Anthrax-The biggest smoking gun of all?

This is a very good one, on the anthrax attacks.
From Op Ed News (has become one of my favorite sites),on January 7, 2008 at 12:17:30, comes an article by jimd3100

Anthrax-The biggest smoking gun of all?

Well, now the FBI in a new report wants you to believe that this was just ordinary ol' anthrax that could have come from anywhere. This is a real quote from this news report "It is believed to have been a common anthrax strain and had not been processed to make it more deadly. Even so, the anthrax was still deadly." It wasn't processed to be deadly but was anyway? Remember postal workers died just from handling the equipment these letters ran through. "According to a new report, the 2001 attacks which killed five people and made 17 humans ill, used common anthrax, not military grade anthrax. As it was thought at the time that military grade anthrax was used" This is a blatant and obvious lie, but that’s what guilty people do, they lie. The FBI has also refused to brief members of congress on their phony investigation. Senator Chuck Grassley had this to say in a letter to the FBI. "We're seeing more and more agencies thwart the Constitutional responsibility of Congress. Unfortunately, the FBI’s refusal to provide briefings to Congress following the 2001 anthrax attacks appears to be the rule rather than the exception," Grassley said. "In one of the most important terrorism investigations ever undertaken by the FBI, it is unbelievable to me that members of Congress, some who were targets of the anthrax attacks, haven’t been briefed for years." Congressman Rush Holt added this, "The FBI's refusal to brief Congress on this matter is unprecedented and inexcusable," said Rep. Holt. "The anthrax attacks harmed the heath and livelihoods of my constituents and paralyzed the government and national commerce. All Americans deserve to know why this five-year insmoking guns vestigation has made so little progress." 33 members of congress signed a letter addressed to former Attorney General Gonzalez demanding to know what is going on with the investigation.

But our dictator doesn't think that's a good idea. And he's a smart guy; after all, he seemed to know that there might be an anthrax attack when 9/11 happened, since he and the Whitehouse staff starting taking cipro, the anthrax antidote on 9/11, 7 days before the first anthrax letter was mailed. "The FBI’s investigation seems to have dead-ended, and frankly, that is not very reassuring given their performance with the September 11th hijackers," stated Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman. "One doesn’t simply start taking a powerful antibiotic for no good reason. The American people are entitled to know what the White House staffers knew nine months ago, " he added. {Q}

Which brings up the point I started with. If the US Government is behind the Anthrax attacks, and from the evidence, it is obvious. Then 9/11 was indeed an inside job. No one punished or even reprimanded, but instead promoted for their "failures,” on 9/11 and no arrests from the anthrax attacks that immediately followed. This is just one of the many smoking guns lying around.

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Manufacturing Consent For War With Iran?

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Iranian Revolutionary Guard gunboats harassed three U.S. Navy warships in the Strait of Hormuz Sunday, in what the U.S. military officials described as a "significant provocative act." Continue

Hasn't it basically been accepted

That the anthrax was manufactured in a US lab in MD?! Seriously...the anthrax attacks have been swept under the rug, and for a reason. They were not mailed by Islamofascists, that much we can be sure of. Sorry to end a sentence in a preposition but damn, it is *disgusting* to think of the attention span of the US populace, and its unwillingness to connect these events...unless you're a...*GASP*...'activist'...or much worse yet...a 'conspiracy theorist'.

The 2001 anthrax attacks were AN INSIDE JOB!

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