Sharp End International. Spy alert.

While it is save to assume that, if you run a blog critical of the official 9/11 conspiracy theory, you will be on a watch list and the site will be monitored, and it would be dangerously naive to assume you can write about or investigate Blackwater or other creepy private military organisations without them finding out, it is not common to find out who does the monitoring. And while we thought we were relatively safe, doing all this from a country that seemingly has all it’s civil rights firmly secured, it seems that the monitoring is done by a group that brings the threat these private contractors pose for all of us much closer to home that we find comfortable.

This morning as we checked the usage of the site, as we do every morning, we found something strange.
Wordpress lets you see which sites referred people onto your site, and lets you go back through those sites by clicking on the hyperlink.
In other words, someone puts a link to your site much as we link people trough to the sites of the articles we choose to publish.
Nothing strange in that. We sometimes click on those links to see what site has linked onto our one. If it’s an interesting site we make it part of the blog roll or read what people have to say. The links are generally made by people who agree with what they find here and want to share it on forums with their mates.

So it was somewhat surprising to find that one of the referrals was made from a private military contractor site called; Sharp End International.
What made it down right unnerving was the fact that there was no link on the page we connected too.

In other words the referrer wasn’t actually referring since there was no link.

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Why We Fight.

The scariest groups I am aware of are Wackenhut and Blackwater. These supposed FEMA detention centers around the country are disturbing as well. All of this is why I fight for 9/11 Truth so much. I don't want to go down to these a-holes without a fight.

The link ?

Could you please post that link pointing to nothing ?
(in code-tags so people can't accidentally click on it and get logged)

New Zealand is a member of the Echelon illegal spy-network as far as I know .
Sharp End Int. sounds like a NSA-cover ..
Cryptome also has some lists of what is claimed to be NSA-affiliated IP's.
Obviously it's more than hard to establish things like that as fact, after all NSA
still means No Such Agency, but they gotta be doing something from somewhere
with all the billions they spend ..
"Listen carefully now : DO NOT DESTROY OIL-WELLS" Dubya