NIST "Web Site Quality" Survey. I was lucky enough to be chosen. Hope they like my answers! WTC7=Controlled Demo!

17: What best describes your role in visiting this site today?
Government Employee
Job Seeker
Media / Journalist
Medical Professional
Private Citizen
Program Manager
Standards Professional
Student - Elementary / Middle School
Student - High School
Student - College
Teacher / Educator

Other (please specify) WTC7 = WTF

18: Which category best describes your organization?
Elementary / Middle School
High School
College / University
Federal - U.S. Congress / Committee Staff
Federal - Other
Foreign Government
Non-Profit / Non-governmental Organization
Private Citizen
Private Sector
State or Local Government

Other (please specify) Thermite? Kevin Ryan? 6 second collapse?

19: What industry or sector of the economy do you work in?
Chemical Processing
Electronics / Semiconductors
Energy Use and Conservation
Health Care
Homeland Security

Other (please specify) Small fires, no planes? BBC report 23 minutes before collapse?

20: What was your primary purpose in coming to the NIST Web site today?
Learn more about NIST
Use NIST time services
Locate specific data/software
Research information on a particular topic
Locate a specific NIST report
Obtain computer security information
Locate standards information
Find out how to work with NIST
Learn how to obtain funding
Find employment
Buy NIST products
Sell to NIST
Find a NIST employee
Just curious

Other (please specify) WTC7 = Controlled Demolition

21: How frequently do you visit this site?
Please Select About once a month

22: How did you get to the NIST Web site today?
Typed in the browser
Site is a favorite/bookmark
Link from a search engine (Google, Yahoo, Ask, etc...)
Link from another website (, ASQ, SAE, etc...)
Link from an E-mail

Other (please specify)

23: Did you access our Web site from the United States?
Please Select Yes

24: How did you primarily look for the information you wanted to find today?
Please Select Browsed

25: Did you find what you were looking for?
Please Select Not yet

27: If you have not yet found what you were looking for, what do you intend to do next?
Please Select Look elsewhere online

28: What other Web sites do you regularly visit to obtain information similar to what you were hoping to find on the NIST Web site? (select all that apply)
American National Standards Institute
Department of Energy Office of Science
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
National Conference of Standards Laboratories
National Fire Protection Association
National Institutes of Health
National Science Foundation
Office of Science and Technology Policy

Other (please specify)

29: How would you rate the NIST web site compared with other government web sites?
Please Select About the same

30: If you could make one improvement to this site, what would it be? TRUTH!