New 9/11Documentary released in Germany

New Video powerful documentary released in Germany -"Unter falscher Flagge" =f'alse flag operation' - with strong evidence presented by competent narrators such as former coordinator of german intelligence Andreas von Buelow, editor and writer Mathias Broeckers and others.

Language: German
Time: 1'13"

Must see!!


Alta Vista Babel Fish Translation

"the world changed after 11 September. It changed, because we are no longer safe from now to. In the year 2000 the selected president of the United States George W. Bush used the words, around the political direction for 21. To dictate century. While the Americans attack Afghanistan and the Iraq later relatively fast with falsified proofs first, the doubt about the official version of the 11 grows. September. Which circulated immediately after the notices at speculations in the InterNet, was considered so far as wild conspiracy theory. But the indications and even proof draw a clear picture. Islamic terrorists, but some struggle-high of military and politician of the US government, do not seem to be responsible for the terrible notices. This documentation concerns itself with the inconsistencies of the official version, as well as the suppressed proofs of the 11. September. In addition it gives an answer to the question, why we know to today nothing of it and why one deceives us - also in Germany.

I saw it yesterday

indeed very powerful and well arranged.

Regie: Frank Höfer

Interview guests: Andreas Hauss, Andreas v. Bülow, Oberstleutnant a.D. Jochen Scholz, Mathias Bröckers

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