$100.00 - 82 DVD Set from 911TruthDVD.com - Complete Set Discount for Christmas!

Hey all, thanks to everyone here who has visited our site and came back again and again!

I wanted to tell everyone we have the 82 DVD set on sale for Christmas for $100.00 USA and $160.00 WORLDWIDE, this is everything we offer on our page for a discounted price, I believe that everyone should see this information so I am offering it at cost today.. EVERYONE should see these films.. so check out our page!


Above is the link for the complete set! This makes each DVD right around $1.20 per DVD.


But you haven't paid the

But you haven't paid the people who made the DVDs for them . . . some of us only found out you were selling our work by accident.

Why not order DVDs legitimately and pay for them, like everyone else does?

I am more then happy to pay

I am more then happy to pay anyone for there work, I have donated to many funds and charities.. If you have a problem with our site contact me directly... and we will investigate any film that's on there with out permission.


Don Paul did send you an email that I was cc'd on, in November.

Your post on truthaction says this:

Yeah well we ran into a problem with the FCC, they didn't like our message, but for some reason they kept coming! Fuck the FCC, also fuck C-Span, I have complied with them and taken there stuff down but fuck em anyway.

We created 911TruthDVD.com last year so that we could do our part in spreading the truth about 9/11 and other fucked up stuff the government wants to hide/cover-up...

Some people wanna judge and say how can I charge for DVD's that aren't mine, I am authorized, have licenses and have complied with all creators, makers, producers, ect ect.. anyone who says I haven't can kiss my ass.

I don't recall getting an

I don't recall getting an email, sometimes my spam filter blocks emails, can you send it to me or post it? thanks

And I apologize for my language in the posting, I was upset over the FCC.. But we cleared everything up.. more people trying to censor the truth!


Thanks for getting the word out. I list your site from http://9-11.Meetup.com/322

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thank you, doing the best we

thank you, doing the best we can to get the word out!!