A Signature Per Second on Impeachment Petition

Well-known writer Dave Lindorff says that Congressman Wexler's petition for the impeachment of Dick Cheney is getting almost one signature per second.

Sign here.

Well I signed but sometimes

Well I signed but sometimes I think these lists are just to make it easy to round us up later on ;-)

I signed too.

And had the same fear. I have to speak out though. That's the way you have to go out, if that is what is going to occur. Otherwise I hope Wexler really means what he says and is going to go after these guys, investigate, and hold them accountable. I don't see why he needs signatures or the media to back him in order to do it, but I just hope it gets done.


I've signed on to this one as well. Replace Nancy Pelosi & Put IMPEACHMENT Back on the Table!

sometimes I think these lists are just to make it easy to round

Well I've signed dozens over the years. I figure "they" have my number anyway.

My questions: are online petitions of any use? are they valid?

I can't say that any one I've signed did a damn thing.

Go for'ard bravely lad.

I wish I could sign but I have a postal code (Canada) not a zip code.
But I will say I gladly put my name to every petition or cause i think will support the causes of Truth, Justice and Democracy.
If we all give in to some imagined fear of being rounded up at some later date then we might as well just give it all up now because the fear mongers have accomplished their goals without even lifting one finger.
It is becoming obvious that the majority are against every thing this administration are doing and have done, yet they continue to pursue their agendas despite overwhelming opposition
As a wise Cumbrian once advised me, "Go for'ard bravely lad."


unfortunately, I have no insight into any of your very good questions . . .

Great news

Thank You George

I've been looking for something like this.

Came across it at Pilots for 911 Truth.

I signed and sent the web address to every one i thought might sign it.

I strongly encourage every one to do the same.

We can make a difference if we pull together.