Publicizing Truths with Consequences -- Independent Media Power vs. the Corporate Coup Media Summit, 1/25-27/08, Santa Cruz, CA

Media Summit, 1/25-27/08, Santa Cruz, CA
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Publicizing Truths with Consequences -- Independent Media Power vs. the Corporate Coup
A Collaborative Strategy Summit for Media Pros, Scholars, Activists and Whistleblowers
Working for Truth, Transparency and an Informed Resurgent Democracy

A collaborative gathering of media veterans, scholars, activists & whistleblowers to assess and marshal our most powerful messages to rectify history, awaken a critical mass, and effectively expose the accelerating corporate coup d'état.

Truth movements that arise after pivotal events like electoral fraud, 9/11, key assassinations, false flag ops and casus belli fabrications can/should become more than forensic inquiries into a single heinous crime. They can also strive to expose wider patterns of illicit control, deception and propaganda, and use their revelations to rouse entire societies to reject a malignant status quo.

Consequently, this is not a media conference to dissect or condemn the conglomerates, demand reforms, or even celebrate the increasing vigor of independent journalism. It is intended as a strategy session for already active and influential players to coordinate their most revealing messages, forge tactical alliances, innovate new distribution technologies, and mutually enhance each others' strongest work.

- Leading media activists, A/V producers, authors, bloggers, journalists, scholars, whistleblowers, celebrities, publishers, broadcasters and funding angels.

• Gather key media constituencies needed to inject transformative truths* into 2008 political news and electoral debate;
* convergent evidence of an ongoing corporate/authoritarian coup d'état, election theft, 9/11 complicity/cover-up, "War on Terror" fraud, etc.
• Honor brave audacious "truth war veterans" (casualties & survivors) and learn from their experiences;
• Devise coherent decentralized models for distribution of suppressed news, synergistic truth-telling, and collaborative strategies to disclose, legitimize and popularize deeper historical narratives.
• In sum, discover in this moment of Constitutional crisis, ecological peril and widening war, whether 300 top investigative journalists, whistleblowers and indy media all-stars can transform the way Americans perceive and defend their world.