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Just wanted to share a youtube clip of a strange interview with Alan Reiss and William R. Hall and also to share about a recent project just started for like articles called

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Anyway, here's a summary of the youtube video:
Alan Reiss was the director of World Trade Center department run out of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. He along with William R. Hall, the port authority police chief in jurisdiction of the WTC complexes, had to digg out of 5 and/or 6 they can't remember where they were just at being it just happened. Amazingly they have no dust on them like many pictures we have seen of survivors covered in pulverized concrete and toxic materials.

What's more Alan Reiss barely survived the 1993 attack, when he was supervising engineer for operations. Man this guy has terrible luck. Reiss in 1993 What's more the Port Authority police, William R. Hall, chief promoted to the to Federal Security Director in 2002.

Seems these two get little attention in light of Marvin Bush being a principle of the security company Securacom and Wirt D. Walker ||| and later renamed to Stratesec, but these two seem had to have given their approval at the very least. Given Alan Reiss own testimony of his routine 80 hour work week, you would think he would have seen some of the upgrades to the elevator maintenance by ACE Elevator Co. (oddly out of business now).

Direct link: Bizarre Live Interview with 911 Police Chief and Dir. of WTC
Request for more articles on these two as there seems to be data failures about these two individuals at multiple sites, guess hard drive space must be scarce given these recent "small" hard drives of a terabyte and growing for sale.

YouTube Clip

That is worth watching . . . . they know what they saw and they have been given a script to read. . . something is very wrong but they have to go along with it because they are told it involves "national security" and they figure that not playing along carries a death sentence with it.