INSIDE JOB Sign Giveaway! Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change on Dynamic Duo Friday 12/21 4-6 CT, GCN

Luke is the President of, and to celebrate his first appearance with me on the radio, we'll be giving away free INSIDE JOB plastic roll banner signs:

Anybody from We Are Change, anywhere in the USA, can contact me any time at and I'll send you a bunch of these durable, ultra-visible signs while they last. One 2 foot by 3 foot sign folds up into a soft little bundle about the size of a folded-up T-shirt, so they're easy to smuggle into Ghouliani rallies and other public events.

Also, anybody who calls into the show with a good question or comment wins a free INSIDE JOB sign. The call-in number is 866-582-9933.

MP3 Audio Clip - Kevin Barrett & Daniel Ellsberg

Sunday December 16, 2007
Kevin Barrett Talks With G. Edward Griffin About The Council On Foreign Relations

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Did you apologize to Cindy Sheehan in Boston?

Or did you cancel?

Do I have to email "dahliar 4" to find out?

I'm sorry but the whole

I'm sorry but the whole "inside job" phrase to me is a giant turn off