major political opponent of Musharraf assassinated

A major figure in the party opposing Pakistani President and likely 9/11 insider Musharraf was killed today by a lone gunman wearing an explosive vest. Some 15-20 others were killed and many more wounded. Some sources are reporting that Al-Qaeda has claimed responsibility, which might actually make sense since Musharraf (along with Donald Rumsfeld) helped thousands of Al-Qaeda and Taliban fighters escape Afghanistan in November of 2001 in what Sy Hersh dubbed "the airlift of evil". We should keep a close eye on this and see who turns out to have aided this "lone gunman".



Unsurprisingly, it now appears that many police "guarding" Bhutto abandoned their posts just prior to her assassination. Furthermore, no autopsy has been performed, but the doctor who was with her says that she wasn't struck by either bullets or shrapnel but died from a single blunt force trauma to the skull.

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