Trailer released for Between The Lines

This is the official trailer for Between The Lines, a documentary I started over a year ago. It contains some new evidence and key research from my hero Steven E Jones (Thanks Professor!). I'd appreciate any comments about it, be it good or bad, as I'm deciding on whether or not I should finish the movie. Thanks Everyone, hope you like it.


Great job ! I like the quick to the point way you done this. I would like to suggest quick clips showing the lies this administration has told us. Example (Rummey saying they knew where the wmd's were.
The lies told to the Jersey girls...etc Well you get the point.
Love to see the NIST guy saying there was no molten metal followed by the firemen saying it was flowing like lava. After every statement A big bold LIE!
Anyway i think the music was good , and you're doing a good job.....Thank you

Very Professional...

Looks Good Brett. I'd definitely like to see more.!!

Powerful. Impressive

Powerful. Impressive editing. More, please. The Rumsfeld clip is classic projection.

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Looks good to me

Finish it.

Git 'er done.

The person who sees absolutes and exhibits certitude, where a thoughtful person sees nuanced shades of meaning
and exhibits open-minded objectivity, should be questioned as to agenda and state of mind.

Front page for you!

Nice editing. I would finish it. It may be difficult to "sell" considering the saturation of films like this that are available, but if making a profit is not a concern, it looks like it would still be a very watchable film.

Looks Great...

..finish it up.

Great job!

I'd love to see the rest of it.

Looks amazing!

Looks amazing!

do it brett! do it for the

do it brett!

do it for the murdered both at home and around the world!

do it for all of us who spend our time and money spreading the truth!

do it for your self! so every morning you can look in the mirror with the knowledge that you did something!

my children are not cannon fodder for the n.w.o.

Good stuff

hope you will finish it

Looks interesting.My

Looks interesting.

My recomendation is that you include the massive audible blast of wtc 7 at the end of this clip:

I would also recomend screening the film with people who are neutral or have little knowledge of 9/11 truth: This will give you ideas on how to improve the film based on the screeners questions (things they didn't quite understand). Ultimately, the infomation you include is only as valuable as how well you explain its significance.

Thanks for all your efforts. The film looks very promising.

Even the Ron Paul blimp had

Even the Ron Paul blimp had to be lowered to make a cell phone call. :-)



Spielberg, is that you?

LOL, no seriously, that was an excellent trailer. I'd spend 11 dollars to go see it based on that alone. As far as substance, that's impossible to judge because the factoids about 9-11 we so often recite would not and could not be in your trailer. That's ok. I would just encourage any independent 911 movie maker to include as many FACToids as possible, scientific and historical, to make their point.

If I were you

I would frame the documentary with the story of Steven Jones. That would at least superficially differentiate your film from the many others on CD. That is, make it about the story of Steven Jones and his research. Talk about the attempts to bribe him into silence. Talk about his early retirement. Really go into detail on the debates about his research, even providing some debunker perspectives.

There are several CD films available, but yours could stand out by being about one proponent of CD. You seem to have a talent for editing, so please continue your work.

Brilliant Opening

The radio track as people walk into the WTC and their death--brilliant. Overall quality of editing was impressive. I really look forward to the final product.

Excellent work.

You're quite a skilled editor. This is an engaging, well constructed piece of video. With your expertise, knowledge and passion for the truth -- you have the tools to finish this project. Just do it !



you should finish it. It may be a lot of work but it is worth it. You never know who you may convince. The persons you reach may well reach others. Please finish it.


There's a lot of great info in a short period of time!

When is the final product going to ready?

Can't wait!

Just my two cents....

We all know there are alot of good 9/11 truth video's out there. And a massive amount of facts. I would love to see a film compressed with hard hitting facts.
After all when a person can list all the lies we were told, coupled with all the lack of accountability.
It really drives home the point.
Someone did a short video on blogger awhile back. It was done in this manner, and for a short video it was awesome.
How maney times do Americans have to be lied to before they open their minds, and demand answers?
It's hard to get people to view 9/11 truth video's, so why not put it all out there in one? True it may last three to four hours ,but the hardest part of anything is starting it.

Looks Epic!

And very professional. We could definitely use a movie that focused on Steven Jones.

Let us better get to know how these guys tick!

Yes, please continue your work. Films show a concrete dimension of reality where we also catch a glimpse of the energy and the psychology of the possible culprits behind 911.

I agree with “simuvac”, that following the personal predicament of Prof. Steven Jones is a good way to frame the film. A very successful film to gain the attention of people who are still in a mind block on accepting that the official “men in caves” version of 9/11 is a government psy-op fairy tale, is to show them a personal story, like we saw in Ray Nowosielski’s “Press for Truth”.

Seeing and hearing Silverstein when he explains how he and the fire chief decided to pull his building and how they watched it fall is priceless. Seeing Zelikow talk about parallel universes, when he talks about the Empire minded Bush Administration, and the Reality Based 9/11 truth researcher is also priceless, especially pasted on the background about how he made his first thesis on creating “useful myths”, and the possible watershed opportunities to be found in successful “catastrophic terrorism”.

I believe it will be films like these that will in the end get the most hermetically closed minds to once again open up to empirical and rational reasoning about the true reasons and culprits behind 9/11, and the accompanying terror and criminal acts.

Please do it Brett, you are good at it!

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Great Trailer!

I sure do hope you finish it! I like what others are saying about the Steven Jones story. Make it gripping!

Carry on...

Hi Brett,

thanks from germany for your work. Please go on and finish the project. We need as many of these films as possible. Preferrably of such good quality as your trailer promisses.

Best regards


You have a good formula going. Feeding their own words back to them.
good going !!

What's your license going to be? If I want to distribute your film?

If you sell me some stickers to put on the DVD's I burn and/or cases with a colored piece of paper to insert into the cases then sign me up!!

Great job!

On this subject I do reserve the right to save my country with any medium I can in anyway that I can, so please sell me the stickers!!

If the movie is anything like your trailer...

Please complete the project!

There is the master's touch when it comes to the background music. It sounds as if it is about an important mystery, which is perfect because it is. It sounds phenomenal, as good as mainstream industry (if not better).

A film classic is something truth and justice for 9/11 genuinely needs.

Thanks, Brett.


Excellent Trailer. Great ending.

I support!

Just sending my support! Please complete this project! I'd love to see the final product! Great work so far.

Canada Wants The Truth

Please finish!

It was really really good. I agree with a few other points made, that it would be good to add sound bites, or interviews with those in charge LYING again and again.

You have a great talent!! I am really looking forward to seeing the completed project!

Great trailer, Brett--

Keep up the good work! There are many heroes in the 9/11 truth history, and I'm glad to be a part of this great effort along with you and so many fine people, interested in truth, justice, peace -- and humanity!

Hoping you can include some of the very latest data. For example, a clip of the Spectre Enterprises thermite cutter, showing it used to cut through a vertical metal rod in a fraction of a second. Sold for cutting/demolition purposes. This device, patented in the 1990's Robert Moore found, counters claims of debunkers.

Also, data on the iron-aluminum-rich microspheres we've found in the WTC dust.

At the wonderful Boston Tea Party conference this past weekend, I presented new data on the aluminum-iron-rich microspheres and on "red chips" which I have found in all the WTC dust samples studied so far. One of these, from Frank Dilessio and Tom Breidenbach, was collected within twenty minutes of the North Tower collapse! I had Frank and Tom come up to the podium and explain the collection and chain of custody THEMSELVES at the Boston mtg. Again , this sample (one of four so far we're studying in depth) shows the microspheres in abundance -- and red chips also, with same chemical signature!

More on this and the Boston mtg. later.

Dr. Jones...

Please forgive my ignorance if you have already provided this, but do you have any test results from any of the companies you've sent this dust to that says, "we have found traces of thermite" as opposed to saying they found something with the "same chemical signature?"

The reason I ask is because something that "looks like" thermite might not be thermite.


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You should finish this, keeping in mind several things...

1) Avoid highly speculative pitfalls. They will swarm you if you have errors, and or there are other plausible explanations for what you claim. Playing it safe is my recommendation.

2) "Between the lines" is a good title because it promises something, an analysis that is missing in other pieces, and in corporate media in particular. Keep the focus on the analysis that people are denied in regular outlets, and the suppressed news.

3) The cover up, the lies, the conflicts of interest, the many statements of disgusted insiders, all of this bolsters the case. People like Robert Wright, Sibel Edmonds, Harry Samit could give more credibility to the idea that something was terribly wrong BEFORE 9/11/01.

4) You may want to keep in mind that a lot of people have seen this before (Loose Change set records) and you should bring a new presentation, something edgy to spice up the same footage we've been seeing in Loose Change, 9.11 mysteries, etc.

Looks fabulous

Have you considered showing the trailer to some "movie moguls" and company representatives? Nothing to lose there, I'd think.

Very good!

Brave to start off with building 7. Great job.