Loose Change Final Cut was on Free Speech TV today, Jan 1

I was flipping channels when I stumbled on LCFC on Free Speech TV this afternoon.
I was VERY surprised because it wasn't on the schedule or on the title.
It said the INN News was on but LCFC was playing.

Then when the half hour came, the show that was supposed to be on came on
and LCFC ended. I only saw about 15 min or so....the Pentagon part.

Very strange!! I wonder if someone put it on as a joke or something??

Did anyone else happen to see it?

BTW, I saw the Ron Paul blimp in Orlando, FL on Sun as I was driving to
the airport. Very impressive.


Lenny Charles at INN is a Truther.

He runs 911 stuff as often as he can.

They need and deserve our support.

Please donate if you can.


Thanks a lot Chris.......

Here's a Ron Paul interview he did on INN News......you won't find ANY other
candidate on this show or network other than Dennis Kucinich.