The San Francisco 9/11 Tea Party for Truth

San Francisco Tea Party for 9/11 for Truth was held in San Francisco yesterday on the 234th Anniversary of the first Boston Tea Party. Similar events were held in Boston and other U.S. cities. Party attendees first gathered at Pier 39 where they marched to Hyde Street Pier and Aquatic Park where statements of redress were heard after which the group walked to the end of the Municipal Pier where a replica of the 9/11 Commission Report was tossed into the bay.

Please visit for video of the event. Local mirror of the video found here:

Duration: 2:00. File size: 17.1 MB. Camera and Editing: Lea Suzuki, Chronicle Staff

More videos and photos of the SF Tea Party 2007!

Thanks for posting this!

Another excellent video is posted at More photos and links to slideshows are also posted at the San Francisco Tea Party for Truth webpage at I hope someone will do a thorough write-up of all the actions that day, but I won't be able to.

Thanks to all who worked on all the Tea Parties- especially Boston who inspired us, and made it easier for us to pull it off!!!

Carol Brouillet

Thanks Carol

Thanks Carol. You and the crew did a great job as usual. Sorry I couldn't be there but an suffering from ill health. I miss all the fun...


What kind of sound system were you guys using? That sounded great.