Miami Fake "al-Qaeda" trial ends in Mistrial

This AP report appears in the Boston Globe:

By Curt Anderson - Associated Press / December 14, 2007

Judge declares mistrial in Fla. terrorism case
Government plans to retry suspects in Jan.

In a stinging defeat for the Bush administration, one of seven Miami men accused of plotting to join forces with Al Qaeda to blow up Chicago's Sears Tower was acquitted yesterday, and the case against the rest ended in a hung jury...

The group never actually made contact with Al Qaeda. Instead, a paid FBI informant known as Brother Mohammed posed as an Al Qaeda emissary.

The defense portrayed the seven men as hapless figures who were either manipulated and entrapped by the FBI or went along with the plot to con "Mohammed" out of $50,000.

The group never actually made contact with Al Qaeda and never acquired any weapons or explosives.


If the threat of Al-Qaeda is...

SO dangerous, than why do they have to take part in a fabrication that consists of manipulation and entrapment on the part of the FBI in order to create the illusion of a threat?

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"Al Qaeda in Iraq"

Note the NY Times today, with a story that ties Al Qaeda to the "failed plots" in London and Glasgow. Well, duh, there's a surprise. What concerns me is that it appears a "full court press" is on, with articles in the past week attaching the moniker of "Al Qaeda" (whatever it is) to North Africa and the UK. That is, it appears there is a concerted effort to present the MSM public with an impression of a decided expansion of Al Qaeda beyond the Middle East.

faking fakers

Interesting psychology at work here. I quote from the article:
"But Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said after the arrests in mid-2006 that the group was emblematic of the 'smaller, more loosely defined cells who are not affiliated with Al Qaeda, but who are inspired by a violent jihadist message.' "

IT SEEMS CLEAR THAT THE defendants were inspired rather by the $50,000 "message" offered them by an undercover agent. Gonzales tries here to flog his own rabid ideological extremism, projecting its mirror image on the defendants.

and to quote again:
"And US Attorney R. Alexander Acosta of Miami said: 'Our mission is to disrupt these cells if possible before they acquire the capability to implement their plans."

I THINK ACOSTA means to say, "Our mission is to disrupt these cells if possible before they acquire the capability to implement OUR FORGED plans, IN ORDER TO MAXIMIZE NEOCON POLITICAL CAPITAL."