NIST publishes supplement of Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

NIST has released a supplement to there FAQ's today:

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Federal Building and Fire Safety Investigation of the World Trade Center Disaster

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions - Supplement (December 14, 2007)

Since the release of the Final Report on the Collapse of the World Trade Center Towers in October 2005, NIST has received many questions from interested readers curious about NIST’s findings and the technical basis for them. The complexity of the investigation and the length of the final report (including all of the supporting volumes) have made understanding of the investigation a challenge for many interested readers. In response, NIST has prepared simplified answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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Friday, December 14 2007
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General Contact Information

NIST Contacts

* General Public and Technical Professionals:

NIST World Trade Center Investigation Team
100 Bureau Drive, Stop 8610
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-8610
Phone: (301) 975-6051
Fax: (301) 975-6122

* News Media:

Michael E. Newman
NIST Public and Business Affairs
Phone: (301) 975-3025
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Contact Information for the National Construction Safety Team Advisory Committee

The National Construction Safety Team Advisory Committee will consider information provided in writing or in person at its meetings, time permitting. To contact the Advisory Committee:

NCST Advisory Committee
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Gaithersburg, MD 20899-8610
Phone: (301) 975-6051
Fax: (301) 975-6122

They Obviously Felt the Need to Give Their Supporters Some Talki

They Obviously Felt the Need to Give Their Supporters Some Talking Points.

I'd say this is an indication that the 9/11 truth movement has got them worried. This is an obvious although not very substantial attempt to give talking points to confuse issues.

For example in their first defense, regarding the weight of the towers above the plane strike being enough to initiate global collapse . . . they ignored the fact that the top of the tower had disintegrated in the explosions BEFORE the below floors collapsed.

This cartoon attempt on their part to provide the official myth ditto-heads with a rag tag argument shows just how desperate they've become.

Perhaps the recent national media hurricane for 9/11 truth in Denmark and Norway is getting them hyperventating.

I can't wait to see "Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth" tear this pathetic NIST ploy to pieces.

Excellent picture of North Tower's top exploding

"they ignored the fact that the top of the tower had disintegrated in the explosions"

As shown by this photo:


Is that large/dark/vertical 'stick' in the center, peeking above the debris cloud a remnant of the core? If so, a striking photograph


I am an engineer.

When I read NIST's response to the first two questions, my jaw dropped. I now have carpet burns on my chin.

It is astounding to me how pathetic is their attempt to explain the collapse of the towers, though I must admit that this is a novel approach.

By arguing on the basis of an estimate of the strength of the truss plates for each floor, they are implicitly arguing once again for a pancake collapse mechanism. Yet this is the very mechanism that they previously dismissed when they adopted the official explanation of floor sagging/truss plate disconnects/inward bowing/buckling collapse. They are masters at talking out of both sides of their mouth.

Column strength and vertical momentum transfer is completely ignored in this diddy. It is laughable that their discussion of momentum transfer in question 2 only reflects upon the impact of the collision of the plane. This is not what has concerned critics of the Official theory. They have always been concerned about vertical transfer of momentum through the core and perimeter columns, not what happened when the plane hit! This is a diversionary tactic which only highlights their inability to address the fundamental problem of momentum transfer. This explanation is probably shabby enough to make Dr. Bazant cringe.

Anyway, no need to worry about some masterful new analysis here from NIST. Back to my other work now.

You hit it right on the head


I had a jaw drop of my own on those first two questions.

The fact that they try to use the strength of the floor truss mounting pads to justify that there was enough energy in the upper floors to cause the collapse is not the whole picture and as you say a switch back to pancaking of the floors. They don't even mention the core columns or the perimeter columns as far as their strength goes. They finally do try to justify some sort of dynamic load where they use the maximum amplification of 2 for a sudden load, although they don't explain why any collapse would have been sudden and not gradual, if it was fire induced. It was interesting that they didn't try to call it an impulse as Dr. Bazant tries to do with his unexplained attempt to say there was an amplification of 30.

When I was reading the second question I just kept looking for when they would discuss momentum transfer concerning the collapse. I was also astounded that they were even discussing the aircraft impacts in relation to this issue.

These answers are not sound and this new FAQ really opens the door to the question we have been asking for quite some time and that is

"What happened to the central core NIST?".

" You don't need to hide the

" You don't need to hide the Truth,...You just need to delay it"

Nice try..........see you in Boston.
Radical Pragmatist

Some initial replies to NIST

Point 1 of NIST on the gravitational energy allegedly being sufficient to cause collapse AGAIN DOES NOT take into account the core columns. Furthermore, the block of floors above the collapses clearly disintegrates in all available video evidence before it can have much impact on the lower floors.

Point 2 of NIST on the conservation of momentum tries to attract attention away from the conservation of momentum that should have held (as explained over and again by prof. Steven Jones) DURING THE COLLAPSE of each of the WTC 1 and 2 towers. Instead NIST dwells on the conservation of momentum during impact of the planes, which is not the point of the argument made by many in the 911 Truth movement.

Point 4 of NIST stating that the collapses actually destroyed virtually all the physical evidence is so ridiculous that you wonder why these people still receive tax-payers' paid-for salaries.

Need I go on?

Disintegration of upper floors

Just because the upper floors disintegrated it does not mean that the mass of the component parts vanishes !
Most would still fall onto the lower remaining structure. The effect would be to severely compromise the structural integrity of those lower parts.
The question I have is why did those upper floors disintegrate in the way that they did?

Free-fall speed of collapse . . .

2. Were the basic principles of conservation of momentum and energy satisfied in NIST’s analysis of the structural response of the towers to the aircraft impact and the fires?

They were obviously tricky in their wording of this question making it seem as if the conservation of momentum issue rests solely on the dynamics of the plane impacts and not the actual building collapses themselves.


Explain free fall collapse speed.
And the fact the Al Quida boys confessing ,under torture, that the 9/11 commission was relying on - 'can't currently be reached.'
And we destroyed the tapes. But the AG says that was fine. ( Dual citizen?)
This NIST attempt should be considered as what it is - an attempt at obstruction of justice.
I doubt if any USA revolution could ever be peaceful...
I really think you're somewhat screwed America.
And. Let's face it. The majority of your population don't even realize there's a problem.


anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the most severe case scenario in NIST's WTC report not able to collapse both towers but only one? And what's up with their explaination for a core? Did the whole core blow out at the same time? And if it didn't because only a minority of columns were taken out by the jet impacts, why didnt the towers both lean over? Why did number one come straight down with the antenae leading the way, and number two blows up in midair during its lean...even though it's supposed to be unstoppable? How does a mass of concrete dust and 30 foot beams crush the intact root of a building so massive? And why oh why haven't they explained away all the lava?

It's dubitable that the questions they answered were all the questions they received. They come off like they've answered all and even that is a lie.

Don,t know if anybody is aware of this meeting but just in case.Excellent points made by everybody as per usual.I feel shit hitting the fan time is almost upon us and i can,t wait.

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As long as NIST is adding to their list of FAQs, I think they need an official list of "Frequently Asked Questions From The 9/11 Truth Movement". (That should keep them occupied for a while)

I hope someone is working on such a list. We have every right to frame these questions in the proper context and demand that NIST answer them promptly and thoroughly.

Or perhaps we could all contribute to the inquiry.

How else are we gonna find out who's REALLY naughty or nice?

The Family Steering Committee for the 911 Ommission

already had several questions for the Government to answer and according to the family committee only a minority were answered by the 911 ommission. Therefore we can predict the Government's likely behaviour in the event they arent able to answer certain questions....

they most likely will ignore you.