Big media stands down

The star journalists of 2007 didn't work for The New York Times or The Washington Post or The Globe and Mail. They didn't work for 60 Minutes or "W-5" or "The Fifth Estate." The real star journalists of 2007 were the dogged, artless, perseverant investigators and writers, mostly amateur, who continued to pursue the story of what really happened on 9/11, because the above-named big guys and their kind continued to ignore it.

We're talking about young people like Dylan Avery and Jason Bermas, who in November released Loose Change: Final Cut, the third iteration of their seminal 9/11 documentary. Though it's not as flashy as the earlier versions, Final Cut is a meticulous assemblage of unanswered questions about that day -- most of them, it seems, left purposely unanswered by the 9/11 Commission and other government agencies. At its best, it resembles the sort of investigative work that "60 Minutes" might once have done.

Then there's the Citizens Investigative Team, again mostly young people, who actually went into the neighbourhoods surrounding the Pentagon to ask people what they'd seen.

The information they uncovered contradicts the official version of events that day, but the point here is that they did what the big organizations apparently can't be bothered to do anymore, which is to burn shoe rubber in pursuit of a story.

Instead, the media behemoths initially swallowed the government story whole, and now, as it becomes increasingly insupportable, have simply gone silent. A few feints at investigation have been made: both The History Channel and the BBC have broadcast documentaries purporting to debunk 9/11 alternative theories. But in both cases, rather than doing any serious digging of their own, they simply drag out the editors of Popular Mechanics magazine, which three years ago published its own debunking article. This is an ancient media ploy: when you don't feel like doing the work yourself, interview another journalist who claims to have done it already. Ignored is the fact that Popular Mechanics' take on the subject has itself been effectively deconstructed. Also omitted, inexplicably, is the CV of PM's chief "expert," editor-in-chief James Meigs. Mr. Meigs was previously an employee of such hard-science publications as National Geographic Adventure, the movie fan-mag Premiere, and Entertainment Weekly. When somebody has street cred like that, you'd think they'd want to mention it.

In Canada, a few admirable attempts at giving play to alternative theories have been made: Maclean's did so in May, 2006, and CBC TV's "Sunday" a few months later. On the other hand, The National Post confines itself to running patronizing coverage of 9/11 conferences, and mocking media outlets who deviate from the official line, or who even let their columnists do so. The Post's reasoning is that various Al-Quaeda leaders, including Osama Bin Laden, have cheerfully admitted to being responsible for the 9/11 attacks, and that settles that. That Bin Laden was once a CIA asset and, for all most of us know, might still be; that various secret services have almost certainly infiltrated Al-Quaeda, just as the FBI had infiltrated the conspirators who carried out the WTC bombing back in 1993; or that nobody has yet said anything to explain why World Trade Centre 7 imploded, is apparently too rococo to crack the Post's editorial page.

This "nothing to see here, move along" approach is shameful, not to mention pathetic. When hundreds, maybe thousands of experts -- architects, engineers, physicists, ex-military officers, ex-intelligence agents, demolition experts, pilots, and others -- are raising big, refulgent red flags about the events of 9/11, the mainstream media's silence looks increasingly dimwitted. Media critic Barrie Zwicker chalks it up to deception; I'm more inclined to think it's pure chickenshittedness. Neither looks particularly good on them.

Meanwhile, it's been left to the kids and amateurs to pursue the biggest story of this young century. Good for them. But, given their limited resources and profile, all the worse for the rest of us. This is a job for the big guys. Their stand down is not only a let down -- it's a major breach of their covenant with the public. Or what used to be their covenant with the public, before they started acting yellow in more ways than one.

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reinforces my surprise that WTC 7 is not being covered in the news. I mean the testimony by Barry Jennings and Michael Hess is explosive. It's a potentially enormous news story.
I can see journalists wanting to avoid other issues like controlled demolition of Twin Towers because they're so controversial. But WTC 7, come on the evidence on is so strong.

Article:How to Cure Inflation by Walter Williams

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Contacting Spike Lee.

I noticed in Spike Lee's latest movie "Inside Man" he had references to American Bankers Nazi Past and even had a picture of George Bush Sr. and his wife Barbara behind the Nazi Banker in one of the closing shots. I think it might be worth our time to invite him to take a more active role in the movement.

40 Acres & A Mule Filmworks, Inc.
124 Dekalb Ave.
11217 Brooklyn
New York, USA.
Phone: 1 718 624 3703
Fax 1 718 624 3703

Contact: Spike Lee

This was the best contact I could find for him. His film production company. Maybe worth the trip for someone who lives in New York to drop off a few materials as well. Peace.

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Did Giuliani Kill More Americans on 9/11 Than Osama?

Did Giuliani Kill More Americans on 9/11 Than Osama?

John Ozberkmen on 02 January, 2008

"We don’t listen to statistics anymore. We are bombarded with them every day. Who has the time to pay attention? 50,000 people die in auto accidents every year yet we hop in our cars without pause to go to work every morning. Doctors kill 600,000 people every year in medical mistakes and who do we turn to when we get the flu? I guess huge numbers of people dying are less important to us than a single tragic event. Or are they?"

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Best selling author Naomi Wolf's child is suffering from post 9/11 contamination. She talks about it mid-way through the following Alex Jones interview. Retarded people get executed in Texas and Guiliani rides around in a limo protected by thugs in suits.

Friday December 14, 2007
Best Selling Author Naomi Wolf Talks With Alex Jones About False Flag Terrorism, American Facism and A New 9/11 Investigation

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It's a great suggestion!

I work with many black people. They remind me as a group of myself before my loss of naivety. I've actually given books (Franklin Cover Up, 9/11 Synthetic Terror) to a few avid readers in an attempt to raise awareness. They are--just as my former self--unable to accept the degeneracy that our government has sunk!

I keep posing questions and it's starting to crack the egg? Americans, in general, have been conditioned and trained to do as O'Reilly wants us to, "just shut up and follow." It's hard for America to break out of its psychological prison.

It's a great idea to ask Spike Lee to get more involved! He could certainly assist in busting this hard shell wide open!

...don't believe them!

The 9/11 Truth Movement: Where are we going?

It seems to me that we made a lot bigger strides in 2006 than we did in 2007. Most of the media appearances by members of the Truth Movement occurred in 2006, and that is the year that we became a mainstream, though despised, social movement. As Time Magazine wrote regarding the Truth Movement right before the 5th anniversary, "This is not a fringe phenomenon. It is a mainstream political reality." We are not losing ground, it just seems that the growth of the movement has become more steady instead of exponential.

However, the two documentaries(BBC's 9/11: The Conspiracy Files and History Channel's: The 9/11 Conspiracies: Fact or Fiction) that attempted to "debunk" the claims of the 9/11 Truth Movement were so pathetic that I actually started to feel sorry for the people trying to defend the governments story. They both resembled an 8th grade book report written by someone who just started the night before. For instance, on the BBC's website where they advertise the "9/11: Conspiracy Files", they have a timeline which reads: "January 2000: The first two 9/11 hijackers arrive in the United States via Los Angeles international airport. Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar were already suspected of involvement in al-Qaeda terrorist activities by the CIA..."

According to the 9/11 Commission and other reports Hani Hanjour arrived in the US in either 1990 or 1991. Regardless of one's views on 9/11, Hani Hanjour was clearly the first to arrive. This is not a major blunder on the part of the BBC, but the fact that they would make such a simple mistake and still not correct it to this day shows their lackadaisical approch to investigating the issues around 9/11.