Getting Past 'Oh', Why Americans Misunderestimate the Depravity of the President They Hate

From "The Regressive Antidote, David Michael Green on Politics":

"Getting Past 'Oh', Why Americans Misunderestimate the Depravity of the President They Hate"

By David Michael Green at

... My guess is that Americans simply can’t go there, just as many can’t possibly entertain the thought that 9/11 might have been done by their government, or at least perhaps allowed to happen. People can imagine that the war was a mistake, but not that they are such pathetic pawns of their own government that their lives and the lives of American military personnel are of zero consequence to political elites. Or that those daddy-figures upon whom they rely for their precarious sense of security could in fact be vicious predators readily able to betray, ruin and destroy their own public for purposes of financial or power enrichment.

This is just too much for the psyche to handle. This is something that happens in banana republics, or history books, right? – not in contemporary democratic America. And certainly not by those super-patriots of the Republican right, the ones who are so eternally vigilant about keeping us safe.

To truly understand the magnitude of what is at stake here, one has to resort to the greatest of violations of trust of which the human animal is capable, such as the molestations of daughters by their fathers, or of little boys by their priests, or the betrayal of comrades during wartime. Such sickening transgressions are often too heinous to even contemplate, frequently blowing the psychological circuits of anyone subjected to them.

Sometimes the choice is between denial or death. ...

MP3 Audio Clip - Laurie Manwell

Tuesday December 18, 2007
Laurie Manwell on Dr. Katherine Albrecht's show "Uncovering the Truth" Discussing Why Its So Difficult For People To Accept 9/11 Truth

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Good article

I'm starting to realize more lately just how much psychological resistance there is to 9/11 truth. I've really underestimated it in dealing with people since I became exposed to 9/11 truth.

"To truly understand the magnitude of what is at stake here, one has to resort to the greatest of violations of trust of which the human animal is capable, such as the molestations of daughters by their fathers, or of little boys by their priests, or the betrayal of comrades during wartime. Such sickening transgressions are often too heinous to even contemplate, frequently blowing the psychological circuits of anyone subjected to them."

Video: Constitution Class taught by Michael Badnarik (possibly running for Congress in '08!)

How things really work

A microcosm of 9/11 can be found at:

There is a huge network of organized crime that does NOT operate like the Sopranos. The members have regular jobs and are occasionally called upon to facilitate various schemes. 9/11 was primarily an organized crime operation. The people with a vested interest in defrauding the rest of the population will vehemently accuse us of being paranoid conspiracy theorists.

The network of organized crime is involved in snuff films. Most cases of serial killers are just a cover for the snuff film industry. The snuff film industry launders money through insurance claims, like the WTC settlement.

The Post-Bush Regime: A Prognosis By Richard K. Moore

The Post-Bush Regime: A Prognosis

By Richard K. Moore

Excerpted from the Article:

12/30/07 "Global Research" -- -- -In order to understand anything about American political affairs, it is necessary to have some understanding of who it is that really makes the decisions behind the scenes, and what their interests are. In this way we have some hope of identifying the hidden agendas being served by government actions and programs, and some hope of identifying the longer-term strategies that are in play.

It turns out—and informed people should already know this—that the U.S. is essentially owned and managed by a small clique of wealthy families—the ones who own and control the Federal Reserve. The Rockefellers are the obvious and well-known members of this clique, but there are others less well-known, not all American, and some whose identity remains to this day a carefully guarded secret. We don’t even know exactly who it is that’s running the show....

......This was the project that went operational in the form of Bush’s initial Presidential campaign. The ducks were all lined up for launching a major imperialist venture, the preparations for 9/11 were well underway, and no power on Earth was going to stop the Bush Show. Of course Bush The Clueless was going to win, no matter how much vote fixing and media lying was required, or how many Supreme Court Justices were needed to accomplish the task. As a last resort they wouldn’t have hesitated to off Gore, one of their own boys, if it was the only way to open the path for their current man, a tactic they used earlier with Bobby Kennedy. Of course now that we have Diebold machines, all of this can be accomplished by a single computer command message, specifying which candidates are to get which percentage of votes in each precinct. Exit polls have been abandoned since they provide hard statistical evidence of the systematic fix.


This is

exactly why it is so hard to sell 9/11 truth. You can show a person absolute proof that 9/11 was an inside job and they still won't listen. It drives me nuts. The denial is so great I don't know what it will take to wake the average American up. Perhaps a nuke in one of our cities and the neocons caught red handed. Even then there are some folks who still won't believe.

There will always be 15% to 20% that will never accept the truth

but when there are 60% who openly talk of the truth and it breaks into the msm, the last 20% will come over. What the PTB are trying to do right now is hold on to the 25% that are in play right now and harden them against the truth with endless propaganda. They feel that if they can keep it a 55/45 split that this will keep us in check and allow their project to move forward unopposed. If not, then another false flag event or other manufactured crisis will be used to invoke the final phase of the security state and the truth movement will be excluded and neutralized, when and where needed.

Just my opinion, but everything I see going on points to this.

We have the truth and the laws of physics on our side, and I know the American people are waking up just in time to turn this around.

The denial can be very tough to deal with, this is why we have to gently spread the truth with kindness and concern, and make sure to support each other as we do this.

Fear repels, love attracts.

Happy New Year, Happy Truth Year, my beloved brothers and sisters in truth.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Off topic, must share...

Currently #3 most blogged video on google:

Top Ten Signs Your Country May Be Going Fascist

9/11 truth at the very end. Good stuff.

not too shabby.

it seems to cover essential elements and in a format and style I found appealing...... in other words, not too shabby - in my 70's (?) jargon.

How does one find out google's most blogged video or anything? I've seen it Google's most whatever referenced elsewhere and wondered. It's probably obvious but....

"There are none so hoplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." (Goethe)

To find google video:

Many people have a direct link to google at the top of the screen. Otherwise go to and click on video, or

Thumbs Up on Top Ten Signs vid!

I don't believe it is very far off topic, but the vid is worth taking in! I luv it!

...don't believe them!

The Liberal Ego factor

WE are smarter than THEY are. THEY could not possibly fool US with something like 9/11.

The same principle applies to electronic voting. THEY use jim crow tactics, etc. WE are too smart for THEM to fool US with computers.

The above described mindset is part of a decreasing minority. Sites like get a half million or more hits per day. 9/11 truth is bustin' out all over!

The next step is a global ban of false flag operations.

International criminal law may be a way to do that

Stop false flag operations, I mean.

Just after 9/11, Benjamin Ferencz, former Nuremberg prosecutor, called the attacks a
crime against humanity. He was unfortunately quick to assume Al Qaeda guilt, but the international criminal tribunal he proposes, if done with integrity, might prevent false flag attacks:

"What has happened here [on 9-11] is not war in its traditional sense.
This is clearly a crime against humanity. War crimes are crimes which
happen in war time. There is a confusion there. This is a crime against
humanity because it is deliberate and intentional killing of large
numbers of civilians for political or other purposes. That is not
tolerable under the international systems. And it should be prosecuted
pursuant to the existing laws . . .

"We're not re-writing any rules. We don't have to re-write any rules. We
have to apply the existing rules. To call them 'terrorists' is also a
misleading term. There's no agreement on what terrorism is. One man's
terrorism is another man's heroism. . . . We try them for mass murder.
That's a crime under every jurisdiction and that's what's happened here
and that is a crime against humanity."

In the above link, he proposed that the Security Council "create an ad
hoc International Criminal Tribunal to try these criminals on the
charges which are applicable under the existing international laws."

He discusses this in more detail here:

We also need real trials in our own courts. Assuming the official story in the Moussaoui trial (ad the Motassadeq trial in Germany) was a travesty, as discussed here:

Given what the trial judge and the defense had to deal with in the Moussaoui case, I think they may have done the best they could under appalling circumstances. If the case had been dismissed, as the government wanted at first, Moussaoui would have just been thrown in a hole offshore. Still, that trial did not serve the public. Moussaoui has moved the Fourth Circuit appeal court to reopen the case in light of the destroyed tapes story - it will be interesting to see what happens.

Yours links seemed to be blocked.

I am trying to follow up your links but they seemed to be blocked ? Will try again later.

Thanks for the interesting information. On studying the Nuremberg trials I hope to find lead to how we can proceed to put these criminals behind bars. On 911blogger I have asked many times our internauts in what legal way George Bush and his cronies can be judged internationally but I have not yet had any replies that give me hope that these evil doers will pay for their crimes.

Still not working one hour later so used internet archives which works



Are the links working now?

They are for me.

By studying the Nuremberg trials, you ARE judging them internationally; YOU are judging them internationally. I seriously doubt they will end up behind bars. I don't rule it out, and many certainly belong there, but power relations make it very unlikely.

But that's not the only standard of success. Branding them as the criminals they are, by fairly applying facts to national and international standards, puts them in figurative prison cells. Sociopathic fucks like that will not care and will laugh at getting away with it, but they'll be dead soon anyway. Maybe the only justice will be Dante's pool of shit for them to swim in for eternity.

Eric Larsen is ready to do a Dante on them now -- he's a great and inspiring read if you have time:


I'm rambling, but my point is this:

By showing their criminality, you make their legacy a lesson that American government was hijacked by criminals, and you make it harder to happen again. You also show that war was not at all necessary and that peace through law is possible.

Using international tribunals to prosecute terrorism would make false flag operations harder, at least in theory. National criminal courts could also. This is a complicated topic I'm just starting to consider. International lawyers would be much better at answering your question. The problem is that most have not been willing to look beyond the official story of 9/11, even though this false story is the premise and justification for so much they deplore. I hope this will change in 2008. The latest story of CIA tape destruction pretty much takes the wheels off the jalopies that were the 9/11 Commission and the Moussaoui trial, so maybe we'll see some real thinking on this by mainstream lawyers.

This author raises great questions