Henry Waxman Confonted - by Cheri Roberts-Piper

Truth Squaded! An Encounter with Rep. Henry Waxman
by, Cheri Roberts-Piper – MTR News - http://www.mtrnews.com/group/news.php

Thursday night Rep. Henry Waxman walked into a crowded room of concerned constituents and citizens - after what had reportedly already been a trying day. The longtime and much loved Congressman got a little more than he bargained for. Waxman was met in a small community room at the Westside Pavilion Landmark Theater building in Santa Monica, CA, by more than a hundred people, most of whom appeared to be there to discuss and press for the impeachment of both President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

Waxman’s more than 30-minute speech focussed on health care, corrupt charities, rampant steroid use in major league baseball, and he touched lightly with pride on the fact that Congress had just passed the Whistle Blower Protection Act. He clearly stated with regard to any impeachment bill that his opinion differed from those in the room and that he would not support such hearings nor would he entertain a new 911 investigation because it would look bad for the Democratic Party. When the disagreeing crowd interrupted his speech at that point, Waxman, who was clearly agitated and sounding almost childish said,

"Hey this is not right, the way you are treating me".

As We Are Change LA’s Adam Ruff put it,

"He nearly cracked completely a couple times. He apparently wants to continue to ignore the will of the people and wants to be respected for that".

Later, when the audience was allowed to ask questions they lined the center isle for their turn to speak. From the beginning Waxman was bombarded with question after question about Sibel Edmonds – the gagged FBI Whistleblower, WTC7 and other issues related to the crimes of 911. These questions came from We Are Change LA members who had dispersed into the audience and appeared to be coming from everywhere - even the cameraman at the event, Drew Piper, was a founding member of the Change LA group.

Congressman Waxman, you have just been Truth Squaded!

The questions ranged from why the Congressman refuses to have Sibel Edmonds testify under oath in an open session to when will Congress open a new 911 investigation - while also hitting hard on HR 1955. Waxman was obviously caught off guard and cornered with little to say on those issues. Even the forum’s host and moderator, Mickey Oskey - of the Democratic Westside Progressives, tried without luck, to stop the bombardment. No less than six We Are Change LA members were able to get their hard-hitting questions heard before the Congressman had to leave.

At the end of the night I asked core Change LA members Katy Kurtzman - whose question was about the new Thought Crime Bill HR 1955, and Jeremy Rothe-Kushel what they were walking away with from this experience.

Katy was the first to respond,

"What I find most striking is he (Waxman) admitted to not reading HR 1955 at all before signing it. I mean, that just really struck me hard, that and also the fact that he is obviously ok with fascism and treason in our country because according to him it would hurt the Democratic Party if he were to press any line of impeachment".

When Kurtzman asked her question during the Q & A, the Congressman readily admitted to not having read HR 1955 and went on to admonish the audience for not alerting him personally that there was any controversy surrounding the Bill. Anonymously from the audience came the response that Waxman had no right to sign anything pertaining to the American people without first reading and understanding what he was signing.

While as Jeremy, Change member and founder of Jewish Voices for Peace and Justice, said he got what he had expected to get and that,
"He (Waxman) confirmed for me what I was already thinking about the democratic leadership at this point, that they’re just playing politics with peoples lives and with what is right and wrong. The fact that the congress has a lower approval rating then the worst President in US history is proof that this strategy of theirs is neither moral nor politically savvy".

As Waxman exited the community room, Change members were waiting for him on the catwalk, with camera rolling. Followed by his entourage, Waxman walked away only to stop abruptly, arms spread wide in question and turn to this writer with obvious discomfort and ask,

"Why are you following me?"

To which I replied,

"Because the exits that way Sir…"

*Sibel Edmonds - pronounced Si-bell, testified under oath before Congress about foreknowledge of the attacks of Sep. 11th, 2001 by government higher ups as translated while the FBI employed her. Sibel has been gagged from speaking about this and other evidence, by the US Government with threat of incarceration and is a champion to the 911 Truth movement.


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Good job. Thanks.

Good job. Thanks.

Brilliant work -- all involved!!


Republican Jesus, jpeg

Got Koolaid?- the drink for the New Millennium.

Republican Jesus

Thank you We Are Change LA

Keep calling these traitorous, lying Congressional members out for their violation to support and defend the Constitution and to represent "We, The People".

"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves" – Edward R. Murrow

Waxman - WACLA - the video

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wei_hJdwkxY there will be additional video to come from a confrontation with Waxman after the event as well. Happy New Year!

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

Great stuff!

Excellent work people! I'd love to see em air that on CSpan!

Is there any doubt that Rep. Waxman has to go?

Another Democratic fraud exposed, and extremely well done, I might add.

Way to go LA! You rock, you roll, you had Waxman under control.

I have had the impeachment debate with many people, when they say "there aren't enough votes in the Senate" you ask :did Nixon's impeachment ever make it to the Senate?" The bottom line in politics is the will of the people, faced with the total destruction of the GOP, the Republicans would force Bush and Cheney out faster than you can say Gerald Rudolph Ford, Jr.

We need to start wearing tee shirts to these events that say "When Democrats Don't Care, VOTE GREEN." Other shirts can say:

"No Impeachment, No Pelosi"

"No Sibel Edmonds, No Waxman"

"No Impeachment, No Conyers"

It's called toughlove, Donkeys, and you better get used to it.

Keep up the great work and I'm really looking forward to some combined efforts between NorCal and SoCal in 2008. I'll be in touch soon.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.