Stunning Example of Dis-Information at Work - Knocking the Strawman Over

If you have seen the film, 9-11 In Plane Site, you are familiar with the man known as Mike Walter of USA Today, even though you may have never heard his name. He is the man who was an eyewitness to the crash at the Pentagon and many have dishonestly used an interview he did on CNN on September 11th, 2001 to justify the idea that a missile, not AA77 hit the Pentagon on 9-11. Below is an excerpt from that interview that appeared in the 9-11 film, In Plane Site at approximately 6 minutes, 45 seconds into the film:

I want to make it clear that the above excerpt was taken directly from the film 9-11 In Plane Site.

Now, lets compare this to the full clip of the interview from September 11th, 2001, with the collapsed area of the Pentagon clearly visible in the background:

After watching the full clip of the interview, it is obvious that film maker Dave von Kleist is not being honest when he uses Mike Walter's words and clearly takes them out of context. My friends, whether you choose to admit it or not, this is blatant disinformation and all well meaning people who recommend this film are guilty of spreading misinformation, which is hurting the 9-11 movement.

Below is a stunning example of how this is being done. Taking Mr. Walter's statement out of context like this is the classic straw man argument, where a "straw man" is set up, and then easily knocked down. Dave von Kleist and others were very successful in setting up this straw man around the words of Mike Walter. Many, without doing the research, have picked up this disinfo and spread it around far and wide.

So SURPRISE - SURPRISE, when Glenn Beck steps up to swat down the straw man. Now, I am no fan of Glenn Beck. In fact, he is the first target of our new boycott campaign just getting started at However, this is one case where Glenn Beck actually gets it right. Please watch the following example of how it's done:

If you have watched the previous 3 short video clips, you have just witnessed how disinformation and the straw man technique is being used to discredit the 9-11 Truth Movement. Millions of people saw Glenn Beck embarrass the entire movement. Thank you Dave von Kleist.

Finally, Mike Walter has publicly responded to his words being taken and used out of context.

Ever wonder why 9-11 truth isn't further along than we should be 6 years after the crime? Take a good long hard look at what I have presented here today and judge for yourself. I have for years been pointing out the disinformation which is hurting our movement and will continue to do so. My plea to all well meaning people who work so hard for the truth??? Lets be sure that what we are promoting is indeed the truth. Stick to the best evidence in your activism and expose others to the known disinfo/9-11 trouble maker crowd which are hurting our efforts.

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Sorry, far too much evidence demonstrates that AA-77 did NOT

strike the Pentagon! Perhaps you or Mike Walter would like to answer these questions for us:

How did “hijacked” AA-77 fly all around the Eastern U.S., 45 minutes after the WTC was struck by 2 other “hijacked” airliners, without it being intercepted, pursued, or even observed/photographed by NORAD/Air Force?

How did flunky Hani Hanjour fly all the way back from Ohio/Kentucky, and why/how did he make those incredible acrobatics to hit the tiny, renovated section of the Pentagon?

Why won’t the gov’t release any clear video evidence of what struck the Pentagon, more than 6 years later? For what purpose is this evidence still being withheld from us?

How did they obtain DNA (delicate organic material) for 63 or 64 passengers when the seats, luggage, and most all of the airplane were supposedly vaporized in a fireball @ 530 mph?

What happened to the airliners virtually indestructible 2 huge steel/titanium engines?

How did a B-757 with a 125’ wingspan make a 16’ foot initial impact hole? (Mike Walter's assertion that the wings simply "folded back" is preposterous.)

What were Cheney & the “young man” demonstrating in front of Minetta? Why was the airliner’s location given as: “50 miles out”, “30 miles out”, “10 miles out”??? Out from what--did Cheney know the target??? Why didn’t Dick or the young man warn people in the Pentagon to get away from windows & take cover???

Sorry, but where in this blog

entry did Michael claim that AA-77 did hit the pentagon? The central thesis of this blog is disinformation, blatant disinformation in this case. And it IS hurting the movement. Your comments are irrelevant to this fact.

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don't feed the hoax advocates

>>I actually think that von Kleist is a well meaning activist

That's nice of you, but well meaning people who speak as "leaders" to the public and sell DVDs based on information they couldn't be bothered examine closely are not actually well meaning, but generally are frauds out to make a buck, if not something else.

If we knew people's intentions we would be millionaires.

Since we don't, we need to simply expose the hoaxes and isolate the nonsense into irrelevance.

Pods are hoaxes, plain and simple. The vast majority has known this for many years and that has nothing to do with "dismissing out of hand" -- they've researched it and found it to be a hoax. Good luck in reinventing the wheel. I recommend WRH's "Invasion of the Pod People"

"A missile hit the Pentagon"

That may be the most significant mis/disinformation meme in 9/11. The media just love it. They don't need to discuss why the plane was able to fly for 40 minutes uninterrupted, how Hanjour could have performed the stunts, why the Pentagon was not protected or even evacuated, etc.

Walter and Rumsfeld were the first ones to utter the "M" word

I 100% agree that the missile theories have been damaging.

But Walter's explanation of the "wings folding back" runs counter to what he said to Bryant Gumbel on 9/12/2001.

Using VonKleist's goof as a means of legitimizing Walter's account without further analysis and confirmation is also not scientific.

Watch this:

The USA Today Parade

Check out the discussion on

Check out the discussion on this topic at and see for yourself what's really going on here. The thread that Michael posted over there has created a very lively and revealing discussion and also exposes some of the tactics of Michael Woolsey and other adherents of the government's Pentagon big Boeing myth that don't reflect too well on either Michael or the other gatekeepers in the movement:

Michael actually tried to get me banned at Let's see if Michael tries to get me banned here at Blogger for posting this.