Projection "PRESS FOR TRUTH" 7th December 2007 great success. Possibility to buy the DVD.

Herblay FRANCE

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Our first public 911 film "PRESS FOR TRUTH" being projected at Paris the 7th of December 2007 in the "le cinéma Action Christine de Paris"

There were so many people that the cinema was full and a lot of people outside in the rain. The organisator offered to do exceptionally an other projection two hours later. Thanks to the person who bought out the DVD's to buy. Nearly everyone bought their copy or copies and while waiting for the next projection we all went to the café next to the cinema. There was very little room but most of us managed to get some floor space. We were rewarded for our efforts by the excellent debate with Elias Davidsson. New comers to the 911 truth movement were amazed to learn so much.

A French/English journalist, who had nothing to do with us, happened to be in the café and he spoke out shocked by what he was hearing. After he was finished we realised that he was completely ignorant on the whole affair and now we can better understand why the journalists are so way out on the 911 truth.

We are looking forward to organising other films.

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Like it went well. Thank you for showing it.

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Thank you for sharing!

It's just interesting to see 9/11 efforts from truthers in Paris! I'm amazed, personally, at the power of the 9/11 issue in Paris. An excellent viewing choice was made in "9/11 Press for Truth," it shows good taste. Please keep us updated! Thanks.

In Paris, they....

...don't believe them!