9/11 Truth on The Whitest Kids You Know

The Whitest Kids You Know has a comedy sketch which mentions Pentagon debris, the pod theory (it's comedy remember!) and Bush's Skull&Bones.


I like it.

Great concept. Because unfortunately you have to talk to these people as children who can't believe their government could be corrupt enough to not care about their personal lives. Weak. And Great Video.

Too much.

The topic was just a little disturbing for me. These are children. Let them be children for a few more years. Please spare them the perverted aspect of your beliefs. This doesn't promote the cause of 9/11 truth and I wish it wasn't here on the 911 blogger I am otherwise proud to be associated with.

You don't get it

It's a joke, a comedy sketch. That is the whole point of the schetch that it MUST be children. The point is that 9/11 Truth factoids are starting to enter the common vernacular, such as in comedy shows.

Anyway, I think you'll get a better of what I mean if you watch other videos by that same comedy group http://www.ifc.com/series?aId=21510

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I think you missed the point. I doubt very much if the kids weren't in on it, and/or they explained to them after the fact that it was all "just a joke." (although they were old enough to talk about some of the issues — trying to protect children from the truth is almost never a good idea — like they aren't hearing stuff a thousand times worse than that on the playground already — that's what it was like when I was young, so it is probably disgustingly worse now — so parents should talk to their children about war and other things that affect them and their family — you just do it in an appropriate manner — they're going to hear about it one way or another anyway, so you should make sure they hear about it the right way)

I suppose it's possible that he actually talked about Bush masturbating in front of his Dad in front of them, but I doubt it. You know, "the magic of TV and film". As evidenced by the close-up shots of him, which were probably done when the kids weren't in the room, and far away shots, as he was talking about it, when you can kind of tell that he's not saying "masturbating". (if I was going to do it, I would use "masticating", explaining to the kids what that means, which of course you don't use in the final cut) The kids were probably clueless.

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Not a very good joke.

I guess I'm just olde fashioned.