Al-Jazeera Publishes Roberts Article on World Leaders' 9/11 Skepticism

We are all prisoners now
05/01/2008 05:31:00 PM GMT

Many Europeans regard 9/11 itself as an orchestrated event.

Former cabinet members of the British, Canadian and German governments and the Chief of Staff of the Russian Army have publicly expressed their doubts about the official 9/11 story.

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

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When I started studying Arabic in 1995, Arab TV news was unbelievably lame propaganda for whoever ran the country it was broadcast from. Then along came al-Jazeera and everything changed. Today, al-Jazeera in English is helping bring a more accurate perspective on world events to Americans, who are the victims of the same kind of lame propaganda Arabs used to get. While al-Jazeera isn't completely free and independent--it's run by the US puppet Emir of Qatar, and when al-Jazeera journalists go too far they get bombed and murdered by US troops--it is as good as any major news operation anywhere in the world.

Al-Jazeera in English is helping bring Muslim perspectives to the English-speaking world-- perspectives almost completely absent from the mainstream media.

For more Muslim perspectives on 9/11 and the 9/11 wars, check out my upcoming radio guests:

Al Jazeera.

Good Catch Kevin. We are going to need the education of the Muslim world if we are ever going to get 9/11 Truth and the results we are looking for. Glad to hear Al Jazeera isn't scared of it.

What happened America?

It's so sad to admit that Al Jazeera has more objective news than America's MSM. But, Paul Craig Roberts may very well have hit the mark?

...don't believe them!

Wow, it's smack dab in the

Wow, it's smack dab in the middle of the homepage!!! Incredible. Hats off to AJ.

Already, the trolls are out.

FYI: ALJAZEERA.COM not affiliated w/mediaglomerate Al-Jazeera

I wonder if PCR knew this...? ;-)

Wiki As of 2006, wrote on their About page: "Important note: Aljazeera Publishing and are not associated with any of the below organisations:
1. Al Jazeera Newspaper, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia whose website is
2. Al Jazeera Satellite Channel whose website is
3. Al Jazeera Information Centre who website is
Aljazeera Publishing disassociates itself from the views, opinions and broadcasts of these titles."

They are separate organizations, have been at odds with one another. Al-Jazeera Publishing is based in London. Web searches for "" bring up many hits from confused people. Helmi Noman wrote in June of 2005 ("Web Credibility: When links lie"), "BBC is one of the sites that link to instead of" But the mistake was BBC's and the Internet seniority belongs to Al Jazeera Publishing -- who acquired the domain in 1996 before Al-Jazeera-TV existed. The TV conglomerate went after the domain in 2005 and though WIPO noted some deliberate mimic behavior they lost the challenge, angering the WIPO a bit in the process.

The most egregious charge against Al-Jazeera Television was leveled by Sec'y Donald Rumsfeld in September 2004, when he alleged that Al-Jazeera had shown a beheading (they never have). Rumsfeld said: "If anyone lived in the Middle East and watched a network like the Aljazeera day after day after day, even if he was an American, he would start waking up and asking what's wrong. But America is not wrong. It's the people who are going on television chopping off people's heads, that is wrong," ... A case of sloopy intel and/or Bush Administration disinfo... Jazeera replied that beheading videos were readily available on the internet and had made it onto other television networks. "And because of Aljazeera's reputation, people mistakenly attribute the pictures to us."

Though there is an allusion on 24-May-2004 to an animated GIF of questionable taste, I do not see evidence that had ever hosted such a video. But in certain angles, especially treatment of Israel and the scope of public comments, the site is not always politically 'in sync' with AJTV.

NO MENTION of Al-Jazeera Television would be complete without noting the hit on Al-Jazeera's facilities on 08-Apr-2003 and the death of Tariq Ayoub... as is told in their RIVERTING 2004 documentary on Iraq Control Room (watch it now) ... and the plight of Sami Al Hajj who was abducted by the United States while on his way to work in Afghanistan as a cameraman for Al Jazeera with legitimate visa -- he is currently the only journalist held in Guantanamo Bay Facility. I've read the charges... and as an American citizen IT IS MY FIRM conviction that Al-Hajj is being held as a POLITICAL HOSTAGE by the United States -- ostensibly, to place the Al-Jazeera Television Network in a crisis of conscience.

On January 11th -- we must call for the release of Sami Mohy El Din Muhammed Al Hajj ... and an end to the madness that is Guantanamo.

"Important note: Aljazeera

"Important note: Aljazeera Publishing and are not associated with any of the below organisations:

1. Al Jazeera Newspaper, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia whose website is
2. Al Jazeera Satellite Channel whose website is
3. Al Jazeera Information Centre who website is ...."

I Wonder

I wonder if Kevin Barrett knew this.
I would be surprised and disappointed either way, based on the misleading timbre of the presentation.
Comment, Mr. Barrett?

Re: I wonder ...

My "I wonder if PCR knew this" was silly and hasty... picked it up from That's one of the issues Al-Jazeera Networks had with their dot com namesake I guess -- they're in essence a news blog with their own agenda.

To tell the truth though... while AJTV's global outreach (and probably trademark paperwork filing) post-dated 1996, the television network does claim to have been *founded* in 1996. As an Internet domain registrar myself... I admit that ALJAZEERA.COM's born-date to me DOES hint at an opportunistic domain name grab by someone cognizant of the value it would have some day, and if I was serving on the board my vote would have probably been to award the domain to them.

If you glance at's robots.txt file you see that on 13-Jan-2006 they took steps to prevent Alexa Internet crawler and others from serving cached historical pages -- for their entire site. This behavior is not consistent with a news network or publishing organization. Such a tactic is more often used by pay-subscription sites (but they arent one!)... OR, a site that seeks to keep others from discovering what content they have since removed, OR use of the domain over time.

Mr. Id, its your timbre that seems off a bit today... I'm sorry you'd be 'surprised and disappointed either way', perhaps a change of diet or listening to some old favorite music would help. ;-) Mr. Barrett is entitled to his opinion that Al-Jazeera is run by puppetry. Though my own personal take is, if this was strictly true, that Al-Jazeera was just a mouthpiece -- why then would the United States need to hold one of their own, Sami Al Hajj without just cause?? Food for thought.

On his take of the network's outreach and usefulness I agree 100 per cent! As with the strong spin of the Western media. I strongly suggest you see "Control Room" if you have not. Jazeera is (not surprisingly) staffed by veteran news folk, you can tell from the documentary it is a respected, professional and exciting place to work... it really does paint a human face on things. Also see SPIN: The Art of Selling War directed by Josh Rushing.

Is it true...

is it true that Al Jazeera TV is not broadcast in the USA?

How many of you US americans can ACTUALLY WATCH it?

In many countries it is broadcast like CNN & BBC.

What are the options for AJTV reception in the empire?

Too Many al-Jazeeras!

I haven't really kept up with al-Jazeera -- used to watch its Arabic news broadcasts till about 2004. So I didn't realize there were so many knock-offs. I thought this was the al-Jazeera English outfit that Yvonne Ridley used to work for, which is part of the main operation in Qatar.

After catching up on things, I realize that this blog entry was misleading not only in confusing the various al-Jazeeras, but in painting an overly rosy picture of the main (Qatari) al-Jazeera operation. In fact it appears that (the original) al-Jazeera has gone downhill during the past few years. They are now reporting in a less sympathetic way on the resistance in Iraq; they are less fair and balanced in their reporting on Iran, a perceived danger to al-Jazeera's owner, the Emir of Qatar; and they generally shy away from reporting on the 9/11 truth movement (back in 2003 they invited Thierry Meyssan on their most popular program). Last year I exchanged a few emails with an al-Jazeera journalist, who initially expressed interest in reporting on me and the 9/11 truth movement, then said it was impossible under current management.

Last night I watched the al-Jazeera English coverage of the New Hampshire primary, and there was no mention whatsoever of Ron Paul. That may be because Ron Paul wants to close all foreign US military bases, including the huge base in Qatar.

The Emir of Qatar is basically a US puppet. In the past, whenever al-Jazeera offended Bush the Emir would be summoned to DC and reprimanded. There has always been a US-imposed line that the Emir wouldn't let al-Jazeera cross, and right now it looks like the Emir has his stable of journalists on a tight rein.

So I apologize for the misleading post.

Thank You!

...for your thoughtful response and acknowledgment of making a mistake. Such is beyond the moral capacity of most.