9/11 Truth Tuesdays Movie Poster Is Up!!!

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Thanks to Betsy for taking these pictures.

What kind of response have you gotten?

And does it cost anything from the kitty to keep the movies playing?

The manager of the theater...

Seems to be on our side. I don't really know what you mean by responses... the 4 videos of Betsy and I going out gaged the reactions of the public for the most part. We are renting the theater, and the theater gets a small percentage of the sales. Proceeds are going to the FealGood Foundation.

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Is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

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Where is this?

Where is this theater?


Wayne, PA.

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Clearview Anthony Wayne

Clearview Anthony Wayne Movie Theater
109 West Lancaster Avenue
Wayne, PA 19087

* Please note these 5pm shows are tentative, i.e. the title may change, but a 9/11 movie
will be shown.

9/11 Truth Tuesdays

January 1, 2008 5pm - Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime
7pm - 9/11: Press for Truth

January 8 . . . . . 5pm - Loose Change Final Cut *
7pm - 9/11: Press for Truth

January 15 . . . . . 5pm - 9/11 Dust & Deceit (at the WTC)
7pm - 9/11: Press for Truth

January 22 . . . . . 5pm - In Their Own Words (PFT Supplement)
7pm - 9/11: Press for Truth

January 29 . . . . . 5pm - Loose Change Final Cut *
7pm - 9/11: Press for Truth

February 5, 2008 5pm - Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime
7pm - 9/11: Press for Truth

February 12 . . . . . 5pm - 9/11 Mysteries *
7pm - 9/11: Press for Truth

February 19 . . . . . 5pm - 9/11 Dust & Deceit (at the WTC)
7pm - 9/11: Press for Truth

February 26 . . . . . 5pm - In Their Own Words (PFT Supplement)
7pm - 9/11: Press for Truth

burying the lead

Why don't you put the address right on the front-top of this blog?


Isn't "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime" maybe a little too hard hitting to show as the film to kick-off this series?

Personally, I would say PFT would be the best starter if the crowd is really conservative like it seems to be in your town!
Liberals want to be your Mommy. Conservatives want to be your Daddy. Libertarians want to treat you like an adult.

Very nice!

Very nice!

I only ask because

the 9/11 truth film festival we had in September here in the Rio Grande Valley (specifically in McAllen, TX) did not have a very big turnout (maybe 50 people out of the HUNDREDS of flyers we passed out at the Art Walk art festival the night before). In fact, I didn't even post the video footage I took because the few people that were willing to let me interview them were very concerned about public exposure, and I felt that I should respect that.

For next year, I could certainly use a few pointers from you about your experiences making this film screening project of yours work. :)

We are learning as we're

We are learning as we're going . . . I've had a dream of doing this (showing one or more of the 9/11 movies here in Wayne, PA) for a year now . . . I decided that to make an impact, the movies had to be shown on a recurring, consistent basis . . . not just a one time, or even one week thing, hence the two months of "9/11 Truth Tuesdays" . . . The second phase of this dream is to take a break in March, and do this again in April & May. Maybe at some point, some theaters might actually pick up on their own PFT, LCFC or 9/11 Mysteries??

With lots of "flyering" during our weekly street actions, a forthcoming ad in a local paper, and 10 wired ground signs I had made up (www.buildasign.com) that I hope to place legally every 1/4 mile or so from Wayne, we hope that the response will grow as the weeks progress. We are not anticpating a huge turnout the first few weeks, but who knows, maybe we'll be surprised.

Thanks so much for everyone's support.

And this never would have come to fruition without my crossing paths with Jon Gold. Thanks for all you do, your calm, cool head - most of the time : ) - your rationality, credibility and your passion for wanting to do the the right thing - truth and justice - for all those wronged (to say the least) on 9/11, and all those troops and civilians continuing to die for a very BIG lie in Afghanistan, Iraq and maybe soon Iran . . . I think about Pat Tillman a lot, and what he would undoubtedly be publicly saying had he not been murdered . . . Anyway, thanks, Jon, you give more to this cause than anyone will ever know.


"I wouldn't go to war again as I have done to protect some lousy investment of the bankers. There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights. War for any other reason is simply a racket."
-- Major General Smedley Darling Butler, USMC, 1881-1940

Ooh rah.

Thank you...

Getting radio coverage has always made a huge difference for us

When we are able to get even one mention on KPFA in the week or two before an event it can make the difference between a big turnout (making money) and just a few members of the choir (losing money).

There are many ways of getting free advertising (at least in our area). Most public radio and tv stations have community event calendars, as do many local papers. I would also encourage anyone to try to get the film(s) to potential reviewers six to eight weeks ahead of planned screenings as they need long lead times. The screenings can then be noted in the reviews.

The weekly schedule is a great idea as it has the potential to build word of mouth, which is key to drawing an audience.

9/11: Press For Truth is still the single best way to get new people interested in looking into all the unanswered questions about 9/11.

Keep up the great work!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

I agree, Press for Truth opens the most closed of minds!!

I heard Kyle Hence, who was a catalyst in making this film happen, on the radio talking about the upcoming action novel, by a New York Times best selling author, "The Shell Game."

Kyle was eloquent in pointing out that this action novel "The Shell Game," which takes on 9/11 truth, false flag terror, lies into war, etc. etc., and is peppered with REAL quotes from real 9/11 researchers . . . COULD BE A POWERFUL CATALYST.

If we as a movement can all help drive "The Shell Game" up to #1, the publicity it garners and minds it opens can be a whole new wave of people who can then step through the doorway of "9/11 Press for Truth" and then into David Ray Griffin & Mike Ruppert's brilliant research.

If we as a movement can, and believe me we are big enough now, drive this novel up to the #1 spot on the New York Times best seller list . . . we can generate interest in 9/11 truth, and govt. lies to a fever pitch nationwide.

When we show "Press for Truth" at local theatres, we would be able to pack them and even multiple showings by focusing hard on getting the word out in the next 30 days of "The Shell Game."

See below OpEd, for more on the growing 9/11 truth movement coalition advocating the success of this important novel:

"Why Would REAL 9/11 Truth Activists Advocate a Work of FICTION?
--- December 31, 2007 at 10:18:34

This book...

Seems to have brought you out of "retirement". Welcome back.

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Off the subject but

I felt it was really important to post this:


Most questions will be answered by phone. To guarantee you get a response, please provide a phone number.

Is anyone here from Iowa? It would appear that John Edwards is taking questions from the public. I think this is a good time for us to determine the status of the WTC7 investigation , which, as we all know, John Edwards promised to look into.

Who would give this post a 1?

Whoever it was, should be exposed to the rest of the community. Anonymity behind this voting system is a huge flaw.

It's safe to say...

Whoever it is, is not a member of the 9/11 Truth Movement.

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