TruthBurn Sign Up Again in Marin County.

The Truth Sign is up again after its debut at this year's Burning Man. It now lives on its temporary home on a ranch in Marin County California. We plan to do further experiments with cutting thick structural steel, including using an new thermate cutter charge to slice through a piece of 2" thick plate steel...similar in thickness to the structural steel used on World Trade buildings 1 & 2. We will keep you posted about this event. We are also working on our short TruthBurn video documentary about why the sign was built. Plans include contacting various outdoor galleries to host the sign. The video, once completed, will accompany the sign. Dr. Steven jones has been using burnt thermate samples from our Burning Man event to compare to WTC thermite residue. The similarities are astonishing.

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Is a radio controlled ignition possible to do?

I am wondering if a radio controlled ignition could be done. This would go a long way towards showing that it was feasible to do. One other facet that would prove something is to ignite it with a fire around the thermate. This would take some protection of the ignition device.


I should correct a typo on my post first....we used thermite not thermate and Jones is capitalized.
Yes, we did use remote controls to ignite our thermite at Burning Man. This device was similar to that used by pyro-tech companies to launch fireworks. Depending on the technology you can get pretty far away from the point of ignition and I imagine that military style transmission/reception devices are robust enough to stand up to fires or heat.

Thermite Link John

Here is a link to a company of thermite experts that comes from an antiwar perspective and do amazing work. They use custom designed and manufactured charges and may be useful to contact.

Best of luck in your investigations.

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Good job!

All around. It looks as good as it did at the Burn.

Congratulations on a job well-done.

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Very happy to hear that the

Very happy to hear that the Truth sign is moving on to an extended career. The sign was a brilliant idea and has many stories left to tell. Happy holidays!


Great to see that you found it a home and it lives on :)