and when the bet is correct, can be highly profitable, since the price of options tend to swing wildly, from day to day and week to week, depending upon the price of the stock and the state of the overall financial market. Some of these stock options were traced to a brokerage house with ties to a high ranking Bush appointee in the CIA.

Then it was learned that the Bin Laden family was represented on 9-11 at a meeting of the Carlyle Group, an investment fund with heavy ties to the defense and oil industries, and senior advisers including former President Bush Sr. and conservative Prime Minister of the UK John Majors, as well as other former Reagan and Bush Sr. cabinet members, in a hotel in Boston. The Bin Laden family, after the media exposure, would quickly withdraw its investment from the fund. Later it would be reported that President Bush Sr. was known to have stayed with the Bin Laden family when he visited Saudi Arabia in years past. Indeed, the House of Bush and Bin Laden had financial relations extending back into the 1970s, and it appeared they had clandestine intelligence relationships extending back at least as far as the 1980s, including through the BCCI Bank, a known CIA money laundering front, which during the 1980s was implicated in the funding of Islamic terrorism in Afghanistan and the growth of the heroin trade through Pakistan from the massive growth of opium production inside Afghanistan, part of the largest covert operation undertaken by the CIA. BCCI was also implicated in the Iran Contra "arms for hostages" scandal when Bush Sr. was Vice President.

Since the US has occupied Afghanistan in the name of the war on terror since 2002, opium production in Afghanistan is again breaking records, supplying 93 percent of the world's supply of the illegal narcotic, according to a 2007 UN report, swelling the coffers of corrupt Pakistani military officers and others closely linked to the clandestine networks it protects along the trade routes out of the region and into Europe and the United States. Just another coincidence?

Upon a cursory examination of the US-Pakistani-Afghanistan connection, the "war on terrorism" seems to have as much or more to do with arms sales, drugs, and oil than it does "protecting our freedoms." Indeed, the Pakistanis created the Taliban, and the Arab Brigade 055, named after the OSS, the precursor to the CIA, is the name for Al Qaeda, which itself was a concept coined by the FBI during its 2000 trial of Arab terrorists involved in the 1993 WTC truck bombing.

Based on audio tapes an Arab terrorist-FBI informant made public, through youtube we can now listen to their own informant implicating the FBI he worked with--serving higher US government operatives-- in recruiting the terrorists and providing the materials for the bomb, which the New York Times and CBS News reported once. Thanks to the miracles of the internet a fifteen minute clip of mind-bending audio taped history is now available to the public, Through a close listen, it offers the American citizenry another opportunity to learn about how "false flag terrorism" is manufactured to produce a change in the political environment benefitting those with an interest in an expanding national security warfare state.

Critical Facts for Public Understanding of What is Really Happening are poorly disseminated by the mainstream media, and therefore easily ignored by the political elite, who normally serve a higher ruling corporate elite, which constructs long term plans for the transformation of American democracy into a bureaucratic authoritarian version of fascism with an electoral facade through thinktanks such as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which unites the wealthiest corporate families on the planet with the most promising intellectual, media, and political talent rising up from American society. Through co-optation and financial and institutional incentives, superpower elite bodies such as the CFR make sure through their controlled Media, heavily penetrated by the CIA, according to its former murdered director Richard Helms, that unpleasant, unsettling, myth demolishing facts are effectively buried, disappearing from public consciousness, over and over again.

Take, for example, the first hours' coverage on prime time television of the attacks at the World Trade Center. All reporters talked about, and interviewed survivors and firefighters and others near the buildings of multiple bombs going off throughout both the buildings.

CBS, ABC, and CNN anchors all talked about how you "bring a building down," and how the collapse of these buildings looked exactly like "controlled demolition." What happened after 9-11? How did these critical physical facts, these massively documented eyewitness testimonies, and these unrehearsed analyses suddenly disappear from the public consciousness, and go from being matter of fact insights to the ideas of raving and crazed "conspiracy theorists"?

One year after the seriously compromised 9-11 Commission issued its report, the New York Times won a decision in court to force the Mayor's Office of the City of New York to release to the public the complete transcripts of the 503 interviews with the First Responders who retold their stories of the morning, afternoon, and evening of 9-11 between late 2001 and early 2002, as part of a New York Fire Department project explicitly designed to recover the eyewitness memories of the event before "the collective memory" of the nation's understanding of what actually happened would be changed by the political framing of the event which would inevitably follow.

The Republican Mayor Guiliani and then Bloomberg both decided such testimonies were not worthy of public awareness. Their testimonies were made available in August 2005, more than one year after the completion of the investigation of 9-11 by the bipartisan body, and more than one hundred off these first responders, without any prompting by their interviewers, talked about bombs going off throughout the buildings, about secondary explosions, about being told by some police officers that the buildings were going to come down, about witnessing what they thought was an attempt to bring the buildings down through explosives placed and going off throughout the twin towers.

All 503 testimonies can be accessed for free at the New York Times website. They are in alphabetical order in PDF document form. Each interview takes a few minutes to read. these testimonies destroy the official myth about how the towers collapsed: thousands of civilians were murdered not by the planes hitting the buildings and the fires which ensured, but by the bombs going off in both buildings over the course of the next hour or so before they exploded and came crashing down at near free fall speed.

Incredibly, the story of the release of these incredibly explosive testimonies was hidden from the american people, receiving barely a mention in the corporate media, and journalists have been told to "leave it alone," according to many first responders, who themselves were told to keep their mouths shut by their superior officers after 9-11.

i had always wondered about the failure of NORAD to intercept any of the first three airplanes which flew into the wtc (846am, 903am) and the pentagon (938am), but now there was evidence of something more persuasive, something which could be examined with one's own eyes, and by reading the testimony from the
firefighters on the scene that morning in lower manhattan.

Controlled Demolition. These would become the two words, the master alternative concept, of the 9-11 Truth Movement, literally exploding the Big Myth that the twin towers collapsed in "free fall speed" due to the fires which burned from the jet fuel of the crashed airplanes of flight 11 and flight 175.

Controlled Demolition was a Conspiracy Theory, the mass media pundits would tell their audiences. We do not need to take seriously Conspiracy Theories about an Inside Job, they thundered.

In an atmosphere of institutional intimidation and fear, in a culture of authoritarianism, the truth is buried, hidden, disappeared. and this is what has allowed the official conspiracy theory to win the day, so far, in the court of public opinion. Fear has been delivered from above. The message throughout the united states since 9-11 has been not to question authority, or the official story, but to leave it alone. jobs, pensions, health care, these are all put at risk when someone speaks out against the conventional wisdom. and there are thousands of people who know, but have been intimidated into silence, because of the message delivered to them by people above them, many of whom are themselves, only following orders from higher ups, out of fear.

Still, even within the new culture of fear generated by those who have used 9-11 to silence their critics and skeptics and others who refuse to conform, there remains a powerful sentiment of doubt, reflecting in the few public opinion polls that have asked americans about 9-11. in new york city, a solid majority doubts the official story, across the country, close to 40 percent are not convinced that what they have been told happened really did happen the way the government said it did.

In the fall of 2005, as the fourth anniversary of 9-11 approached, a friend encouraged me to watch a videotape about the attack of the pentagon. i watched it several times, over and over, trying to figure out if what they said was true could possibly be true, which meant the official government story of flight 77 was also false. When i mentioned my curiosity about the issue and the existence of the video to one of my roomates--a
young graduate student at the university of arizona--he took the whole issue in a matter of fact manner and immediately directed me to another website video which i could watch for free on the internet.

I was in a state of dissident "shock and awe." Did the pentagon really get hit by flight 77? Why did the hole not fit the size of the Boeing jet? Why were there no bodies from the passengers recovered? we were told they were totally incinerated. why no massive plane wreckage? totally incinerated, they said. More miraculous events on 9-11.

How could this poorly trained arab pilot hijacker, if we are to believe the story of the FBI about his identity, make such a complex maneuver, a sharp turn around the pentagon and a nose dive of a 757 some 7000 feet in two minutes at close to 450 miles an hour and hit the Pentagon without being shot down by fighters in the most heavily defended airspace in the entire planet? How did they let that flight, after the previous two flights hit the twin towers, hit the pentagon? the pentagon is lined with missile defense

How did the Arabs manage to penetrate the Pentagon's air defense system in order to disarm the missile defense system and get through the most heavily defended airspace in the world?

What was the bush administration and norad doing with flight 77, after all that had already happened? And where were all the videotapes, which the pentagon had to have had, since there are known to be several dozen video cameras monitoring every inch of that real estate under pentagon control? They gaveus a total of several frames from one videotape, which appears to be doctored according to many, including a friend of mine who worked in video journalism for the air force. other non pentagon videos were also disappeared within minutes by hurried FBI agents from a local gas station and a premium hotel nearby. let's conservatively estimate that 99.9 percent of the available video footage has never been released to the public, or any other government investigative body, regarding the final seconds of flight 77 over or into the pentagon, depending upon what you believe really happened.

Some commercial and military pilots, now part of a group called pilots for 9-11 truth, immediately spoke out and expressed their doubts about flight 77 having hit the pentagon. a group gathered for a 72 hour brainstorm, wrote a report, forwarded it to the Pentagon's high ups, and concluded something hit the pentagon, but it could not have been flown by a poorly trained pilot from Saudi Arabia, which the fbi identified as being the man controlling the flight after its hijacking.

We are told that only a highly experienced military pilot would even think about pulling off the maneuver the government claimed flight 77 pulled off. And, why would such a terrorist hit the side of the pentagon under construction where casualties would be limited and no top brass would be located? Why would such a terrorist put his suicide mission at risk by making a manuever which took several additional minutes, when such a suicide pilot would have to assume america'a air defenses would be all over him, shooting him down before he made this last turn, after being in the air for over forty minutes since he turned off the cockpits transponder?

The whole thing, as one retired two star air force general has publicly declared, does not make any sense. it is not believable. basically, according to dozens of commercial and military pilots, the pentagon was most likely not hit by flight 77. but if by chance it was hit by flight 77, the lack of air defense at that stage in the terrorist attack on the morning of 9-11 is grounds for prosecution for criminal negligence, if not treasonous conduct of those in charge that morning: secretary of defense donald rumsfeld, acting chairman of the joint chief of staff general richard myers, and vice president cheney, who was acting as commander in chief since the president was busy reading about "My Pet Goat" with african american third graders in sarasota, florida, waiting for word from his press officer about what he should do as the hijackings unfolded.

People always ask: if flight 77 did not hit the pentagon, that what did? and where did flight 77 go? One can begin by reading the plan for Operation Northwoods. The 9-11 truth movement cannot yet answer all of these important questions. All it can do is destroy the official story, demonstrate it to be the ultimate fictional fantasy, the real conspiracy theory, and demand a full and open investigation, controlled by the american people, led by the family members of those 3000 innocent civilians that died that day, and supported by respected independent american and international lawyers, physicists, engineers, pilots, forensic and bomb specialists and other experts
that will have the power of criminal subpoena to make sure that all of the questions can be answered by forcing the testimony, under oath, of all of the relevant witnesses, beginning with those officials in the FAA, NORAD, Pentagon, White House, State Department, CIA, FBI who know more than they are being allowed to say, or who have refused to say what they know to protect "state secrets" that are not morally
or politically defensible.

Such an investigation is truly of world historical importance and, here at home, constitutional necessity, in order to learn the whole truth and nothing but the truth, if democracy and justice are going to have any moral and political meaning in this great nation of ours, flawed as it may be.

The 9-11 truth movement has steadily grown through the books and videos made available over the course of the past several years, but it took on growing credibility as more and more people began to read the online website highlighted statements of military pilots, commercial pilots, engineers, architects, physicists, and former government officials, including state department, fbi, and cia agents, as well as some high ranking members of the reagan and bush sr presidencies, who believed the official story to be false, and the truth of 9-11 to be a matter of the utmost legal and political importance, if american democracy was to be salvaged from the blows it had been dealt with the bush administration's war on terrorism.

Into this growing grassroots movement, sprinkled with the wisdom and credibility of scientists, engineers, and ex military and commercial pilots as well as foreign policy veterans from the us government, rose up the highly popular internet based videodocumentary called loose change.

loose change spread through the networks of millions of youth who spend much of their day online, from coast to coast, sea to shining sea, and beyond into europe, latin america, and asia, even into the less well developed internet world of africa.

But loose change, like many of the other video documentaries which were being produced, was a work in progress, and as the 9-11 truth movement grew, and people in the movement began to get to know one another, and conferences were being held across the country, the producers of loose change began to realize they had only begun to touch the surface of the knowledge which was being generated from below.

The 9-11 truth movement was becoming a knowledge-based movement, and empirical evidence, documented facts, physical evidence, forensic evidence, eyewitness testimony, government documents, were in high demand. people in the movement understood they were fighting an uphill battle. Still, the word was clearly spreading.

In the course of getting involved in the search for 9-11 truth, people realized they were not alone, not only were there hundreds of small groups now scattered across the country organizing events with sophisticated esearchers speaking to grassroots audiences packing their university auditoriums and churches.

But there was a powerful moral force behind them as well: the families of the victims and the first responders, many of whom were now sick and dying from the environmental toxins they were exposed to in the days, weeks and months of recovery of the dead which followed at "ground zero." The families of the victims deserved their day in court, and were not going to have justice served unless the government was forced to tell the truth.

What the 9-11 truth movement had come to understand was that as they grew in knowledge, numbers, and public credibility, more and more people who knew something about what happened that day and why were willing to step forward and share what they knew, and lead people to others who knew even more. a vast
network of untapped knowledge, much of it from inside and all around the agencies of the us government, including the fbi and the pentagon, was rising up from below, and with it, the 9-11 truth movement became even more confident in its case that the official story could not be true, and was demonstrably false.

Dylan Avery and his young friends from upstate New York, like most people that have come to consider themselves part of the 9-11 truth movement, began their exploration into the "crime of the century," the most important single political event in the usa since the assassination of president kennedy in 1963, with a small number of unanswered questions about what really happened that day. in the process, they borrowed liberally from the hundreds and now thousands of dedicated internet based citizen journalists and researchers in the "open source" 9-11 truth movement, the ultimate antithesis to the secretive bush administration, which has done everything in its powers to limit what the public knows about that tragic day, and how and why it happened.

On November 29, 2007, dylan avery was releasing his new documentary film to the world, and a major press conference was being held for the official release in london, england with his british media company that backed the film. it is his most research-intensive version of the three, and he considers it to be his last attempt to do what he can to help the world wake up to what really happened that day, or at least begin to
understand what did not happen that day.

Avery admits he turned down hollywood offers to make this third and final version of his film, but only because he refused to give up editorial control of the final product.
Millions of people had seen parts or all of loose change and loose change 2nd edition online, perhaps as many overseas as in the usa. it became a tipping point moment for the 9-11 truth movement.

In the past few years, several other outstanding 9-11 truth movement documentaries have been made, and watched through free and paid online services. the movement's message has become a social force, transforming the political consciousness of millions of people inside the usa and across the globe.

On November 29th, loose change final cut held its final major press conference with the bbc in london, england. That same day, as if the cia was aware of the growing power of the 9-11 truth movement, a new and improved black bearded "osama bin laden" came out of his invisible cave somewhere in central asia or the middle east, on cue, to once again reassure the the world that he, and only he, was responsible for the attacks of 9-11.

Now who are we suppose to believe? A decades long terrorist asset of the CIA from one of the wealthiest families in Saudi Arabia, America's tightest ally in the Middle East despite their running a fascist islamic fundamentalist state, a family with business and personal ties with the House of Bush extending back into at least the 1970s?

How was it that the same Bin laden family member allegedly carried out the terrorist crime of the century without anyone in the White House knowing what was about to happen, while at the same time other members of his family were meeting with Bush Sr.'s investment fund, the Carlyle Group, specializing at the time in defense and oil, in Boston on the morning of 9-11?

And how do we explain that the first flights allowed out of the country after 9-11 was made up of some one hundred Arabs, most from Saudi Arabia, where fifteen of the alleged hijackers came from, and several members of the Bin laden family were on board? Why was the White House telling the FBI not to hold these members of
the Bin Laden family for questioning, given that their relative was accused of the crimes of 9-11?

We are told there are still sleeper cells of Al Qaeda in the USA, but at the same time, the Pentagon decided to destroy all of the data on Al Qaeda collected by its special operations command intelligence unit, Able Danger, established in 1999, which amounted to more than 2.5 terrabytes of data. Republican congressman, Curt Weldon, told the Senate such data amounted to the equivalent of one-quarter of all of the information stored by the US Library of Congress.

Much of this data was destroyed in 2000, and more up to and during the 9-11 Commission hearings. This was also the case with much of the White House information related to al qaeda and 9-11, as well as other agencies in the US government, according to the new york times.

We are told by members of the intelligence unit Able Danger that they had all of the alleged hijackers, including Muhammed Atta, under surveillance.

In February 2001 the new President Bush Jr. told the FBI, and the NSA, as well as the CIA to "back off" the Bin laden family, as reported by numerous mainstream sources.

Inside Job? Let it Happen? Made it Happen?

Just another bizarre coincidence?

There is no time limit when it comes to investigating a "cold case" of mass murder.
It's not too late to begin to learn more.

Loose Change, Final Cut is a great place to start.

Watch it online, or purchase a dvd copy and share it with your friends and family.
Or, if you are really lucky, look for its upcoming appearance at a brave independent movie theatre near you!