"Vote Fraud and the Ron Paul Campaign" on Truth Jihad Radio, 6-8 pm CT Sat. 12/22

First hour: Kathleen Wynne, a 9/11 truth supporter and former Associate Director of http://blackboxvoting.org, will discuss stolen elections.

Second hour: Mitchell Stein of http://RonPaulVoteCount.com will discuss how YOU can make sure they don't steal the nomination from Ron Paul through vote fraud.

6-8 pm CT Saturday 12/22


call-in number 800-313-9443

MP3 Audio Clip - Kevin Barrett Radio Interviews

Friday December 21, 2007
Kevin Barrett Talks With We Are Change's Luke Rudkowski About Organizational Structure, Appropriate Activist Behavior And Linkage Of 9/11 To The New World Order

* source = http://www.gcnlive.com

Sunday December 16, 2007
Kevin Barrett Talks With G. Edward Griffin About The Council On Foreign Relations

* source = http://www.gcnlive.com

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