New German Documentary: Unter Falscher Flagge

It looks like German versions of other documentaries are available at this site as well. Thanks to Triklops for sending this in:

CNN Starts Blaming Al Kida at 10:29 CST

According to CNN, Al Kida has infiltrated the ISI and may be responsible for the assasination of Bhutto. I've been monitoring the news and have witnessed the morphing story.

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I guess we knew this was coming.

Here's one report

Right on time . . . the confession

Al Kida's numero uno in Afganistan takes responsibility.

They are burning the official narrative into people's mind. First the shock and then next they will offer people "security". "We must stop the insurgents" they will say. Of course the elections will be postponed.

Former CIA guy is on MSNBC and said, "I think we'll find out that this was carried out by Al Kida". He also said that we'll find that Al Kida has a strong hold in the mountains

"In Pakistan, conspiracy theories abound" says the CIA analyst when asked if it might be more probable that the military itself carried out the attacks.

Mustafa Abu Al-Yazid?

One of the names I've seen floated around as a spokesman for al Kida is Mustafa Abu Al-Yazid. If you don't know who the Yazidi are, it is something worth learning. Now, it is conceivable that there really is someone named Mustafa Abu Al-Yazid, but it sure smacks of Azzam Al-Amriki.

UPI even went so far as to try to hint that the assassination was carried out by a 9/11 Truther:

Commentary: Murder Inc.
Ahmad is a close friend of retired Gen. Hamid Gul, a former ISI chief who acts as strategic adviser to the Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal coalition of six politico-religious extremist parties that governs two of Pakistan's four provinces (Baluchistan and the Northwest Frontier province). Gul hates the United States -- and anything Washington favors -- with a passion. He assisted the creation of the Taliban in the early 1990s and to this day believes the Sept. 11 al-Qaida attacks were a plot engineered by Israel's Mossad, the CIA and the U.S. Air Force. ("How come no fighters were scrambled to take on the planes you say were hijacked?" he asked this reporter.)

I certainly don't seen how believing the CIA was involved in 9/11 suggests a hatred of the United States of America. I love the United States of America, and I believe the CIA was involved in 9/11.

Interview with Benazir Bhutto.Mentions OsamaBin Laden murdered.

6 mins and 12 secs into the interview Bhutto mentions the murder of Osama Bin Laden by Omar Sheikh.

MP3 Audio Clip - Benazir Bhutto

Thursday December 27, 2007
Benazir Bhutto Names Osama Bin Laden's Murderer on Nov 2, 2007 BBC David Frost Program Discussing Perpetrators Of Unsuccessful Bombing Attack Upon Her

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(great find Drunkhorse!!)

Is that a mistake?

Yes, she says Omar Sheikh murdered Osama Bin Laden. Does she mean "murdered for" or "on behalf of" OS?

If she's naming OBL's murderer, shouldn't Frost stop the interview and say, "Say what?"

If I Were Frost I Would Have Stopped At That Point

Its like when Peter Jennings interviewed a first responder in the hospital right after the 9/11 NYC events and the first responder kept talking about multiple explosions and he just whizzed right by . . . . nothing here . . . no need to stop . . . . these aren't the droids you're looking for.

Bhutto said she would hold Musharraf 'responsible'

In October e-mail, Bhutto said she would hold Musharraf 'responsible' for her death
(RawStory - CNN Wolf Blitzer Flash Video Clip

Where does it go from here?

Indispensible Al Qaeda rolled out to take the fall! You wonder what is the real story, however? It's seems clear that the U.S. would like to remove Musharraf.

I'm questioning, in my mind, the wisdom of stirring the pot in a nation possessing nuclear weapons?

Where does it go from here?

...don't believe them!

I'm watching TV . . . so no links

The whitehouse spokesperson just repeated:

"There are terrorists thugs/extremists who will resort to violence to stop emerging democracies"

Al Kida = ISI = CIA

Monday December 3, 2007
ABC Good Morning America Finds Out That Pakistani Kids Believe Osama Works For The CIA

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Thursday December 27, 2007
Ron Paul Tells Fox News That The U.S. Should Halt Aid To Pakistan Following Bhutto Assassination

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Did it air on TV?


Thanks for the link. It would be good idea to find somebody with the capacity and the willingness to translate Unter Falscher Flagge. I watched it and it looks like they did a good job. We need it in English.

No Mistake

Bhutto clearly says Omar Sheikh murdered Osamea Bin Laden.

At 00:16:19 is a clip of UAL 175 worth seeing

My ability to understand the German language isn't quite up to following everything in this video, but I get the gist of what they are saying. Basically the people in the documentary are saying that the 9/11 OCT is nonsense.

One thing I found worth pointing out is the video clip showing UAL 175 approaching the WTC. I don't believe I'd seen that before.