Some Thoughts Going Into The New Year.

Embracing and holding the thought of energetically calling for the release of the acceleration of the energies that nourish and spark personal transformation.

I believe that this is a key to healing and improving things, all over.

This is the primary thought I held as I welcomed in the New Year. My wife, who is an expert at positive prayer said ; “Every powerful emotion is a prayer “. The thoughts we hold that we hold with powerful conviction are the ones that usually get implemented.
What higher prayer can there be than to know the truth? Truth is the powerful medicine our country needs right now more than any policies, or politician.
We are all doing our parts to bring this about in the 9/11 Truth Movement. Our movement is vital to this nation and the globe because it is about acknowledging the basis for all healthy action. We can see the result of actions that are based on untruths: invaded countries, slaughtered citizenry, a trampled Constitution, torture and general despair. We have an important answer to these problems.

In Valmiki’s Ramayana, the hero, Ram, is beset with seemingly insurmountable obstacles. He must defeat a powerful demon enemy, Ravana, who can be destroyed by neither gods nor man. Ravana’s armies have spread over the kingdom bringing misery and death to thousands. In advancing over this and numerous other obstacles, Ram finds help in the form of many but especially in his adversary’s brother, a demon called Vibhishana. Vibhishana is able to make the leap out of his devotion to family and empire to see the worthiness of Ram’s cause. He makes the difficult transformation needed to help secure Ram’s victory.

By placing our already powerful desire for truth first in our lives, we are setting up the conditions that enable its manifestation. By passionately desiring those things that bring about personal transformation we are welcoming truth tellers from the side that planned and executed the attacks of September 11, 2001.

Ram was able to defeat Ravana because finally, Ram was neither god nor man but both.
Our clear intentions, our openness to strongly desiring personal transformation in all, will be the thing that carries this truth movement over the top. I don’t doubt it for a second.

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Thanks George. I use a mix

Thanks George. I use a mix of Eastern philosophy, Ernest Holmes Spiritual Mind Treatment and Native American rituals and prayers.

Happy New Years

I just wanted to wish all my fellow 9/11 truth seekers a very Happy New Years. Perhaps this will be the year when we will blow the truth about 9/11 wide open! Wouldn't that make for a nice new years. 9/11 TRUTH WILL SET US FREE!!!!!

Great Post

Wow! What a wonderful post.

Great reflection John.

Thanks for the message.

For a New 911Blogger in '08

Here's wishing 911Blogger stops censoring the video evidence that shows what a heinous mass murder 9/11 was. After all of this time, it is time kid gloves come off.

We are talking CIA and US Navy direct involvement and remote control of all aircraft on 9/11 being drones not UA175, AA11, UA93, AA77 aircraft. Especially realize that the passengers on these aircraft were murdered far from 9/11 sites.

nothing fails like prayer

Even if this "creative visualization"/"positive prayer"/The Secret nonsense had any legitimacy, there would be just as many people praying/hoping/wishing/visualizing on the part of evil, oppression, greed and bigotry, and there is a whole system in place that will reward them for their blind obedience (government/military/church), greed (business/politics), and bigotry (church/politics).

I talked to a self-described "libertarian Republican" who defended his friend working for the NSA by saying that "you have to make a living." He didn't even see the irony of what he was saying. And as long as all you faux-libertarians, self-described "people of faith," and others make excuses for the useful idiots and apparatchiks working in the military, the intelligence community, Blackwater, or any other agency of government oppression because they "have to provide for their families," there will be NO CHANGE.

Go ahead and blame the Bilderbergers, Rothschilds, reptilian aliens, or Satanists if it helps you sleep at night; just don't pretend that you're part of any solution. Without people willing to carry out black ops, domestic surveillance, torture, and all the rest, none of the policies of the "elite" would be anything but intellectual masturbation.

"People who value freedom don't glorify blind obedience to the church, the government, the military, or the 'free market'."


reading Larry Dossey and take a look at Amazing Grace, the story about MP Wiberforce's inspiring fight to rid England of slavery in the 19th century and
his inspiration from ex-slave captain John Newton, who penned the words to "Amazing Grace". I believe in using "All" the tools at our disposal to bring 9/11 truth to the world. Real prayer is mainly getting clear, very clear, about your intentions. Doesn't matter if you're a theist or atheist. Clear focused intention is powerful. Can the other side use it? Do they? Their hateful deeds seem to prove so. All the more reason to push with every molecule in our being to right the course. Hard work and prayer is a formula that has worked for me.