"Onze Bouge" 16 December 2007 France Herblay

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,

As there was no 911 action (to my knowledge) at Paris for the 11th of December I did one today Sunday (16 December) on the market at Herblay. This is my second time on the market for 911 and it went uch better than the first one
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. I had a lot of reaction with my sign "Is Bin Laden Innocent for the 911 attacks". Only one guy, who was present amongst the dead in New York the 11 September 2001, was rough with me because he could not accept that I was putting in doubt the official version. In his own words, he saw with his own eyes Bin Laden's work so I have no right to put a doubt on that.

Some of my documents were in American/English which did not please the French. They went me to translate everything but I told them that I work during the week like them and time wise it is difficult to do everything.

Today there were a lot of political left militants on the market ( local elections soon next year ) and they find it hard to understand my presence and the interest of my being there. The group communist was there as every Sunday and I managed to exchange documents.

I have not yet found anyone to be with me yet on the market but I am hoping to have at least one contact next week. A guy from the national television Canal + told me that me he would like me to be on his next programme concerning the future possible war with Iran but he will have to have his superior's agreement before he can invite me.

If I find 5 / 6 persons really interested I will organise a projection show of "The Mysteries" or "Loose Change Final Cut" in my garage.

Yours John

PS the militants of the French group www.Reopen911.info had planned to do flyer distribution in the center of Paris yesterday but due to some standing down the event was called off.

Next Tuesday we will be having our first action group meeting in Paris at 20h00. Normally Mohsin Drabu from WeAreChange.UK who telephoned me yesterday will be present at that meeting and will give us ideas to do a WeAreChange.FR. He told me that it was his group which put up the "Ever feel like you're being lied to ?" poster in the London Tube.
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I thank Betsy
. http://911blogger.com/node/13004
wholeheartedly for the 911 DVD's that she sent me here in France from America. Some of these DVD we can not get in France and I am putting them to good use.
Can anyone inform me how I can download by the Internet the film "The Reflecting Pool".
. http://reflectingpoolfilm.com/reflectingpoolsynopsis.htm
Before I do it's publicity I would like to be able to view it ?

Thanks John

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Bravo & Thanks from Brooklyn NY

Keep on keeping on brother

Merci bien, mon fr`ere en ve'rite'!

I think it is time we translated some flyers into French and get them to you, toute de suite.

This past 11 of December, while we were out in San Francisco, we ran into a young lady from Paris who was very interested in spreading the truth in France and I told her about you. I hope you are able to connect and work together in building a Paris truth group, it is the City of Light, after all.

Can you be contacted through this site?

Allez Les Bleus!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Please tell french lady inSan Francisco toContact us here France

Herblay FRANCE

Thank you for helping to make the contacts. Yes I can be connected by 911Blogger.com but also by my personel email

Please tell her to contact me as soon as she can. A collective work of translating will pass on information quicker.

We already have some volunteers doing a great job at the french 911 information web site at

but as has been said before on 911blogger
many hands make light work .

Thanks John

Flyers in French

If you are able to make up some flyers in French, I'll take some too. I live in Toulouse and have been wanting to help out spreading the word. I'm glad to hear there are some folks up in Paris doing what they can. I'd join in, but it's too far away.

They have flyers at http://www.reopen911.info/affiches/

Pleased to hear you can take some flyers in French.
Do you know the principal French 911 web site
. http://www.reopen911.info/

They have flyers at
. http://www.reopen911.info/affiches/

It is very useful this site even though I never seem to use it right.

Please let yourself be known to reopen911.info/ and please send me an email ( mouv4x8@club-internet.fr ) directly so that I can send you what I have

There are 911 truthers in Toulouse who organised the PRESS FOR TRUTH there two days ago. See
. http://www.reopen911.info/11-septembre/tournee-press-for-truth/

Yours John